The bad boy’s broken promise

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Chapter 17

The break up/ The Truth

1 week later.

‘I can’t do this anymore Tay `Mia thinks I’m fuckng my sister she’s going bat shit crazy.’

‘I’m sorry Cody I never meant to get you in this mess and things haven’t changed. He still wants me to give him a chance. I told them it wasn’t working. They seemed to believe it was cause he was jealous. It just made him more determined. I’ll understand if you want to pull the plug. You have Mia and your relationship to think about.’

‘Thanks for understanding but how are we going to break it off .’

‘You mean a fake break up?’

‘Yeah that.’

‘Can I talk Mia?’

‘What do you have in mind?’

She smirked. He knew she was thinking of getting Mia involved for their fake break up.

One week later they’d discussed the plan now they were going to go ahead and fake their break up to their fake non excitant relationship.

Making sure Brandon snd his firends were watching as they came out of school after Taylor he pulled up his bike she smield walking towards him and hugged him he spoke ti her then another girl appeared a tsll girl with firery hair he pulled her close to him as he spoke to Taylor she looked angry and she then slapped him storming off tears falling off her face the girl got on the bike behind Cody. And he rode of what’e fuck they looked close at the game, had he been cheeting on her the whole time?

He had to go snd see her and see if she was okay. He folds his firends he needed to be somewhere they nodded saying “see ya later dude.’’

He walked briskly away he knew where she lived he’d been round when she was out visiting relatives cause Toby had no interest in it whatsoever.

Brandon knocked on Taylor’s door he was hoping she’d be in and alone so they could talk after waht happened at school. The door opened. He loked as shocked as Cody did. Fuck he was about to get busted.

‘What the hell late you doing here?’

‘I ehm.’

‘Well I’m waiting, first you cheat on Taylor and your now at her house what thein acutual fuck?’

‘Cody honey whose at the door?’

‘No one.’

‘You brought you’re whore to Taylor’s house ?! ’ He asked angrily.

‘It’s not what your thinking.’

‘What is it then? you bring your whore to Taylor’s house after breaking her heart. You make me sick.’

fuck here goes.

‘She’s my fucking sister not my fucking girlfriend.’

Brandon sr]toodmtheir dumbfounded. ‘Wh.. what?!’

‘You heard.’

‘Who is it honey.’ She said coming to the door. She looked at Brandon. ‘Who’s this Cody?’

‘This is Brandon he’s from Taylor’s school.’

‘Oh hi I’m Mia, Cody’s fiancée.’

‘Your his what?’’


‘What about Taylor?’

She laughed. ‘Haven’t you told him yet ?’

‘I did obviously he’s got something inbetween his ears.’

‘She’s his sister darling and you’ve been played.’

‘I’ve been what?’


‘I.. I ..’

‘It was all for show.’

‘You was in on it?’

‘We all agreed to fake a break up. I’d had enough of felling like the third wheel and what ever they were doing wasn’t working cause you were stil after her, so she decided to call it quits. They asked me to intervene to make it look like Cody had cheated in her with me.’

‘Who’s idea was this?’

‘Sorry can’t tell you.’

‘Where is she?’

‘In town she wanted to clear her head.’


He said jogoging away.

‘Poor boy.’

’Poor Tay once he catches up with her and confronts her.

Taylor sat alone on hencoffe shop. She’d left Cody adn Mia half an hour ago cause he wanted to be alone with her to pop the question she hoped she’d say yes Cody deserved to be happy, she hadn’t long met Mia but she could tell she was the right girl for him.

‘Hey Tay.’ He said sitting next to her bringing her out of her thoghts. She loked up his hair fell over his face. ’Hey Brandon.’

‘I went to yours to see how you were doing after what happend earlier at school. But your neighbour said you’d gone out. I looked everywhere and saw you here. I hope you don’t mind me joining you.’

‘No you’re fine.’

‘So how are you?’

‘Fine I just can’t beleive he’d do that to me. He told me he loved me, how could he Bran? How could he bring her to my school and tell me he’d been cheating on me the whole time?’

Tears slipped off her face.

Just play along he kept telling himslef.

He placed his arm around her pulling her close to him. ‘Some guys are like that Tay, not all of them, you just happeend to find one of them, whenever you need to talk about it I’m here Tay.’

‘Thanks Bran.’

He smiled kissing her forehead.

They finished their coffees and left the cafe he dropped his arm over her shoulders as they walked through the park talking and laughing. They stood outside her house. ‘Thanks for bring here with me Bran.’

‘No problem babe anytime’

She hugged him he wrapped his arms around her. ‘Anytime you need me you know where I am.’

‘Thanks Bran.’

They drppped their arms from around each oher. ‘I’ll see you Monday Tay.’

‘Yeah bye Bran.’

‘Night Tay.’ he said smiling, walking away.

She closed the door behind her Cody and Mia sat cuddling on the sofa. He looked at her. ‘Hey sis you okay?’

‘Yeah better thanks.’

‘Did that guy mange to find you?’

‘Which guy?’

‘Brandon he came here looking for you.’

Her face paled. ‘Wh.. who answered the door?’

‘Me. He was quiet surprised. He went all hysterical, sorry sis I had to tell him the truth before it all got out of hand. Did he managed to find you?’

‘Yeah he did.’


‘You told him?’

‘I did, didn’t he tell you ?’

‘No he never said anything he just sat and let me cry and rant about you cheating on me.’

‘Oh my god you gotta played by a player.’ Mia said.

Fuck what was Monday have installed for me ? I’m so fucking dead.

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