The bad boy’s broken promise

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Chapter 8

Jayden’s house

Jayden and I got into the car ready for the 45 minute ride to my parents to pick up the twins they’d been staying there all week I’d had a restraining order out on Brandon and a custody pledge for me to have full custody of the twins as we were not marred it should go in my favour but we’ll just have to see. Her has loads of money and they say money can buy you everything though it can’t buy you happiness it can buy you most other things besides that.

‘Every thing will be okay Taylor trust me.’

‘Are you sure about this Jayden?’

He placed his hand on mine and squeezed it. ‘Your my friend Taylor and I’d do anything for you; you know I’ll always help you.’

‘What if you want to bring a girl how and..’

‘Not happening it won’t look good when you tell the court you are living with me. Beside I don’t need a girl or want one I am happy with he one I have.’

‘You have a girlfriend but you..’

He chuckled into full blown laughter.

‘What’s so funny?’

‘You are Taylor. You are so naive. I like you and I’m happy to have you and your family stay with me. It will help me to get to know you better.’

‘What if you don’t like what you see?’

‘I like what I already see Taylor and I’d like to see more.’ He paused. ‘I only wished I’d met you before he did.’


‘Your something special Tay really special. I am glad you decided to take the job to be my PA.’

I smiled.

He took his hand of my mine smiling as we tuned the next corner. 10 minutes later he pulled up outside my parents house. I got out the car and walked up to the front door and rang the bell. The door opened. ‘Taylor.’ My mom said hugging me.

‘Mom.’ I said hugging her back.

‘Are you okay Taylor? what the hell is going on with you and Brandon?’

‘It’s a long story mom.’

‘I have time.’

‘Not today mom I’ll call you and tell you everything.’

‘Sure we can go for a coffee.’

‘That’ll be nice.’

‘So are you taking the twins home?’

‘No were staying at a friends.’

‘Are you sure.’

‘I am he’s waiting in the car.’

‘He?’ She asked confused.

‘It’s nothing lie that mom he’s my friend and my boss.’

‘Are you sure that’s wise?’

‘Yes I am..’

‘Okay only if you’re sure.’

‘I am. Are they ready?’

‘They are.’ She turned shouting. ‘Kids your mom is here!’ She turned back. ‘Are you sure about this Tay? Are you sure you can’t resolve your problems with Brandon?’

‘It’s too late mom.’

‘Okay but be safe and make sure that you are doing the right thing.’

‘I will and I am.’

‘Mom.’ The twins shouted.

‘Lilly, Addison I’ve missed you so much.’ I said hugging them.

They gripped tightly onto me hugging me. ‘We’ve missed you to mom are we going home to see dad?’

I pulled away. ‘No sweeties we’re staying with a friend.’

‘Why?’ They groaned.

‘Dad and I are having time out we need to sort out our differences and to see if we can live together or if it is better for us to be apart. For now we are staying at a good friend of mine you’ll like him.’

‘Is he your new boyfriend mom?’

I laughed. ‘No sweetheart, he’s my boss and he’s letting us stay with him until all of this is sorted out.’

‘Okay.’ Addison sighed.

‘Come on let’s meet him.’

They smiled holding my hands. ‘I’ll call you mom.’

‘Okay love you.’

‘Love you too.’

She watched as we got into the car and we waved at each other as Jayden pulled away. I watched in the mirror as she closed the door. ‘Kids this is Jayden my boss. Jayden this is Lily and Addison my babies.’

‘It’s nice to finally meet you. Your mom has told me all about you.’

They smiled.

‘They’re shy, once they get to know you they will never shut up!’

‘I don’t mind they can talk all they like.’

We drove for another 45 minutes till we arrived at Jayden’s hou..Mansion.


‘Is this place yours?’ Addison asked.

‘It is.’


‘Your my favourite person right now.’

‘I thought I was.’

‘He has a big ass house.’

Jayden laughed.

‘I thought I told you about your mouth getting you into trouble Addi.’

‘Sorry mom.’

‘Just don’t use the word ass again okay.’


‘Sorry Jayden their father thought it was funny to teach it them.’

‘Its fine.’ He said pulling up to her house turning the engine of the car off. ‘I’ll show you around and I’ll show you my car collection in the garage.’

‘You have more than one car?’

He smirked. ‘What else am I supposed to do with my money I’m a multi billionaire.’

‘Big head much?!’

He smirked laughing.

We all got out the car closing the doors before he locked them, clicking a button for the car alarm. ‘Can’t be too careful, follow me.’

We followed him he opened the large wooden door, we all stepped in and he put the alarm on. ‘Come I’ll show you your rooms and I’ll give you a grand tour.’

I smiled and we followed him up the marble stair case not a drop of dust he must have cleaners or maids in every day to cook and clean. He showed us our rooms, we placed our bags in then they were as pristine as the entrance and staircase, they had double beds dropped with satin sheets though it was obvious that they were never used the rooms were still fresh. He showed us the rest of the mansion with a games room and multiple bathrooms. He had given me the room with the en suite and the twins had their own rooms. A bath room opposite. He then showed us the downstairs the living space was huge with wall to wall leather sofas the dinning room could for at lest fifteen people. ‘You sure you live alone?’

‘I do. My family visits in the holidays if I’m not working.’

I nodded.

‘Come on I promised I’d show you my car collection.’

The twins smiled.

We send into the garage it was more like a car showroom, it was fucking huge he had so many cars. I can’t understand why he needed so many.

‘Wow.’ Addison said speechless.

‘I know right.’

‘Why do you have so many cars?’ I asked curious.

‘What can I say I’m obsessed. I like fast cars, expensive cars and classic cars I’ll take you all for a spin seen as we are at home tomorrow.’

‘Do you think you can fit them all in?’

‘I can try.’ he says smiling.

I shake my head laughing. This is going to be fun Addison is so obsessed with fast cars he loved going in Brandon’s car, but I don’t think it will ever beat the cars Jayden has.

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