The bad boy’s broken promise

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Chapter 6

Jayden sat next to Taylor she looked so far away, the twins were staying at her parents while she took time to sort out her emotions it had been a long five years maybe this happening was making her realise that they were not meant for one another, maybe she should never have gave him the chance he wanted in the first place. She always knew Tyler had a soft spot for her and god damn that kiss under the mistletoe six years ago was so passionate the sparks spread through her body, but nothing ever came from it. Maybe he hadn’t felt them or maybe he didn’t feel the same. She really liked Tyler they’d been friends since he’d moved in he was always so shy around him which made him twice as cute. As he got older he got even more sexier and gained a six pack from all the time he put in at the gym. He’d had a lot of girls and she knew she could never compete with them like ever. He’d never made another move in her after Christmas so she thought it was a one off and put it behind her even though every time he dropped his arm over her shoulders The sparks shot threw her entire body and ever time he called her angel the butterflies erupted in her belly. Then Brandon approached her. She looked at Tyler every now and again but he was to engrossed in his next conquest to even take time to notice. She smiled shyly at Brandon and laughed at all of his jokes though they were never as funny as Tyler’s she eventually caved in and agreed to go on a date with him.

Jayden looked at her. ‘What were you thinking about?’

‘How me and Brandon first met.’

‘Would you like to tell me?’

‘I couldn’t or just wouldn’t be right.’

He looked at her. ‘Tell me how you and Brandon met.’

‘Are you sure?’

‘Yes tell me how it all began.’

She smiled. Her smile was so beautiful and priceless. ‘I met Brandon in year seven, but I really didn’t get to know him till year ten he was the school bad boy. He was always with a different girl on his arm every day some times the same one for several days or weeks, but no longer than a month he got board easily. He went for dumb blonds who had no clue on anything that didn’t involve making them look pretty. God they were so fucking dumb. I often wondered what a guy like Brandon saw in them apart from the obvious a pair of tits and a pulse.’

Jayden laughed it reminded him of his school days he was quiet a ladies man, even now but he was way past that stage in his life now he was turning thirty he wanted to settle down.

‘Anyway. We done school together it wasn’t till year eleven he come up to me and asked me for a date. At first I rejected and he was more determined to get me to let him take me on a date. We spent a lot of time in school eating our lunch together. He made me laugh and smile I eventually caved in and said yes. It was hard to imagine the school bad boy with the school geek. We were totally two different people he was way to laid back where I just wanted good grades. After our date he asked me out I’d had so much fun with him at the fair going on all of the rides with him. I said yes and we stuck together all that year. He was my first. He promised he’d never leave me or cheat on none then he..’

Jayden placed his arm around her. ‘I’m here okay I’ll make sure he never hurts you again.’

‘But he already has Jayden. He got me pregnant at the age of sixteen he knew what he was doing he didn’t want any other guy near me. He was jealous that me and Tyler were so close then there was you. He knew you were my boss and that’s all there was but he wouldn’t listen Jayden.’

‘It’s okay Taylor he’s not worth it.’

‘What about the twins Jayden? He’ll want to see them.’

‘You can have an injunction against him that will give you time to go to the courts and explain why you aren’t allowing him access.’

‘I guess.’

‘I can help you with it if that’s what you want.’

‘I do thanks.’

He smiled. ‘I’ll help you with what ever you need Taylor all you’ve got to do is ask.’

‘I will thanks.’

She lay her he’d in his chest closing her eyes.

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