The bad boy’s broken promise

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Chapter 7

Taylor looked at Jayden she’d never noticed he’d got the most beautiful eyes before they were a light blue colour. ‘You admiring my looks Taylor?’ He laughed.

‘No your eyes.’ Shit did just say that.

He laughed. ‘I get them form my mothers side and my looks.’ He grinned.

She slapped him lightly. ‘Your so full of yourself.’ she laughed.

‘What can I say this body screams sex appeal.’

She laughed hard. ‘Stop your killing me.’ She said continuing to laugh.

‘What am I going to do with you Taylor?’

‘Tell me who you really are then I promise to stop laughing.’ She said giggling.

‘Are you sure you may not like me afterwards.’

‘Oh hush I never liked you anyway.’ She giggled.

‘Ouch that hurt.’ He said tapping his heart smiling.

She giggled,

‘Please tell me.’

‘You won’t like it.’

‘I don’t care.’

‘He was right to steer you away from me.’

She looked at him.

‘I’m like him. Well I was. Hard to believe a guy like me with their own business was once a bad boy, fuck boy. He saw it in me and I saw it in him too. I was like him growing up, girls meant nothing to me I’d fuck em and fuck em off. I was well known around school, college and uni for it, I didn’t do relationships or fall in love I just had sex with who ever would give it to me. I’m not proud of who I am. My life wasn’t perfect my parents hated each other and blamed me and my brother for all of it. I never knew what love was in such a destructive family and home so I changed everything I was to someone I wasn’t and I gained friends and a reputation.’

‘So has anything changed?’

‘I’ve grown up.’

‘I mean are you still that person?’

‘I’m trying my best not to be.’

‘Oh I see.’

He looked at her. ‘Please don’t hate me Taylor.’

‘I..I don’t.’

He smiled leaning forward.

‘Wh..wh.. are you doing ?’


He pressed his lips on hers kissing her passionately.

He moved away. ‘Let me take care of you Taylor as friends if nothing else.’

She nodded.

He smiled caressing her cheek with his fingers. ‘Come on we have work in an hour you need to get dressed.’

She nodded, pulling herself up walking away freshening up before getting ready for her day in the office. He looked to her and smiled. ‘Ready?’


He offered her his hand. She wasn’t sure but took it. He wrapped his hand around his before they left the house.

She closed and locked the door.

‘What the fuck is he doing here?’ Brandon boomed angrily.

Taylor turned around. ‘I’ll be in the car.’ Jayden told her.

She nodded.

Jayden walked to the car getting in slamming the door when was this guy going to give up?


‘He’s giving me a lift to work problem?’

He opened his mouth.


‘Yes I do have a problem where’s your car?’

‘That rust bucket is in the garage again.’

‘Then why didn’t you ask instead of him ?’

‘He offered and since when do you ever offer, hmm? Never that’s when.’

‘Please baby we can sort this.’

‘No we can’t you lied. How many more times have you lied to me Brandon?’


‘Bull shit once a liar always a liar.’ She screamed.

‘I’ve never lied to you.’

‘Whatever Brandon. I’m late for work so if you don’t mind leave.’

‘This is my house too.’

‘And like I said I’ll leave and you can have your precious house and you can bring as many whores back as you like.’

‘I don’t want anyone else I want you.’

‘Should’ve thought about that before you did what you did. Goodbye Brandon.’ She said walking away Jayden opened the door and she slid in closing it before he pulled away.

‘Are you okay Taylor?’

‘I’m fine sorry Jayden.’

‘What for?’

‘Having to witness that.’

‘He won’t give up Taylor maybe you should think about a restraining order.’

‘Call your friend I really don’t want to deal with him anymore.’


Taylor left the office to grab coffe for her and Jayden seen as he only liked posh coffee.


Fuck what does he want now? ‘Brandon shouldn’t you be at work ?’

‘I’ve re - scheduled my appointments. I needed to talk to you.’

‘What about now Brandon, there’s nothing let to say.’

‘I’m sorry I know it won’t make things better between us for what, I done but I am. I want you to give us another try.’

‘I’m sorry Brandon I can’t.’

‘Why not ?’

‘Because I trusted you and I believed everything you promised me. And you lied you threw it back in my face because you were jealous of Jayden.’

‘So your on first name terms now what a fucking surprise.’

‘Don’t Brandon just don’t. You ruined this not me and your acting like it was, me who cheated not you!’

‘I know I’m sorry baby.’ He said grabbing her, pulling her towards him. ‘I love you Taylor and I’ll do anything to prove that to you.’

‘It’s too late Brandon.’

‘No it’s not I’ll prove to you I want you.’

‘I’m its too late.’

He smashed his lips on hers kissing her as she struggled to get free.’ He pushed his tongue in. She finally pushed him away. ‘I want you out my life for good.’ She said turing walking away.

‘What about the twins Tay they need both of us.’

‘They don’t need a lying, cheating father like you I’ll make sure that you’ll never see them again.’ She ran into the office going into the ladies throwing up several times before washing her face and her mouth out with water and using mouth freshener. Straightening herself up before heading back to the office. Jayden looked up. ‘Where’s the coffee?’

‘Shit.’ She cursed.

‘Are you okay Taylor?’

‘Not really.’

‘What happened?’

‘Brandon was out side the offices.’

‘So he tried to get you to climb back in bed with him.’

‘That’s never going to happen.’

‘I’ve talked to my friend he wants you to put in for the restraining order are you ready to do that?’

‘Yes. He’s not seeing me or the twins.’

‘You can stay with me. I’ve got a funny, feeling he won’t drop this any time soon.’

‘What about the twins?’

‘We’ll pick them up once we’ve got your stuff are they still staying at your parents?’


‘Call them and let them know we’ll get them later tonight I’ve got a funny feeling he’s going to go there and get them.’


Jayden and Taylor left the office early cancelling any appointments for the afternoon to get her belongings then the twins.

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