The bad boy’s broken promise

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Chapter 14


Cody pulled the bike up onto the drive, she pulled herself up off it and he cut the engine taking his keys out. ‘How’s Mom?’

‘Why don’t you ask her yourself.’

‘She still hates me.’

’No she doesn’t Cody she was just mad at you for leaving when we moved here and for you choosing your own path in life. ‘And Toby?’

‘Toby is Toby, he just gets on with it.’

‘And do you hate me?’

‘I could never hate you Cody. I respect you and the decision you made was for the best and you’re here now that what counts.’

He hugged her. ‘I wish mom would understand me like you do.’

She smiled.

‘Does she know we stayed in contact?’


‘Best keep it that way.’

‘I know.’

‘So who were the guys you were with?’

‘Oh them. Brandon and his friends.’

‘We’re they the reason you were late? I waited two hours for you to come out of school.’

‘Did you see Toby?’

‘No. And stop avoiding the question.’

‘Yeah they were. I got detention.’

‘That’s not good.’

‘I know.’

‘I think they thought I was your boyfriend.’

‘Why would you think that?’

‘The way they looked shocked and that punk was giving me death stares to say “who the fuck are you and stay away from my girl.”’

‘I’m no one’s girl Cody.’

‘Glad to hear it. You’re too young to get involved to get a broken heart.’

‘I’m fifteen Cody.’

‘I know and you’re still too young. You’ve got the rest of your life ahead of you.’

‘I know. Let’s go in.’

‘Okay.’ He said, gulping.

‘You’ll be fine Cody.’

‘I hope so.’

She opened the door lacing her fingers with his. Pulling him in behind her.

Her mother looked at her angrily. ‘Where the hell have you been Taylor o was worried about you.’


‘They last half an hour, not three. I have a good mind to call your school and complain.’

‘We lost track of time.’

‘That boy and his friends.’

‘I know mom.’

She loked uo at the six foot male standing next to Taylor. His hair shaved underneath in a ponytail his green eyes resembled Taylor’s. ‘Cody.’


She cracked him across the face.

‘Mom.’ Taylor introjected.

‘I guess I deserved that.’ Cody said.

‘Where the hell have you been? You’ve been gone ten years Cody ten years without even contacting us. Why?’

‘I’m sorry mom I needed to find myself.’

‘You certainly done that. What the hell have you done to yourself?’

‘I changed everything about myself I didn’t like I joined the ranks and done six years in the forces when I came out I got back on my feet and I ownmy own tattoo shop well many actuallyI found out I was really good at it whilst I was in the army I tattooed most of the guys there and it payed well.’

‘Why did you never write?’

‘I was still finding myself my true identity I needed time mom.’

‘You needed ten years to find it?’

‘Yes I did.’

‘Why’s everyone shouting?’

Cody loked up god his little brother had grown. ‘Toby is that you?’


He smiled

Toby bounced down the stairs hugging him he hugged him back. He pulled away and punched him.

‘Owe. What was that for.’

‘Don’t ever leave us again.’

‘I won’t.’

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