The bad boy’s broken promise

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Chapter 19

Let me make love to you

6 months later

Taylor’s 16th birthday

Taylor and Brandon had been dating for six months and she was surprised that he had stuck to his word of not cheating on her as she hadn’t given her virginity to him.

They’d met on the sunny day and had gone to the outdoor pool with slides she loved it there and was glad he’d taken her there’s after they’d had their hour there they’d got out,gone into the separate changing rooms, dried and got dressed before heading to the pizza palace for a extra large margherita pizza and two large strawberry milkshakes. He took her hand in his and they walked slowly towards his house through the park which was peaceful. The sun slitting through the high trees and the birds chirping they walked passed the late lake skimming rocks across it before continuing their romantic walk to his home she knew what was coming and she was dreading it. She knew if she turned him down he’d dump her or find someone that would and if she let him and gave in he’d leave her anyway so it was a lose lose situation.

He closed the door behind them leading her up the stairs to his room. She’d been in his room many times and watched movies with him and helped him with his school work and done their projects together there but never passed making out and touching. He’d already turned sixteen but he was no virgin like she was and she was scared in fact she was shitting herself. What if she wasn’t good enough? What if he compared Eth to the other girls he’d screwed? With all these thoughts swirling around on her head she felt nauseous. He pulled her down onto the bed. ‘Are you lokay Tay?’

‘I’m fine.’

‘You don’t look fine. What’s wrong?’


He smiled moving forward. ‘I know we haven’t spoken about taking this to the next level but I’d like to be, we’re both sixteen and I’d like it to be my special present to you.’


He leaned closer. ‘I want this Tay so much. I’ve waited tilI I thought you were ready. I hope you are cause I am.’

She looked at him nervously. Could she do this? Could she be another notch on his bedpost?’

He pressed his lips on ehrs kissing her; she reluctantly kissed him back, he deepened the kiss, kissing her passionately, slipping his tongue into her mouth lovering her down onto the bed kissing her harder and harder. His hands sliding up her body going for her jeans. She backed off. ‘What’s wrong Tay?’

‘I..I can’t do this.’

‘Why not?’

‘I’m.. I’m.’

He looked at her he knew she wasn’t liek the other girls who would just go to him for a fuck she was differnet. He knew she’d never had a boyfriend and he was her first. And she knew she was a virgin. Hetook a deep breath he knew what he had to do if he was to get anywhere with her, then the words just clipped out of his mouth.‘I promise I won’t fuck off afer I sleep with you Tay I want to be with you I promise I’ll always be with you. I promise I’ll never let you down and no one will get in our way. I want this Tay I want us and I won’t ever do anything to hurt you I promise.’

‘Are you sure I mean..’

‘I promise Tay I’m yours and you’re mine no one will ever come between us and I’ll never leave you. I want you Tay. And I jsut don’t mean I won’t to duck you I ant you Tay every inch of you every day every night there’s no one ei want I promise.’

He looked at her waiting for her to answer.’

‘Okay.’ She sighed heavily.’

‘Are you sure?’


He smiled pressing his lips back on hers kissing her passionately. Their clothes fell to the floor he slipped her legs around him before he eased himself inside her gently thrusting inside her he began slowly gradually upping the pace thrusting deeper,and deeper as she let out a soft moan making him thrust harder into her.

She moaned louder as he came inside her. He collapsed on top of her talking into her ear. ‘I love you.’

Did she love him?

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