The bad boy’s broken promise

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Chapter 9


I finished work early to go to the house I shared with Taylor I know I fucked up but I wanted to get things sorted out with her so we could hopefully move on. I’d been staying at my flat I use when I have business meetings that last about a week she knows about the flat she’d been with me there a few times when I’ve been working away from home and the kids have stayed with either my parents or hers, now all that has come crashing down cause of one stupid mistake. I can’t believe my best friend saw me and what I saw all over social media I’ll kill that bitch Cindy who the fuck does that whore think she is ? She was just a quick lay cause me and Taylor we’re having issues. Ffs I don’t even like her I never have she’s so fake. She knew exactly how to get me I and I let her. Fuck why did I even do that? She knew I loved Taylor. I messed up I promised her I never would, fuck why does this always happen to me? Me and Taylor were so happy until she started working for Jayden. Why the fuck did she bring him in to our home ? Was she trying to into intimidate me or make me jealous? Well, well done Taylor you did that and vexed me more than you’ll ever know. I hated him the moment. I saw him he was an older version of me god I hate play boys. I know I was one, but once I got it together with Tay that all changed. I made her promises I wasn’t sure I could even keep. It took me months for her to agree to us we spent a lot of time together hanging out so I could show her a different side of me one that showed her I was not the bad boy that she thought I was.

Tyler was pissed when we got together, I know he had a thing for her well guess what buddy you left it to long and she became mine. I made her lot of promises I stuck to one I promised her once I fucked her I would never leave her. My friends expected me to fuck her and fuck her off, but I didn’t she was different to all other other girls I had been with for one I had to work hard to get her. I’d never done that before and I’d never had to do it before. I had fallen hard. When she told me she was expecting I was shocked to say the lest. Tyler was pissed he reckoned I only done it to keep him away and any other guy for that matter I didn’t okay maybe I did she was mine no one else could have her.

I pulled up to the house I still can’t believe what that bitch posted all over social media. I’m going to have it out with that bitch and I won’t be nice about it either. She could’ve destroyed my family I for one am not going to let that happen. If it does she’s in for a rude awakening. Thanks to that bitch I have two black eyes and broken ribs. I pull up outside the house getting out of the car closing, locking and alarming my car I’ve already had to have a paint job due to some kid keying it. I unlock the door turn the alarm off. ‘Tay where are you honey.’

Nothing but pure silence odd. She was here this morning and she should be back from work by now and she wouldn’t leave them at her parents for longer than a few days. ‘Kids dad’s home.’

Nothing where are they? my heart beating faster. I’ll check the other rooms, their belongings are gone she’s took them with her but where? I know she won’t take them to my parents cause of what’s going on with us. And she wouldn’t leave them with her parents cause they have school, so where has she gone? I pull my mobile out calling her. Voice mail shit.

‘Tay were are you? I thought we were going to talk? Where have you taken the kids Tay? I know you won’t take them to my parents and they won’t be at yours. God damn it pick up your phone.’ I said angrily ending the call putting my mobile back into my pocket putting the alarm on heading out of the house seen as I have nothing left here to take. I close and lock the door beige heading to my car demobilising the alarm before getting in driving to my flat which I use when I have business meetings in the hotels which last a week at the most. Tay has been there a few times whilst her parents have taken care of the twins.

I pull up getting out of my car heading for my flat entering demobilising the alarm locking the door picking uo he mail tearing the envelopes open. One catches my eye a court injunction I tear the envelope open taking it out reading it. I can’t believe She has a court injunction out against me stating that I can’t go within a mile of her or the kids. We shall see Tay I will not stay away from you or my kids.

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