The bad boy’s broken promise

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Chapter 5



I looked up. Shit. Toby was jogging toward me how was I going to tell him about what had happened and what Brandon had done to his sister poor Toby, poor Taylor. I didn’t feel sorry for Brandon he’d get what was coming to him. Intensive care. I swallowed. ‘Toby.’

He stopped infront of me. ‘What’s going in Tyler?’

‘What are you on about?’

‘Taylor and Brandon?’

I tired to act dumb. ‘I don’t know what you’re talking about.’

‘It’s all over social media, face book, Instagram the list goes on.’

‘I don’t follow.’

He pulled out his phone showing me all the photo’s the fucking bitch she posted it everywhere about her and Brandon and how she’d finally got him away from a whore like Taylor my blood boiled how dare she! She need look in the mirror and she exactly who the whore is. ‘Has Taylor seen any of these?’

‘No not as yet. Did you know about this?’

My head bowed.

‘Tell me now Tyler did you know anything about this?’ He asked angrily. His eyes dark.

‘Yes.’ Admitted. ‘I followed them.’

‘And when exactly were you going to tell me?’

‘I was kinda hoping never.’

‘And I thought we were friends?’

‘We are.’

‘You should’ve told me.’ He said getting angrier like he was going to punch my head in.

‘I told Taylor.’

‘You did what?’

‘I told Taylor she had a right to know he was cheating on her with that whore. She had a right to know he couldn’t stick to his promise.’

‘Have you seen her?’

‘Not yet no. By now he’s probably gone.’

‘I’ll fucking kill him! Has he no morals?’


We looked up oh shit now I’m fucking dead for sure. Toby bolted running towards Brandon his fists flying at Brandon’s face knocking him down to the ground continuing to punch him. ‘How dare you cheat on my sister. You asshole. I warned her to stay away from you, but she chose to give you a chance, she should’ve chose Tyler he’s more of a man that you’ll ever be.’

Wow Toby sticking out for me that’s a first. ‘Back off Toby she done it first she went with her boss.’

‘I don’t believe you! She’s not like you . You had everything and you chose to throw it away on what ? You’re fucking jealousy that’s what!’ He bellowed continuing to punch Brandon, I pulled him away. ‘I think he’d had enough.’

Brandon looked daggers at me. ‘And you how dare you tell Taylor I was cheating on her!’

‘You was. I saw you Brandon you may not have seen me, but I saw everything you make me sick brother. If I can even call you that anymore .’ I said disgusted. ‘She’s an angel and you threw it back in her face, for what ? Your pitifulness? You made her a promise Brandon, fuck you made me one too and you threw it back in our faces. Do you even remember what you promised us Brandon? You promised us you’d never cheat on her and here we are five years on and you’ve done exactly that.’

‘She’s a whore.’

My fist shot across his face.’ Take that back!’

‘Never he’s with her now. She couldn’t wait to get rid of me to have him in our bed!’

My anger grew punching him several times before Toby eventually pulled me away. ‘He’s not worth it bro. Come on we need to talk to Taylor and get the full story.’


We death stared Brandon cutting our eyes at him walking away.

Taylor sat crying in the sofa Jayden trying to console her after she’d opened her Facebook account then her Instagram account to find more photos of Brandon and Cindy that whore sprayed all over the feed. ‘It’s okay Taylor I’m here for you. He won’t get to you any more , block everything to do with him and that slut it’s obvious that neither of them care how it’s affecting you. You deserve better so much better.’

‘I know.’ She sobbed.

God I hated it when she cried it made me want to go and purposely kill that SOB and that whore who’s made her like this and I would.

The knock came to the door. Do you want me to get that?’

She nodded she was in no fit state to have visitors I’d have to tell them to go away. I pulled myself up going to the door opening it to tow guys that looked around the same age as her. They looked angry their hands bloody. ‘How May I help you?’

‘Is Taylor in?’

‘She is, but she’s in no fit state to see anyone right now.’

I don’t think he heard me, he barged passed me his friend following him. Who the hell did he think he was? ‘Come in then!’ I said sarcastically. Closing the door.

‘Oh I will.’ He returned sarcastically.

This guy was seriously getting my back up.

He leaned forward kneeling in front of her. ‘Taylor it’s me Toby.’

She looked up at him her arms went around him hugging him whilst the tears kept coming. ‘It’s okay Taylor I’m here now.’

