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The Secret Angel 2

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18yo+!! Sex, abuse, and adult language!! This is book 2 to The Secret Angel series This follows Nate, his sister Jocelyn and Ricardo from book 1....15 years later. This story shares their sides and how they will all come together. This is an adult book, abuse, sex, and mature scenes. ............ Craig "Hey man I'm sorry about my girlfriend, she can have an attitude sometimes." "Who said she had an attitude? Have a seat!" Craig "Well I gotta get.." "I said sit the fuck down!" As I see him slowly lower himself onto the bench I am sitting on I can tell he's nervous, and he fucking should be. "So you know I am Mandy's employer right?" Craig "Yes, yes I do." "You know that money I gave her to get clothes was for HER job... well apparently you took it?" Craig "I don't know which money you are talking about?" "Really...well just for future reference, I am not the person to piss off." Craig "I understand." He quickly gets up and leaves as my boys watch him walking away. They see him head towards the back room, and know he is headed to where Mandy is. I can see my boys are getting anxious and keep looking at me waiting to see what I'm going to do. I told her if she wants out, I will get her out. It's in her court now. As we sit and wait my phone buzzes. I just look at my phone then up at my boys with a smirk. "Let's go boys, we have a goddess to save!"

Romance / Adventure
Melanie Gomez
4.9 36 reviews
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Ch 1

Jocelyn pov

It’s finally here! My first year of high school! Freshman year. The start of a new school, and to say I’m a little nervous is an understatement. I’m on the shorter side at five foot four inches, and on the slimmer side thanks to uncle Frankie and dad’s rigorous training over the summer. I have some curves to be just enough with brown hair that curls down to my lower back. I have green eyes from my grandma Gracie, and a slightly tan skin. I wake up and quickly jump in the shower using my strawberry scented body wash. I just pinned up my hair so I can quickly style it this morning.

I threw on some skinny jeans with a cute pink top and a warm jean jacket, and some ankle boots. I put on some simple makeup, nothing too much. Just some mascara and lipgloss while pinning half my hair up, and spraying some body spray. I grab my backpack to head downstairs to get some breakfast. Some of the men that work for my dad and brother are downstairs because they have an important shipment coming in today. They are meeting here first with some men, then they will head over to the other mansion, and then to the old business building and get the rest of the guys.

I head downstairs when a lot of the younger guys stop and turn to stare, because hey being THE boss’s only daughter and sister to the next in line is a sure way to keep your ass safe. They are cute, don’t get me wrong, but I can’t date till after I’m 18. If my dad and uncle Frankie have their way it will never be happening. Just in case they had me training as soon as I could walk and learn how to fight. They always had me training so I could take care of myself. I am standing there when my dad yells out followed by Frankie.

“Hey! Focus!”

“What the fuck are you all looking at?”

They all snap back to what is going on, and I just chuckle internally. I walk through the hall into the kitchen grabbing a muffin, some orange juice, and go sit at the kitchen table. I sit down when I see some guards sneaking looks my way and whispering to each other. I won’t lie there’s a few that I think are cute, but no way am I saying anything. I know how Frankie and my dad work. I will see them one day and not the next. I eat my muffin looking at my phone when I hear them adjourn the meeting for the moment and people start walking into the kitchen to grab their breakfast. I am swarmed by guards all trying to sit next to me wanting to make small talk. As soon as I go to respond my dad and Frankie boot the two guards sitting next to me to sit down. They sit down and everyone leaves the table of course when Uncle Frankie opens his mouth.

“Don’t you be talking to no boys! Not in this house!”

“Or anywhere.” I added

“Jocelyn Gracie Maxwell, don’t you get smart with your uncle!”

“Dad, seriously! You guys have trained me to fight, kill, and shoot. I can’t even talk to a boy?”


I roll my eyes and that’s when I see Jessie. He is one of my dad’s younger guards at 19 and he is built. He is also my brother’s best friend. He practically grew up here when his parents died. He is almost as big as my dad and uncle Frankie with muscles upon muscles. He has tattoos all over his body and I only ever see what’s on his arms and neck outside of his shirt. If I could only see under that shirt and maybe a little lower. I just stare looking at him and Frankie and my dad must have caught what I was looking at. Jessie catches me looking and gives me a wink. I quickly look down at my muffin that seems very interesting right now as my cheeks flush.

Tank walks in and points to his watch. Shit we gotta go! I quickly get up grabbing my backpack and start walking to the front of the house. My dad is in front of me as my uncle is behind me when we walk right in front of Jessie. He looks down at me and I can’t help but smile and wink. He winks back, and I see him being grabbed by his shirt by my uncle and pushed into the wall.

“Don’t even think about it!”

“Uncle Frankie stop! He didn’t hurt anyone!”

“Listen Jocelyn, no way are you looking at him, he’s 19.”

“Holy moly, I’m not doing anything with him.”

Why oh why do they have to be like this! They bring eye candy here, but I know I know. No touching, but flirting to me it’s not a big deal. We slowly make our way towards the front and I see my brother Nate ready to head out also. He works for our dad at the office in town. We live on the outskirts in a huge estate with so much family and my dad’s main guards and their families. It’s been a tough year this year as we lost my grandma Gracie that I’m named after. She fell asleep next to my grandpa Fernando, and just never woke up. So now he busies himself working in the main house doing paperwork for my dad and Nate.

