The bad boy’s broken promise

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Chapter 15

The plan

‘So Cody’s back?’ Tyler asked, curiously.

‘Yeah he turned up last night.’ Toby answered.

Toby and Taylor had told the;r all about their older brother and how he’d left before they’d moved two doors down he told them he needed to find himself and he’d be back when he had.

‘So has he changed?’ He asked remembering the photos that they’d had hidden away from their mother cause she chose to forget about him cause he left them alone after their father had left.’

‘Yeah a lot he came home with Taylor.’

‘Really ?’

‘Yeah he was waiting outside the school for me. I had no ideahe was coming home.’ Taylor answered.

‘Bet you’re glad he did.’

‘I am.’

‘Wait a minute didn’t you have detention with Brandon after school, right?’

‘I did what are you getting at Tyler?’ She asked confused.

‘Did he see him?’

‘They all did.’

He grinned evily.

‘Oh no. I know that look what you thinking Tyler?’

‘You want Brandon to get off your back right?’

‘Yeah.Oh no I am not.’

‘Coem on Tay if he thinks Cody is your boyfriend he’ll back off.’

‘But he’s not, he’s my brother.’

‘He hasn’t got to know that. Just give Cody the heads up. I’m sure he won’t mind lying for a while. Until Brandon gets fed up of chasing you.’

‘Could work.’

‘Toby.’ She whined.

‘Just saying. Is Cody picking you up after school?’

‘Yeah. He knows you’ve got that game tonight.’

‘And Friday, ask Cody to come make it look more real.’

‘What the fuck have you got me into?’

They grinned evilly walking into school. The bell rang and they walked into school for registration. Taylor waited outside her class, his hand spread across the wall looking at her. ‘So who was the guy on the bike?’

‘None of you’re fucking buisness.’

‘Is he your boyfriend?’

‘What’s it to you if he is?’

He got closer. ‘Cause I’m going to take you off him and make sure that you became mine.’

‘I’m not interested in you Brandon, and I never will be , so just forget about me.’


‘Besides I don’t go for boys I prefer men.’

‘Oh I’m all man baby.’ He said pressing himself against her his hardon rubbing against her. He leaned to in whispering into her ear. ‘Do you feel it Tay? That’s what you do to me.’

She swallowed hard.

‘You two class now or you’ll get detention for the rest of the week.’

Thank fuck for Mr. Prier.


Brandon moved away, but not before saying. ‘I’ll do detention anytime either you babe.’

She swallowed again.

They entered the class and he grabbed her hand pulling her with him making her sit with him.

‘What’s with the face Tay?’ Tyler asked.

‘He’d not buying it.’

‘Are you sure?’

‘I am.’

‘What did he say to you ?’

‘That he was going to take me off Cody and make me his.’

‘That means he’s jealous Tay. All we’ve got to do is convince Cody to go along woth it and make sure Brandon backs off.’


‘You did what?’ Cody asks. almost roaring his words out in disbelief.

‘It wasn’t my idea Cody.’ Taylor said convincingly.

‘So who was the brains behind it?’

‘Tyler and Toby.’

‘Any chance that Tyler is only doing it so he can have you?’

She laughed. ‘No, he’s just a friend we’ve been friends since we moved here.’

‘Things change squirt.’

‘I am not a squirt.’

‘You are to me shortie.’

‘Please Cody for me, I won’t ask anything else.’

‘Fine but Mia won’t like it.’

‘Who’s Mia?’

‘My girl.’

‘Oh god Cody, why did you never say ?’

‘I was going to eventually, mom and I are barely talking it’s hard to bring up that I found love and a girl I want to share the rest of my life with.’

She flung her arms around him. ‘I’m so happy for you Cody.’

‘I’ll do it but not for long okay .’

‘Okay. You’re the best brother ever.’

‘And you owe me one.’


‘I’ll hold you to that.’

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