The bad boy’s broken promise

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Chapter 18

Be mine


Brandon leaned against the wall. She loked at him nervously. ‘I want you Tay will you go out with me.’


‘I know everything Tay so you either go out with me or I’ll make your life a living hell. I’ll tell the whole fucking school you were pashing with your fucking brother.’

‘Please Brandon it just got out of hand.’

‘And I’ll deal with who ever thought something so rediculus would stop me from persuing you.’

He looked at her. ‘So what do you say ?’

‘I can’t. I don’t trust you.’

‘What if I promise I won’t ever cheat on you Tay. Just give me one chance that all I need to prove to you I won’t cheat on you. Will you go out with me then?’

She looked over at Toby and Tyler, she’d told them she wasn’t interested in him.

‘Smile and laugh babe.’

She let out a short smile. ‘So will you be my girl?.’

‘Yes.’ she sighed.

‘That my angel.’ He said leaning foward.’You won’t regret this Tay. ’He said kissIng her neck making her giggle.

Tyler looked over glaring at them.

Toby loked. At him. I told you to make a move and you didn’t believe me. Now he’s got his claws in her.’

‘Not for long.’

Taylor sat next to Tyler whilst they waited for Toby to get his lunch.

‘I thought you didn’t like him?’

‘I don’t.’

‘So what was that this morning with him?’


‘He was all over you Tay.’

‘Was he?’

‘You know damn well he was. Are you dating him?’

She looked at Tyler how could she tell him Brandon had blackmailed her.

‘I fucking knew it. Every girl falls at his feet. Now you.’

‘It’s not like that.’

‘So how is it Tay?’

‘Not like that. It’s not what you’re thinking.’

‘It’s precisely what I’m thinking, he sucked you in. Well it’s your funeral Tay, he’ll chew you up and spit you out.’ He said angrily.’

‘Hey what’s with the faces?’ Toby inquired sitting down placing his tray down.

‘Ask your sister.’

‘Okay.’ He looked at Taylor. ‘Please don’t tell me it’s true?’

‘What’s not true?’

‘You and Brandon it’s all over the school.’


‘Is that all you’ve got to say oh?’

‘What do you want me to say Toby?’

‘I honestly don’t know. After everything we done to stop this you go running into his arms.’

‘It’s not like that Toby.’

‘So how is it?’ He questioned.

She went to open her mouth. He sat down dropping his arm over her shoulders kissing her cheek. ‘Hey babe.’


‘What’s up?’


‘So.. I was thinking, how’s about we go on a date tonight?’

Tyler choked and Toby grunted in disapproval. He glared at his friends ignoring them. I’ll meet you at the end of school and we can go to the movies and grab something to eat what you say?’

‘I don’t know.’

‘I’m sure Toby can cover you. I won’t keep you out late I promise.’

‘Okay.’ She sighed.’

He smiled and turned her towards him. ‘You won’t regret it.’ She already was. He pressed his lips on hers kissing her passionately. Moving away. ‘Later babe don’t forget.’

‘I won’t.’

He pulled himself up walking away.

Tyler jogged up to him. ‘Hey Bran.’

He turned. ‘Ty.’

He pushed him with force against the wall. ‘He Ty what the fuck man.’

His eyes were dark and held anger within them. ‘You best not hurt Tay.’

‘I won’t.’

‘You best not or I’ll rip you apart.’

‘I won’t. l like her, chill Ty and lose me.’

He let go of Brandon’s shirt walking away. Geez what’s his problem? Brandon thought as he walked away.

Taylor met Brandon outside the gates and he looked at her and smiled. ‘Ready to go?’


He smiled, throwing his arm over her shoulder before they headed away from the school into town, going to the cinema and grabbing a burger, fries and a shake afterwards talking and laughing. They stood outside her house. ‘I really enjoyed tonight.’

‘Me to.’ He said and leaned forward pressing his lips on hers kissing her passionately. He moved away. ‘I’ll see you at school Tay.’

‘Sure night Bran.’

‘Night Tay.’ He said walking away.

She stepped into the house closing the door. ‘So how was your date?’

She turned her heart pundit into her chest. ‘Shit Cody you scared me.’

‘So how was it ?’


‘And here’s me thinking I’d knocked some sense into you and you weren’t going to enter any kind of relationship,.’

‘It’s not lime that?’

‘So how is it sis?’

‘Not like that;’

‘Is it that idiot that came round looking for you?’


‘Be careful Tay.’

‘I willI promise.’

‘If he does anything to hurt you in any way I’ll personally make sure he regrets it.’

‘I know night Cody.’

‘Night princess.’

‘I’m not five anymore Cody.’

‘I know but you’ll always be my princess.’

She walked away heading upstairs to her room wondering if she did the right thing getting involved with Brandon, but she reminded herself he blackmailed her into it. And he’d get fed up sooner or later, she hoped.

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