The bad boy’s broken promise

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Chapter 16

The big game

Cody met Taylor outside school by his bike. ‘So are you ready for this Cody?’

‘I can’t beleive I’m doing this. I can’t beleive you roped me into this.’

‘Are you ready?’

He huffed. ‘I’m ready.’

‘Let’s get this over and done with then.’

‘I’m not kissing you.’

‘Just a peck on the cheek.’

‘You think he’s going to fall for that?’

‘I hope so.’

‘What time does the game begin?’

‘Now, come on we best be going or they’ll think we’re not coming?’

‘Does he know you’re going to be there?’

‘I don’t think so.’

‘Great, this could go wrong in so many ways.’

‘Chill Cody and let’s enjoy the game.’

‘You hate football.’

‘I know but I promised I’d be there.’

‘Fine.’ He huffed and they went inside the school to the pitch finding a space an the benches.

He propped, his arm over her shoulders as they began to watch the game. He leaned over to her talking to her, she laughed. Brandon looked up glaring daggers at them, he didn’t even know she was coming and why the hell had she brought him of all people?

He looked over at Brandon he smirked then turned pecking Taylor on the cheek angering him even more.

The whistle went for half time, Toby and Tyler made their way uo to them. ‘We didn’t think you’d turn up.’

‘Well we did.’

‘You should’ve seen Bran’s face. It was priceless, now all you’ve got to do is make it more beleiveable.’

‘What? Wasn’t that enough?’

‘Yeah right. You need to show him you’re into her, really into her.’

‘What the fuck did I get myself into? I’m not kissing her.’

‘Not a full on pash, just a peck on the lips just make it believable.’

‘You owe me big time, all of you.’

‘Yeah Yeah we best be getting back to the game.’

‘Sure see you guys later.’

They winked walking away.

‘They’re dead .’

‘I’m sorry Cody. This was their dumb idea not mine.’

‘I know.’

They relaxed continuing to watch the game though Taylor was clearly not interested in it. He leaned forward. ‘You ready for this Tay?’

‘I guess.’

‘I’m sorry.’

He pressed his lips on hers kissing her,

Brandon looked over at them his anger grew as the ball hit him in the face.

Cody moved away from her they almost hurled. ‘I’m never ever doing that again.’

‘Me neither.’

They heard shouting coming from the pitch.

‘What’s all the commotion.’

They looked over at the pitch Brandon was on the streateher been taken away.

Taylor looked at Toby. ‘What happened?’

‘He got hit in the face by the ball.’

‘Yeah, he was too busy watching you two make out.’ Tyler added, grinning.

Shit this wasn’t going to end well. The game continued til full time the home team winning by 4 - 0

They all clapped. Taylor hugged Toby and Tyler before they went to change.

‘Are we going to wait for them?’

‘No they’ll be celebrating with the rest of the team, let’s just go home.’


They walked away ‘Taylor.’

She turned. ‘Brandon.’

‘So...would you like to join me and the team to celebrate our victory?’

‘I’m sorry I have to get home.’

He looked at Cody. ‘Aren’t you going to introduce us?’

‘Brandon this is Cody, Cody Brandon.’

‘Nice to meet you.’

‘You to.’

‘Look we’ve really go to get going.’

‘Sure I’ll see you at school tomorrow.’

‘Yeah sure, bye Brandon.’

‘Later Tay.’ He said before turning, walking away.

‘He won’t give up Tay, he knew I was with you, yet he wanted you to be with him. What gives with him anyway?’

‘I’m not sure. I guess I’m the first one to turn him down.’


‘Yeah come on let’s go home.’

He nodded and they walked away getting onto the bike pulling away.

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