‘You were right I was a idiot.’

‘No you’re not. You were in love Tay.’

He moved away their arms dropping from around each other. He sat next to her. ’Everything so gong to be okay sis. We’ve taken care of him.

‘Sis I don’t know she had any siblings.’


‘Yes me and Tyler.’

She suddenly looked up at the other guy and rushed to him hugging him. He must be the guy who sent her the photo. ‘Thank you thank you for showing me his true colours.’

’It’s nothing angel. You’re one of my closets friends I couldn’t just sit back and do nothing. Your worth more than that.

She kissed his cheek I was a little jealous but they were friends but wait did he just call her Angel? I shook away the pet name he’d given her.

‘Oh my god your bleeding.’

‘It’s nothing angel.’

‘Yes it is.’

‘No it’s not I’ll sort it no need to worry yourself Angel.’

I caughed.

‘Oh sorry guys this is Jayden Smith my boss. Jayden this is Tyler one of my best friends and this is my brother. Toby.’

They both Looked at me with disgust in their eyes and in their faces what the fuck had I done to deserve that? I shrugged it off. ‘Nice to meet you.’

‘So this is who you’re fucking now?’


‘He’s like thirty what the hell are you thinking sis?’

‘Excuse me I’m still here. And we’re are defiantly not Fucking .’

He cut his eyes . Wrong move. ‘So what exactly are you doing here ?’

‘He was taking care of me guys. He’s my boss and he was concerned that’s all.’

‘Are you sure Sis there’s nothing else?’

‘No.’ She looked at them. ‘Who have you been talking to?’


I scoffed. ‘That little prick he can’t even keep his dick in his pants.’


‘Sorry Taylor but you deserve better.’

‘I know.’ She sighed.

‘I best be going I don’t want to outstay my welcome.’

‘You don’t have to.’

‘I do. I have appointments today ones I can’t miss. Take a few days off Taylor be with your friends and family you need them and come back Monday.’

‘I can’t do that sir.’

’I told you call mr Jayden and you can. In the boss and I’ve gave you the time off I’ll see you Monday no arguing.

‘Thanks Jayden.’

He need smiling. ‘I’ll see you yo Monday. It was nice to meet the both of you pity the circumstances weren’t different.’ I said walking to the door opening it closing it behind me.

‘He has a thing for you Taylor.’

‘Don’t talk rubbish he’s my boss.’

‘Not according to Brandon.’

‘He cheated not me.’

‘We know.’

‘So why does he hate the guy so much?’

’He came back here with me one of the nights I wanted to introduce him to Brandon and we had a lot of work to finish. We agreed to come here to finish it cause it was closer to the office than his so I told him I’d introduce him to Brandon and we could all eat together. It didn’t quiet go to plan they both hated each other, the air was stale. Brandon kept glaring daggers at him all night making things uncomfortable when he said goodbye I felt the air lighten. I closed the door and Brandon laid into me.

‘How dare you bring that that man into our home.’

‘He’s my boss Brandon you could’ve been not you and showed some gratitude do you even know any manners you were rude and disrespectful. We had work that needed to be done.’

‘You could’ve done it at the office, but no you decided to bring it back here and bring that man into our home.’

‘You’re being ridiculous Brandon and childish you bring people here all the time and I say nothing.’

‘He has a thing for you Tay I can see it in his eyes. It’s written all over his face he wants you Tay.’

‘Your being ridiculous Brandon he’s my boss.’

‘I know what I saw.’

‘Whatever just grow up Brandon he’s my boss I’m not interested I’m with you. You seriously need to grow up. You’ve had girls you work with hanging off your every word, hanging off you yet I’ve said nothing and now your being a complete and utter dick about my boss take a good hard look at yourself before taking a dig at others good night Brandon.’

Where are you going?’


‘This conversation isn’t over Tay.’

‘Yes it is goodnight Brandon and maybe just maybe in the morning you’ll see this in a different light.’ I said walking away him screaming at me.

‘I just can’t believe he was jealous of Jayden I loved him and he threw it backing my face.’

Toby placed his arm around her pulling her close to him hugging her. ‘We’re here for you sis. Aren’t we Tyler?’ He said looking directly at Tyler. He sat next to her placing his hands over hers. ‘Always angel anything just say.’

‘Thanks guys that means A lot.’

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