The Badboy, The Tomboy And The Bet

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I’m a tomboy, not a bad girl. But I’m not just an irritating tomboy, I’m different from the rest of them. Or we’ll, at least I think I am. And my name is Elizabeth Irene Knightly. Otherwise known as Liz. Well, let’s just say, I’m known not to be messed with. I’m not a person who feeds off of fear, I just let people know not to say or do anything stupid around me. I also think I’m different from the rest, because I’m a bit of a nerd, ok, not just a bit, I am a nerd. But I’m a nerd who’s also a tomboy. Background info: My mom got a new job, and I’m moving to a new school in the beginning of my junior year My dad’s a lawyer I hardly ever see them, and when I do, it’s the most amazing thing ever I have two annoying brothers, that both left for college, and I miss them like hell... And one day, someone does something stupid. But something I didn’t even expect, and that person, is me. Because, let’s just say, it involves the school’s ‘Bad Boy’ also known as Matthew Alexander Black. He’s loved by everyone and he practically rules the school. But I won’t let him trample over me. That just goes too low. In fact he’s just another person in my eyes. He’s nobody without the school. I do something stupid, in order to get rid of him, but it turns against me, and ends up becoming something I never asked for. And it all started with a bet.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

Let’s start with the basics, my name, is Elizabeth Irene Knightly, but people usually call me Liz, or Beth, or Liza, or Eliza, or...No..Nobody gets to call me Lizzy, at least...Not anymore. They call me by my nickname, unless of course I’m in big trouble, and my mom or dad decides to call me by my full name as a sign to start running for my life. But anyway, continuing with more important matters... I’m a tomboy who likes to fight, as in, martial arts, kick-boxing so on. I do not like wearing any dresses or skirts. I prefer wearing a simple jeans and t-shirt along with a pair of Converse, Vans or even Nike’s. I don’t like wearing makeup and I hate pink. I love sky blue. I can’t handle red either, because well, if you think about it, it’s the same as pink, just darker. Black is....Dark, purple is dark. I’ll wear them, but I’d prefer not to. Gold is too shiny. Green is downright awesome along with yellow, white and orange. So basically, nature colours are awesome to me. Silver is...Ok I guess...Grey is pretty cool. And so, my favorite colour is sky blue, my second favorite is green, third is yellow, fourth is orange, fifth is white and sixth is grey. Nature lover right here.

Moving on from colours.....More about me : I’m a nerd. But I’m a tomboy. But I’m a nerd. And I don’t think it makes much sense, but that’s who I am. And it’s awesome to me, I fucking love it. I also swear quite a bit, so mind my language. Welp, the only reason I am a tomboy, is because well, growing up with no other girl besides your mom, and well, having 2 brothers, kind of makes me a natural tomboy I guess. My two, annoyingly irritating brothers, also known as Andrew Jacobson Knightly and Xander Heath Knightly are honestly my role models. They’re both my best friends, and have always been there for me. But ever since they left for college, I haven’t seen them enough, and I don’t get to speak to them enough either, because they’re always busy with one thing or another...I love them with everything I have, they’ve always had my back. And even though they might be about only 4 years older than me, they always treat me like I’m 5 or something. But it’s awesome to always have them as my body guards, not that I need them that much though, since I usually take care of my problems myself. But it’s nice knowing that they’re there.