The estate we live in they apparently got by taking out some rival. My mom was pregnant with me at the time, and killed him herself. My mom is such a badass. The house is a huge 3 story house with a light gray marble flooring and cream walls, the first floor consists of the kitchen and dining area, as we have a lot to feed. A large conference room and a large entertainment room. Second floor is where all the guards and their families live, and the third floor is our floor. We have a pool out back, with separate houses for my grandpa Fernando, and Tank’s parents.

I run and give Nate a hug as Tank and Frankie head past me to get the car going.

“Have fun at school kiddo!”

“I will! See you later!”

I quickly run through the door and jump into the suv when we head off down the driveway towards the high school. This drive seems to be taking forever! I just watch the scenery go by out the window hoping it will be quiet.

“Tank man, our girl was checking out Jessie!”

Well there goes this being a quiet ride. I just roll my eyes internally because now I know it’s going to get loud.

“Jocelyn what the hell? That kid!”

“Man, they even winked at each other!”

“Jocelyn I swear! No one gets to look at our girl!”

“Omg you two! You have been doing this shit since elementary school. Jesus christ give it a rest. You know at some point I will be over 18 right!

“Even then you ain’t looking at no boys! Right Tank?”

I roll my eyes when I see the high school come into view and thank God I can leave this drama behind me. When we pull up to the front Tank throws it in park as both him and Frankie jump out to open my door for me. All the people up front stop and stare because these two look like mafia guys ear pieces and all. I slowly get out when I see the girls giving me dirty looks, and the guys turn their full attention at me. I can feel the hate coming off these two towards any of the guys who are looking. I can see them out of the corner of my eye giving dirty looks right back at everyone. If they had a choice I would have been homeschooled.

I slowly laugh internally at myself when I walk into the school towards my locker. No one seems to want to chat with me because either they don’t want to or they think they might disappear tomorrow if they did. I slowly make it to my locker and open it to shuffle stuff around when two girls come up to me. I am taken back because maybe this won’t be too bad.

“Hey, that was a little intimidating huh?”

“I can’t imagine dealing with that every day, I feel sorry for you!”

“Well they live with our family and one is an uncle so they are always around me.”

“Yikes! By the way I’m Kerri and this is Mary.”

“Hi guys, first year?”

“Yep, and I think Mary and I will stick around you, it might make the year go quicker.”

“Ok, sounds good. I have a feeling not a lot of people will talk to me.”

We all laugh when I shut my locker and we head off to our classes. The morning seems to slowly drag on and before I realize it’s lunchtime. I quickly go to the cafeteria grabbing my lunch and spot Mary and Kerri at a table. They stand up and flag me down to sit with them. They start chatting about a kid named Ricardo that’s in Mary’s elective art class or something. Mary keeps going on about how dreamy he is and big. He’s a junior and when he walked in all the girls sucked in their breath.

“I heard from others that he always has girls trying to get his attention, but never gives any of them the time of day. A girl that’s a junior in the class said he has been waiting for one girl to come along, and would only wait for her.”

“That seems weird. Is he out here sitting yet Mary?”

“No not yet. I don’t see him.”

We all just shrug our shoulders and start chatting about our other classes so far. We hear the bell ring ending lunch and signaling for us to get back to classes. We quickly get up and turn in our trays, and hussle out to our classes so we won’t be late. The day seems to go by quickly and soon it’s over. I quickly run to my locker grabbing all my stuff and head out towards the front of the school. I see Tank and Frankie standing there of course with scowls on their faces. I walk up when Frankie looks at me and starts talking.

“How was your day?”

“It’s ok I made some friends.”

“What kind of friends?”

“Don’t worry, they are girls!”

We stand there chatting about my friends when they both stop and stare past me. I stop and turn around and see this huge muscular brute of a guy. He looks like that bad ass kid who causes nothing but trouble. Dark hair, dark brown eyes and dark skin... oh my! He spots me looking at him, and as he walks by he winks at me. We watch him when he walks by us and goes over to his ride. There are two men in suits that open up the suv for him to climb in. We all stare when Frankie grabs me, throwing me in the car slamming the door. I see him and Tank talking quietly to each other staring at the suv when they grab their phones. They talk quickly then both get in the suv when we drive in silence all the way home. We pull up and park when my dad is already standing in the doorway. The moment we walk up my dad stops to talk to me.

“Jocelyn, who’s the boy?”

“I don’t know who it is? I think he’s a junior.”

“Boss you don’t think it is who we think it is do you?”

“I don’t know the age fits.”

“Do you know his name Jocelyn?”

“If it is who I think it is, Mary said his name is like Richard or something.”

“We will have to do some digging, that’s for certain. Anyways, how was your day sweetie.”

“It was ok.”

I go upstairs and now I wonder who this kid is that they keep talking about? Why did they get so nervous and concerned? Does it have to do with something from the past? Oh my, though he is dreamy just like Mary said! I can’t quite remember his name, but I wonder who the girl he was waiting for.

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