A new life: part II of ‘charmed life’

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Alex is back and now Mike is finally out of her life, she's ready to start hers. The problem? She doesn't know how. Without the Spencers to help her heal she's not sure how to be 'normal' again. But things are different this time, she HAS to get her act together, if not for herself, then for her son. So she does what any mother would do; finds a job and tries to make life as good as she can with what she's got. What will she do when she bumbs into Jamie, Lucas and Sam and they beg her to come back? It's been 4years since she saw the Spencers... Saw Aiden. Can she go back and hope things will go back to the way they were? Or will things be so different she cant seem to fit back in? And what will the Spencers do, when they see her and the extra baggage she brings along? What will Aiden do? .......... © All rights reserved. LittleThingsInLife Ps: This was written in 2013. And I’ve since edited Charmed life so the storyline may not add up completely. Also I’d like to apologise in advance for the use of ‘.’ Instead of “.” For quotations... blame baby me from 2013. Maybe one day I’ll edit this story but I’ve only put it up so there’s an actual ending for people invested in Alex’ life :D Also. There will be A/Ns at the end of some chapters but they were from 2013 Wattpad so feel free to ignore 😂

Romance / Action
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Chapter 1

© All rights reserved. LittleThingsInLife

Chapter 1

I'm quiet in the car and don't pay attention to Mike, who is discussing moving plans and business deals.

I try not to think about everyone I was being forced to leave behind but I can't help recall each and everyone of them;

I'd lost Karl - the best father figure I'd ever had. Who always looked out for me like a daughter, and made me feel welcome in my new house before anyone else.

I'd lost Sandra - another mother, she had always took the time to check in with me and make sure I was okay. She would have done anything to keep a smile on my face.

I'd lost the twins - Lucas and Jamie, who I always saw as older brothers, there to protect me and make me laugh.

I'd lost Sam - who had recently trusted me enough to see his most private art pieces, he had so much talent and I was blown away by how much he'd come to trust me and act around me - remembering how nervous he was when I first arrived.

I'd miss Nathan and Carla - I hoped Nath would finally confide in someone his secrets, just like he'd done with me... Now that I wasn't going to be there for him he needed someone.
Carla had always made me smile and even though I didn't want to be in this situation, to protect her I would do it a hundred times over.

I'd miss Ben and Taylor - knowing I wouldn't be able to watch them grow up and become just as amazing as the rest of their siblings.

I'd miss Aiden - the love of my life. My Mr perfect. Who had made me stronger than I thought possible and shown me love I didn't think was real.

It wasn't just the Spencer's I'd miss though, I take a moment to remember my friends as well; Cameron, Kim, Anna, Ollie and Matt....

I couldn't believe someone so young could lose so much, but I was proof of that.

I wondered how often I would need to think of them, just for me to keep going and stay strong.

It would probably have to be a lot.
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