The bad boy’s broken promise

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Chapter 20


Three months later.

‘Your what?’


‘Does he know?’

‘Yeah he followed me and he made sure he was there when I found out. He wants me to keep it.’

‘He’s doing this to spite you Tay so no other guy can get to you. So no one will ever look at you again. He’s making sure everyone knows to7 his like he did when he put all those love bites over your neck and got you grounded.’

‘I know.’ She sighed.

Wow she wasn’t even going to argue it out.

‘I’m scared Tyler what if this isn’t what he wants when it comes to the birth or he decides I’m not what he wants in a few months’ time? I’ll be all alone and taking care of a baby.’

He placed his arm around her. ‘I’m always here for you no matter what Tay.’


‘Promise.’ He said kissing her brow. ‘I love you Tay don’t you ever forget that.’

‘I won’t.’

Brandon slipped his arm around her kissing her. Cheek looking at Tyler. His jaw clenched. ‘You okay ty?’


‘Come on Tay we have class.’

He led her away from a vexed Tyler. ‘What’s his problem?’

She looked at him. ‘Did you do this to spite me?’

‘Do what?’

‘Get me up the duff?’

‘No who told you that?’

‘No one.’

He looked at her. ‘You told ty?’

‘he’s my friend.’

‘So,he’s mine too. I thought we agreed to wait so why the hell did you tell him?’

‘I was scared.’

‘Ive already told you I’m not going anywhere.’

‘Did you even use protection?’

‘Yes I did I’ve already told you this.’

‘So how the hell did I end up like this?!’ She asked angrily.

‘It must’ve been out of date and split why would I lie to you?’

‘So i didn’t meet anyone else and so you could have me until you got bored and moved on.’

‘I’ll never get bored of you Tay. I love you.’

‘Did you use anything?’


‘Why the fuck not? Did you ever use a condom?’

‘Yes I did.’

‘So why the sudden change of heart?’

‘Cause you were different okay!’ He said angrily.

She stared angrily at him. She couldn’t believe him, he’d planned this so she couldn’t get out of it. Or had he just assumed it wouldn’t happen the first time?

They entered clas he,dropped his arm from around her and they entered their class sitting down.

Toby walked up to them. Brandon looked at him. Tob..’

His fist connected with Brandon’s face punching. Him straight across his jaw. ‘What the fuck?’

’You got my sister the duff?!” He said angrily.

‘Not here Toby.’

‘Were doing this now, how could you be so stupid.’

‘It wasn’t her fault Tob.’ It was..’

He punched him again. ‘You done this to piss everyone off congrats you succeeded. I got, I hope you’re fucking happy.’

’I am actually. He grinned.

‘You ass hole.’ His fist shot forward.

Tyler grabbed it. ‘He’s not worth it Tob.’

‘You best take care of my sister or I’ll hunt you down and make you regret it!’

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