I’m literally 2 years away from going to college, finally. And yes, I’m still a junior. And it just so happens, that my mom gets a new job in Los Angeles right at the beginning of the year, which means....That I’m starting my junior year along with the rest of whoever else is here. Which isn’t actually that much of a bad thing, considering that I might not be the only new student. Or we’ll, at least I hope I’m not. And guess what? The first day of school, is on a Monday....Who would even think of torturing me like that. And I’m saying that, because today is my last day of freedom, it’s already the last Sunday. I woke up about 2 hours ago and it’s only 11:00...And I’m bored as hell. For the last 20 minutes, I’ve been sitting here, watching YouTube videos about famous actors and singers. But now, I’ve finally stopped. We moved here, to Los Angeles just yesterday. And since then, I’ve pretty much did nothing, because it turns out that my new school, has dorms...Which sucks, because it means I’m going to have a roommate, but then again, everyone gets to choose their own roommate, but I know nobody, so I’m hoping that everyone runs out, and I end up not getting a roommate. It will be awesome. And apparently, the rule of no boys and girls allowed in the same room, doesn’t apply or even exist. Because they know that most of them won’t listen anyway. I honestly would prefer it if I wasn’t in a room with another girl for the entire year, because well...Let’s face it, girls are always asking if they look good or if not, they’re crying over petty things, I, on the other hand, don’t. I honestly don’t give two shits about how I look, as long as I’m wearing big clothes and it’s comfortable. And it’s not pink. Red I’ll handle, but I’d prefer not to wear it.
I literally stole about 10 of my brother’s hoodies and about 4 pairs of pants, and 3 pairs of shoes and about 27 t-shirts...I really don’t like girl’s clothes, they always revealing and weird. Or too bling-y for my liking. Unless of course, it’s not any of that, which is very rare.

And well, all girls always end up putting posters of boys on the walls, or making the bed very pinkish and girly or something. I don’t do that, my bedding is literally blue and green. And the posters I had on my walls back home, were of cars or bikes. Maybe even knives or the name of a basketball team. But considering that I’m practically moving out of the new house tomorrow, I didn’t bother putting up posters or packing, I just took out the things I needed, and left everything else in the bag. Because I’m lazy like that...

I have a black Suzuki super bike, parked in the garage, I should take it to my new ‘home’. But not on the first day, I’ll take it during the week.

And well I actually got so bored, I decided to wander around the huge yard. Which was, if I’m not mistaken...About 4 acres according to my dad. And it was HUGE....But....I still decided, like an idiot, to run around it. I almost made it around the entire damn yard, but gave up about when there was about 100 feet left. Sometimes I hate my asthma.

Oh yeah, right....Forgot to mention that I have asthma...Yeah well, I have asthma. Sometimes I’m really idiotic. Ok, what else...Let me think...Oh yeah, I mentioned...That we moved here because of my mom’s new job right? Well guess what...Her new job, just so happens to be that she’s the principal of the school I’m going to. Amazing am I right? Before we moved to LA, she was the principal of another school, but not the school I used to go to, but considering that in my last school, I kicked someone in the shin, and got into big trouble for it. She won’t let me out of her sight, but little does she know, that she’s actually not going to see me much at all. But I don’t really care anyway, because well, I’ve heard that it’s the best school in LA. Which is awesome in my eyes. What? I care about my education, even though I hate it...Which is also one of the things about me that is extremely confusing and makes no sense.

Well, after that I got so bored, I decided to go to the huge kitchen where my mum was making rusks and so I tell her “Give me something to do, I’m bored.”
“Go to the garden and fetch some mint leaves.”
“They planted things already?”
“No, those were here already when we bought the house.”
“Oh, but why do you need mints?”
“For your father’s morning smoothie.”
“Oh yeah. Ok, I’ll be back.”
I walk out the back door, and as I walk to the garden, I realise...Wow, so I didn’t actually wander around the entire yard, this place is fucking huge! I look for the mint leaves and I see them without having to look twice, because there’s so damn much. They grow like weeds, geez! I’ve never seen so much mint in my life...

