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After Raelynn finds out she's pregnant by her ex, she stacks on clothing and tries to hide the growing bump. It's only a matter of time before he finds out, though, because men like Maksim Kuznetsov have the world tucked into their back pocket.

Romance / Action
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Raelynn laughed nervously.


She gave the pregnancy test a shake. “No, no, no, no.” She shook the thing vigorously, trying to flick one of those pink lines off the screen.

She was definitely not pregnant. She couldn’t be. It just wasn’t an option. The soft swelling of her stomach must be a result of too much fast-food and depression.

Reaching down, she pulled off a slipper and whacked the diabolical thing that told her that her newfound weight wasn’t a result of the consumption of too many calories, but too much semen.

“What are you doing?” Tiffany plucked the test from her hand. “You can’t brutalize it until it turns negative.”

Raelynn’s hands trembled.

Of course, Maksim didn’t exit her life silently after their break-up. He left her something to remember him by, because men like him weren’t made to be forgotten.

“He... he knocked me up.”

“Sorry to break it to you, girl, but it takes two to make a baby.”

“Yes, yes, I know how biology works but…”

She ran a hand through her hair, and then another.

“This can’t be right.”

Hadn’t it been enough to ruin her mind and body for other men? She couldn’t help but compare every man she crossed to him, and her pussy was so enslaved by his cock that it wouldn’t throb for another. He took her mind and vagina, but the greedy Russian didn’t stop there. He took her womb, too.

“I can’t be pregnant!” she cried. “What am I supposed to do?”

Tiffany sighed. “Of course you break up with him before he becomes rich.”

Raelynn’s eyes flickered wildly. If Maksim found out that his heir was baking inside her… if that tattooed, dangerous brute found out that she went rogue with his kid…

“He might...” Raelynn whispered as if the walls were listening. “He might take the baby.”

Maksim wasn’t who he used to be. Before the breakup, they were living in a rat-infested apartment. Now, he had all the lawyers of the world in his back pocket. Meanwhile, Raelynn had a criminal record, a stack of bills on the table, and a minimum-wage job. He could take her to court and win full custody. He’d probably slip in a lawsuit while he was at it.

“Hey, you don’t know that,” Tiffany assured. “You didn’t hear anything from him after the breakup, right? What if he like, shrugged the thing off? He might take you back with open arms.”

It sounded like bullshit wishful thinking, but at that point, it was all Raelynn could afford.

She licked her lips. “I don’t know. The way I broke up with him was very ugly.”

“You can’t hide this from him,” Tiffany insisted. “He deserves to know.”

“And what if he decides that he wants payback for getting dumped? I can’t fight him for custody. He’ll win. Think about it, Tiff. Disney lied. Love doesn’t make the world go round. Money does.”

She groaned and shoved her face into the nearest pillow. Why couldn’t Maksim remain poor? The guy was already built like a skyscraper. He didn’t need to own one, too.

“How do I tell him?”

She had no answer, only a bucket-full of tears.

“Maybe you could ask him if he wants to date again? You could win him over, and then tell him. Maybe he’ll forgive the break up.”

“How would I reach him?” She sniffled. “Do I just knock on his skyscraper and nicely request to speak to its owner? Or do I tell the receptionist that I’m pregnant by their boss and need his calendar to be cleared for the day?”

“Uh… try his email?” Tiffany suggested, always the optimist.

Raelynn began to bawl.

She could point out exactly when the fetus took seed. It probably happened when she changed birth controls. Or maybe when she got a stomach bug and kept throwing up. Did she vomit her pill? She must have messed something up, and Maksim’s obnoxious cum must have declared her womb his. They never used condoms, since Maksim wanted nothing to get in the way of his conquering.

She punched a pillow once, twice, and sobbed harder when the impact reminded her of Maksim kneeling behind her and plowing into her.

Damn her, but that was probably the position the fetus was procreated in– on hands and knees as its mother moaned for more and struggled to stay upright.

“That well-hung jerk should be hung from a tree,” she sniffled.

“How about we string him up to the flagpole of his stupid sky scraper?” Tiffany suggested.

Raelynn offered an ugly combination of a laugh and a cry.

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