The bad boy’s broken promise

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Chapter 4

Tyler’s P.O.V.

I just can’t believe he cheated on her she’s an angel. My angel. Technically speaking of course seen as I saw her first. He knew how I felt about her yet he chose to pursue her when he knew I was going to do it as soon as school was over. Prick. She was so perfect even when we were growing up I first became friends with Toby her identical twin and boy you could tell those sparkly green eyes, their perfect bone structure, everything about them screamed identical in every possible way they even thought the same it was hysterical to watch. I moved in three doors down from them during the summer of 2020. We had recently moved from the countryside to the city as my dad had a big promotion with his former company now he was top of the chain as their CEO of cornfield industries a highly recommended and recognisable firm to all suppliers of all food chains through out England and most of the foreign countries which included Spain, Italy and the Maldives. The Business was booming and he had managed to land me a job in the IT department. It was great.

Anyway back to what I was saying I met Toby first when he saw me trying to fix my bike he came over and introduced himself and I did the same. He asked me if I needed any help seen as his father had taught him how to fix his mountain bike. I was so glad of the help I was useless at these types of things, so I agreed, He smiled and we got started on fixing my bike he taught me how to fix the chain, change the wheels and do the breaks. I was so glad he was there I’d be at it all day. Once we cleaned ourselves up we went for a bike ride well more like a mini race to see who was the fastest of course he out won me, but not by much his bike was high performance in like mine. My father had promised me a better bike at Christmas seen as he’d got a promotion and that Christmas I had the best gift ever a top of the range mountain bike. Anyway as I was saying once the race was over she was there where the hell had she come from? She was an angel, her green eyes, her medium built figure, and that dress fuck it showed all of her curves perfectly what came next was unexpected. ‘I see you couldn’t help race your new bike?’

He smiled laughing. ‘You got me sis.’

Sis did he just say sis? They looked alike apart from the fact she was a girl and he was a guy of course it took me a little time to realise she was his twin.

‘So whose you’re new friend bro?’ She teased. God the words rolled of her tongue in the most sexiest manner ever that made my knees week and my heart thumping into my ribs.′

‘Sis this is Tyler he lives three houses down.’

‘So you’re the new family that moved in?’

‘Yeah.’ I said my throat dry god I needed water right now.

She smiled, god she had a perfect smile too. She stretched her hand out. ‘Taylor.’

I took her hand in mine shaking it nervously the electric shocks going through my whole body was like static I wondered if she could feel it too. ‘N...n..n..nice to meet you Taylor.’

‘My pleasure.’

‘Why you stuttering dude? ain’t like you’ve never seen a girl before.’ Toby laughed.

Not one like her, I wanted to say but I smirked instead.

’Leave him alone Tob, stop teasing him he’s clearly shy and embarrassed.

No I’m not I’m in love I wanted to tell her but I chose against it. And I never told her either. I wish I had she’d been mine now not Brandon’s he never knew how to treat her. I would’ve treated her like a queen like she should’ve been she was a angel in my eyes. Yes I had other girls, but they were to distract me from my Angel until we left school the day we shared a kiss was the best day ever. It was Christmas the year before she got with Brandon I wanted to ask her out then but I got scared, stupid me. The mistletoe away hanging above the kitchen door I pointed at it she flushed. She’d never done that before it was so sexy, she nodded and I leaned in for a kiss. I couldn’t help but bring her closer to me wrapping my arms around her she slipped her arms around me and the sparks flew. I deepened my kiss slipping my tongue in it never seemed to have bothered her she just let me get on with it, the sparks shooting through me I wondered if she felt them too? ‘Get a room!’ Toby chucked.

She suddenly broke our kiss. I didn’t want it to end but Toby being Toby had to go and ruin it. I had to hold her for a few moment longer so my excitement simmered form hard to hanging limp. God what that girl does to me.

Her face was flushed not sure which way to look or turn.

‘Enjoying yourselves.’

‘Were until you interrupted.’ I said.

Her face got brighter. More flushed. Toby chuckled which turned into a bellowed laughter. ‘Are you embarrassed sis?’

‘Shut up!’

‘You are aren’t you ?’

She scoured at him running up the stairs. I looked at Toby angered. ‘Was that really necessary dude?’

‘Yeah it was funny!’ He chucked.

‘Well she didn’t think it was neither did I .’

‘Get a grip Tyler and man up and tell her how you feel before someone else catches her eye.’

‘Mmh what ever.’

‘You like her I know you do. You’ve tried to distract yourself away from her for way to long just tell her. Grow a pair and man up before someone like Brandon takes her form you.’

I wish I had cause once school began in September after pondering for way to long if I should tell her how I felt and ask her out there was Brandon flirting with her making her laugh like I did. I could fucking kill him he knew I was into her yet he approached her not giving a fuck about the brother code never to go for a girl one of the other brothers liked unless that’s girl had turned the other brother down did that not mean anything to him?

Obviously not. ‘I told you you should’ve gone for it. I would prefer my sister to be with you not that playboy he’ll cheat on her, lie to her and break her heart.’

Not if I had anything to do with it he wouldn’t by the end of that week I’d found out he’d twisted her arm into being his girlfriend I was vexed so I pinned him up the wall warning him if he ever hurt her he’d be six feet under. Now he had five years later. How could he? He’d made sure he’d got her up the duff so I couldn’t get anywhere near her, now he’d fucked that Cindy whore who’d been trying to gain his attention all the time he was with Taylor. I saw him go into the bar he didn’t look to happy. Pissed would be more accurate had he and Taylor have an argument ? I followed him and watched he’d had a few drinks when Cindy had approached him flirting with him. I couldn’t believe my eyes he wasn’t even stopping her. I continued watching from where neither of them could see me she grabbed him pushing her lips onto his He didn’t push her away he encouraged her, he pulled her closer I was far from pissed, I was vexed he’d promised Taylor he’d never cheat on her. He’d promised me he wouldn’t hurt her and he was with his tongue down that sluts neck. I got my phone out opening the camera, taking the photos sliding it back into my pocket. I watched them leave the bar, so I decided to follow them god I wish I hadn’t he made me sick my stomach churning as I took more photos As they took their clothes of and had sex I had to leave and fast, I felt a urge to throw up. I gagged and it all come out. I wipped my mouth and sent the phots to Taylor she’d probably be sleeping now it was all se two in the morning, god help him when she finally saw them. She deserved better so much better, they had kids. I thought that would count for something. Obviously not. He would kill me once he realised I’d taken them.

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