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The bad boy’s broken promise

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Chapter 2

Telling Jayden everything

Jayden drove me home as my car was in for repairs fucking pile of shit. I had to get the bus today cause the stupid thing decided to die on me before I even left the fucking house Err! Jayden said I should’ve told him he would’ve picked me up and drove me to the office I told him thanks for the offer but I took the bus, besides it would feel weird arriving at work with my boss. People staring at us. Jayden has quiet a reputation with the staff here especially the women. They all wanted to be his secretary, but he had to do interviews and guess what? I got it and they weren’t too happy, but fuck them.
I have good qualifications ones I worked hard for. Anyway back to what I was saying. Jayden was now driving me home I was in a terrible state I’d cried for over an hour this afternoon and he couldn’t get anything out of me so he told me he was taking me home and he wanted to know what the hell was going on and he wasn’t leaving till I told him everything. My mobile was constantly ringing while I worked though in silent it was vibrating across my desk so I slammed it on he draw. I was in no mood to risk to anyone especially him.
Jayden pulled up outside the three bedroom house. Looks like Brandon came back and took his clothes. We got out of the car and I lead him inside and I closed and locked the door. Jayden looked around time the broken glass and pottery.

“What the hell went on in here Taylor? It looks like a bomb went off.”

Shit I had no time to tidy this up this morning. ‘It sort of did.’ I did not lie I threw most of it at Brandon aiming for his head. “I should tidy it up.”

“I’ll help.”
“You don’t have to.”
“I insist Taylor, this is going to take forever if you do it on your own. Let me help.”
“Okay.” I sighed.
He smiled. Then we got to it we tidied all the broken glass and pottery. ‘Must’ve been some argument you guys had.”
“It was.”
“Care to share?”
“I just don’t know where to start.”
“At the begging may help.”
I took a deep breath about to pour my heart out to Jayden about what happed between me and Brandon and my phone buzzed. “Oh, for fuck sake!” I said angrily.
“Shouldn’t you answer that?”
“I’d rather not . He’s been calling all fucking day.”
“You must be pissed not to talk to him just answer it. Then talk to me about it.”
“He’ll leave a voice mail I have several already.”
“And you haven’t listened to them?”
“I can’t face it.”

The mobile buzzed again.
Voice Mail.

“Listen to them Taylor. I’m here now just listen to them and tell me what the hell’s going on I’ve never seen you like this before.”
“Fine but I really don’t care what he has to say we are done.”
“It must be bad.”
“It is.”
“Listen to them Taylor, you need to get his side then it is up to you if you chose to end things with him or not.”
“I’ve already made my mind up Jayden, we’re done.”
He nodded and I opened my phone by password both of us listening to the messages. “What the fuck Taylor? Why the fuck are my clothes scattered all over the garden? They’re Armani for fuck sake!”
“What the fuck? you fucking bitch, why the fuck did you change the locks? I told you we’d talk when I got home.”
“Where the fuck are the kids, and why aren’t you here?”
“Are you fucking you boss Taylor? I’ll fucking kill him. And you dare call me a male whore you fucking who’re.”
“I’m sorry baby I’m just angry. Please Taylor answer your fucking phone we need to sort this. I’m sorry I made a mistake I thought you were so I did I’m sorry. Taylor please listen to me for once in your fucking god damn life I want to sort this I love you.”
“Fucking bitch just answer your phone we need to fucking talk now!”

I threw my mobile at the wall it bounced off landing on the floor. My tears streaming down my face. I knew I couldn’t handle listening to him that’s why I’d refused to answer any of his calls all day. I leaned forward plummeting my head into my folded arms across my knees. Jayden placed his arm around me. “Don’t cry Taylor I’m here, please just talk to me.”

I pointed at my phone. He reached over and grabbed it off the floor luckily it wasn’t smashed damn you new technology for installing smash resistance. He passed me my phone. I opened my messages opening the one from Tyler and showed him the photo?

He stared at it. “Are you sure this isn’t photoshop’d?”
“I’m sure.”
“Who sent it to you?”
“His best friend.”
“Are you sure he didn’t just send it you to make you brake up with Brandon?”
I snuck my head. “He’s my friend to I trust Tyler with everything. We grew up together, he and Brandon made friends when we began high school. They were both players I knew that, but I gave into him in year eleven I knew I shouldn’t cause of his reputation. He made a shit load of promises to me, some he kept others he didn’t and this is one of them and he didn’t deny it either.”
“I see.” He said, angrily.

I could tell he was angry, his perfect ocean colour eyes had turned frosty. I’d seen it a couple of times when people pissed him off.
“I’m sorry Taylor.”
“Guess I deserve it. I should’ve know better.”
“You don’t deserve it Taylor. He’s a prick. I can’t believe he thought I was screwing you.”
“He was jealous of you Jayden.”
“Why? I’m nothing special.”

He was so wrong, any girl would be glad to be on his arm even me if I weren’t with Brandon. I have morals even if he doesn’t.

“I should’ve expected it sooner or later Jayden. I mean a bad boy and a geek is not a perfect combo.”
He laughed. “You’re not a geek, you’re perfect and if he can’t see that he’s a bigger fool than I thought he was.”

I smiled laughing.

“That’s better keep that up.” He looked at her. “Some day you’ll get a guy that truly deserves you Taylor, he obviously wasn’t it.”
The door banged loudly. “What the fuck?!”
It banged loudly again. “I know you’re in there Taylor, open the fucking door! I want to talk.”

Jayden nodded and I pulled myself up going to the door opening it. “What the fuck do you want Brandon? I made my self quiet clear this morning that we we’re over!”

“And I told you I wanted to talk to you and explain everything before you started throwing everything at me.”
“Whatever you have to say I’m not interested.”
“Please Taylor we need to sort this.”
“No we don’t.”
“Yes we do.”
“Go away Brandon. I don’t need to listen to anymore of your bullshit.”
“Is everything okay, Taylor?”
“It’s fine.”
Brandon looked over at Jayden. “What the fuck is he doing here?”
“None of your god damn business.”
“Wow you move on quick Taylor you fucking him now?” He said, angrily.
“No I’m not, unlike you I respect others and I don’t cheat unlike you. But I guess your family means nothing to you, but what else should I have expect from a guy like you.”
‘What do you mean a guy like me?”
“A fuck boy, happy?!”
“I love you Taylor.”
“Obviously not enough to go and fuck that whore Cindy, who you also knows she hates me and vice versa. Just leave I don’t ever want you to touch me again I don’t want to catch anything.”
“Stop been fucking childish Taylor.”
“Oh I’m not. Fuck knows what that whore had got she had chlamydia not long back ew don’t you dare come fucking near me ever again!’
“Why did you change the locks Taylor?”
“So you couldn’t get in.”
“It’s my house Taylor.”
“I’ll leave then.”
He ignored her statement and continued to ask. “Where are the twins Taylor? I want to see them.”
“You’re never seeing them ever again Brandon. You made your bed you fucking lay in it, with out me.” She slammed the door in his face.
“You’ll regret this Taylor!”
She burst into tears. Jayden wrapped his arms around her pulling her close to him as the tears fell onto his shirt. ‘It’s okay Taylor on here for you.’

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