The bad boy’s broken promise

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Chapter 3

Brandon’s POV

I was so fucking angry, yes I made a mistake but I wanted to put it right. How the hell had she found out anyway? Tyler asshole prick I’m gunna fucking kill him when I find him. The prick always had a thing for Taylor and he was never happy that I approached her. He even tried to warn me away from her did I listen? Did I fuck I always get what I want and I wanted her. I made promises to her I knew I couldn’t keep, but I fucking tried I really tried. Fuck I fucked up real big this time I loved her and our kids I promised her I’d never leave her. I promised I’d never cheat on her fuck why did I go to the bar that night? I’ll tell you why cause she pissed me off bring her boss home. Fucking Jayden fucking Smith, slimy bastard. I could see straight through him even if she couldn’t he wanted her I could see it in his eyes.

I knew he didn’t like me I could see it in his eyes, I could also tell he was player like me I could see it as soon as she introduced him it was written all over his face and in his eyes they were full of lust like mine were when I first noticed her. I mean I knew who she was, but I never payed much attention to her until our final year at high school, she was the school geek. Yeah that’s right the geek of the school, the teachers pet the ones I really hate, but there was something different about her I couldn’t quiet out my finger on it but she was surely different than the girls I was usually involved in. She wasn’t fake just a natural beauty.

I needed to peruse her and make her mine. I mean she had friends one of them being Tyler my best bud we’d met in year seven and clicked. He had a real bad crush on Taylor and he was so pissed when I told him I wanted her. He grabbed me by the collar of my shirt threatening me if I ever hurt her he’d personally kick the shit out of me that’s how I knew it was him who told her. They were close they’d grew up together and his feelings for her grew over the years, but he wanted to wait till school was over. He was a playboy a bad boy just like me so we were known through our school for breaking girls hearts.

With Taylor it was different I had to work hard with her way harder than every other girl I had to prove to her I wasn’t as bad as people saw me and eventually she saw that and gave into me. She found out she was carrying the twins before our exams begun I had never stuck to one girl so long as I had with her. I usually fucked them and fucked them off, like I said Taylor was different in every way. She even helped me through our last year of school which I was grateful for. I got the grades I needed to get into college so I could join the family business. I earned more money than Taylor as she only worked part time, that was until she landed a job at Smith Enterprises as his fucking secretary. Fucking poser seriously!! I know what money can buy, but it certainly doesn’t by happiness. I know that by looking at my parents who are getting divorced soon may be that was another reason why I did what I did cause I was angry at my parents for at least not trying to savour their marriage. But I was more pissed she’d brought him home to our home. I was proud of her for landing the job in one of the most prestigious law firms, but fucking seriously brining her work home with her. It was lucky the twins were at their grand parents after I lay into her about him being there in our house she thought I was over reacting, what the fuck?!

You’re never fucking going to have her Jayden fucking Smith. She is mine!

I’ll get you back Taylor, mark my fucking words you’ll be grovelling for me to come back to you and when you do he’ll be out of the picture for fucking good.

You’ll never take my kids away from me Taylor they are mine I have rights too. We’ll all be together again soon my love, very soon and Jayden will be gone from our lives forever!

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