Sweet Temptation

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Hostile King

Mr. Liam Kingston, Kingston Tower Avenue Street, 22nd floor.

Chloe shifted her look from the details on her phone that Melanie gave her, to the building in front of her. She suddenly felt underdressed with her white camisole, baby pink cardigan, and her ripped jeans, for the ‘occasion’. Not to mention, as far as she could see, everyone in the building looked fancy in their business suit.

Well, I’m not here to impress everyone, or to find a job in the company.—She shook away her insecurities in her head and inhaled deeply before deciding to walk inside the building. She walked straight to the front desk, where two security guys were asking her to fill the guest record form and gave her the pass through the gate to the elevator.

Chloe couldn’t help but realized that some of the people's eyes there, staring at her. Maybe they’re wondering what was she doing in there. She just ignored everything and avoided all eye contact.

Deep down she was wondering, why suddenly she felt so insecure. Being there, meeting someone she didn’t know.

Let’s not overthinking everything. She calmed herself inside. She just hoped that Scott’s brother was not as cold as the vibe that the building gave her.

When the elevator door was open, Chloe caught a glimpse of the front desk lady’s eyes were checking on her looks. Judged her to be exact. Chloe walked toward the model-looking woman at the front desk.

“Um, excuse me, I’m here to—“

“We don’t have interviews scheduled for today.” The pretty lady didn’t even look at Chloe.

Chloe glanced at the name-plates ‘Gwen Vois’, before softly chuckling. “No,no.. I’m here to see Mr. Kingston?”

By the time Chloe mentioned his name, Gwen looked at her at once. Even in a very short time, Chloe could feel Gwen’s eyes scanning her style from head-to-toe.

“What’s your name? And do you have an appointment?” Gwen said, slightly raised her chin and eyebrows up.

“Chloe Sweets. Um, I guess..? He’s expecting me.”

“Let me check with his assistant.. You can take a seat there, I’ll get back to you.” Gwen pointed to the empty couch not far from the front desk.

Chloe walked toward the couch, but rather than sitting down, she took her time to enjoy the view outside the building. She found a slight calmness just from looking at the sky.

“Ms. Sweet?”

Chloe looked back from her shoulder and saw another good-looking girl with glasses, but this one looked simply genuine-looking by her body language, though her less make-up didn’t make her less attractive.

“Yes..” Chloe smiled.

“I’m Nina, Mr. Kingston’s assistant... Mr. Kingston is in the middle of an immediate meeting, but he will meet you right away..”

“Oh.. I mean, if he’s not—”

“No, no! H-he strongly asked me- - to ask you to wait.. Just for a second..” She stammered a bit.

Chloe was about to let her reschedule if her boss was busy, but now, Chloe sensed her nervousness out of nowhere. Perhaps, she’s terrified by his boss? – A slight thought crossed Chloe’s mind.

“Sure.. I was meant to say, that I understand if he’s busy and wants to reschedule.. I mean, I don’t mind at all.” Chloe tried to soothe her.

Nina let out a relieved breath before smiling, “Thank you miss Sweets.. Now, if you’ll follow me, this way..” She raised a hand and leading the way.

Chloe tried to keep up with Nina’s steps which were quite faster as if they’re late for something, but she guessed maybe it’s just the way the office world goes around. Everybody was in hurry, time is money.

“You can wait here..” Nina said while opened the glass door of a private huge room, with a view on almost every side of the room.

It was funny how Chloe started to feel so small all of a sudden, just for being there in the fancy-classy office room. Chloe was about to say something at Nina with her parted lips, when Mr. Kingston himself, walked into the room.

He walked straight to his executive table without looking at both Nina or Chloe.

“Um.. Mr. K-Kingston, Ms. Sweets is here.”

“Yeah, I know.” He said briefly while tossing his tablet on the table. “Please hold all the calls, and tell the board that I’ll be right back with them soon.”

Nina quickly nodded and left the room at once. Something inside Chloe wanted to follow Nina to leave the room as well because she felt her guts just vanished. Liam Kingston’s presence had already intimidated her the second he walked in.

His dominant vibes with his icy-cold emotionless face, and his dangerous looks. All of it had made her knees weak all of a sudden.

“So, Ms. Sweets. I’d rather make this quick and simple.” He said before letting out a deep breath.

Chloe tried to ignore all the things about him that attracted her or gave her mixed feelings to her very core. His dark hair, his height, his loose tie, his strong jaw, his 6 o’clock shadow beard, his muscles behind his business suit... Okay, what’s the idea, again? Oh, IGNORE, stay calm, and focus, Chloe!

She kept standing there with her parted lips. She realized that he had said something, but couldn’t really recall what he was saying. She just wished that she didn't stare at him with her drooling eyes. Or did she, in any moment now?

“Miss Sweets?” Liam called her again. He tilted his head and put his hand in his pocket at the same time. Wondering for a second what’s on her mind that makes her frozen. Liam licked his lips before clearing his throat.

“Y-yeah. Sorry!” As if her mind had got back on earth, she replied. “I don’t want to bother you too, I can see that you’re very busy.. Your brother said—”

“How much do you want?” Liam cuts in a while took a checkbook from his drawer. “Do you prefer the check or online transfer?”

Chloe paused for a while, suddenly feeling confused. Her lips slowly parted, she took a deep breath before she's about to say something in hesitation.

“I.. don’t understand..” She said as she slightly shook her head.

“Your sister and my brother just been seeing each other for a few months, and now he said to me that he wants to get married to your sister.- - I’m pretty sure, that their decision to get married was not because of the big L-word.” He circled his table heading to where Chloe was standing. His words and voice were as cold as he looked.

Chloe was speechless for seconds. Did he know that Melanie is pregnant because of Scott? “Ha-have you talk with your brother? I mean REALLY talk? I’m here for—”

“Talking about your shop. I know.” Liam cut in again.

“Ms. Sweet, I’d really appreciate it if you’d just help me save some time. How much do you think is enough for you to rebuild your shop—” He leaned back to his table before continuing his words.

“—and how much is it for your sister to leave my brother, Scott?” Liam said with his arms folded on his chest.

Listening to the words that he said, had made Chloe hardly blink or breathing. After really sure that Liam was entirely serious, Chloe slightly scoffed in disbelief, “Heh.”

Chloe ran her fingers on her hair before moving one step forward. Sure he’s a charming guy, but that’s not a reason to treat other people as he wished!

“I’ll tell you what..” Chloe inhaled. “I’m not going to waste any second more of your time at all. - - Don’t worry about my shop... I built it once, I’ll do it again.” She bit her bottom lip before letting it trembled more. Her awe-filled eyes toward him had changed to a disappointed look. Chloe took another step and her hands were in fists.

“A-and as far as my concern about my sister’s and their will to get married,—That’s entirely their decision! And maybe, you should discuss that with your brother!” She emphasized.

Just after saying those words, Chloe turned her back and walked away.

“Thank you for your TIME, Mr. Kingston.” She said sarcastically as she was walking to the door between her big steps. Chloe kept walking in her big steps until she completely left the building. She was thinking about calling Melanie right away but decided to calm herself down, moving on, and dealing with Jeremy’s project preparation.

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