Also, how the heck am I supposed to bring all of this? Yeah, I’m not doing that...I’ll just take about a handful of it, and take it back. It’s not like my mum’s going to use all of this anyway. How could she? This is literally like...An entire 6 foot square full of goddamn mint! I’ll tell her how much there is, and she’ll hopefully not make me come back here just to fetch all of it. Because I really won’t want to. And that’s what I do, I pick about a handful of leaves then walk back to the back door and I got the house.
“I didn’t bring all of it, because well, there’s literally a square that is 6 feet both ways, and it’s completely full of it.”
“Good, I didn’t expect you to bring all that anyway.”
“You’re not at all surprised at how much mint there is?”
“No, because I already saw it.”
“When we bought the house.”
“Oh....So....What can I do now?”
“Uh,” she paused so that she would take the biscuits (which I didn’t even know she was making) out of the oven and placed it on the kitchen island, then continued “Go to the baking cupboard and give me the chocolate.”
I went to the cupboards that she told me to go to, and I opened all three of them, but I just stared at it, confused as to where the chocolate was, and so I said “I don’t know where it is though...”
“It’s right in front of you, the purple container.”
“There’s so many of them though.”
“Urgh!” Then she walked over to me and took one of the containers out and pulled out the chocolate. She waved it in my face then said “See!”
“How am I supposed to know what’s going on in your head, or where the heck all these things are?”
“Just...Never mind, melt this for me.”
“Put it in for 2 minutes.”
“Uh-huh.” I dialled in 2 minutes and waited for it to beep while I walked around the kitchen, examining everything.
My mom was looking at the recipe and reading it over and over again. Until finally, it beeped to say it was done. I took it out and saw that it wasn’t completely melted so I said “It’s not completely melted.”
“It’s fine, just give it a good stir and it’ll be fine.”
“Alright.” I took out a spoon and started to stir it, and in fact, it did melt, and it was smooth as smooth can be.

But damn...Holy crap, that was A LOT of chocolate. It makes me cringe....I don’t know how, but it just did. Maybe because I’m not a big fan of chocolate and prefer things plain. And I don’t really like desserts and sweets...I prefer ice-cream or something. Also, have I mentioned that I hate glitter and it makes me cringe and want to shove it in the bin and scream or rip out my hair...Well, it does. I just CANNOT stand glitter, it’s too shiny,too sticky, too messy, just...Too much. It makes me cringe just thinking about it.

But then, I get snapped out of my thoughts by my mom saying “Spread the chocolate all over the biscuits for me, would you?”
“Sure.” I said, rather hesitantly. But anyway, I took the spatula and started spreading, slowly and carefully. That was until my mom screamed at me to hurry up before the biscuits dry out too much, and grabbed the spatula out of my hand and told me to separate the rusks.

Is it weird that I’m right-handed but I can’t cut with my right hand and can only use my left hand to cut things? And also, when I ride my bicycle with one hand, I hold it with my left hand, and if I try letting go with my left hand and leaving my right hand, I’ll fall....Yeah, I think it’s pretty weird. And I can also almost write with my left hand. Well, enough about that, get on with separating the rusks.

But guess what? As I’m doing that, my mom tells me to hurry up, wow...She’s impatient. But then, she tells me I’m doing it wrong, then takes it from me and does it on her own. Oh come on, you didn’t even tell me how I was supposed to do it, don’t you know that you need to be specific? But instead of arguing, I just said “Ok then, I guess I’ll just go get my things ready for leaving tomorrow.”
But the she said “Oh, didn’t I tell you already?”
“Tell me what?” Great, now I’m panicking, what is she saying?!
“Well, we’re leaving in 2 hours, for you to get to your dorm.”
“Urgh...Mom, you know what I don’t understand?”
“Why do you get to stay here, while I have to go there?”
“Because, I’m the principal, and it wouldn’t be fair for everyone else.”
I sighed then said “And you couldn’t have told me sooner, that I needed to get packing?”
“Oh please, you didn’t even unpack.”
“Yeah, but I did unpack the things I needed.”
“Well, it’s not going to take long to pack that then.”
I sighed dramatically then turned around to go up to my room to pack all my things. Let’s be honest, I didn’t really do much, I literally shoved everything in my bag, then ended up sitting on my bed, and reading a book on my iPad. Which I then put away, and ended up watching videos on my phone.

I got my bag ready, I took out my phone again, and checked the time, it was already 2:00pm. How did time even go that fast? I dragged my bags along with me, and as I walked into the kitchen, my mom was holding her car keys and looking at her phone. I cleared my throat and she turned her head to me then said “Oh, good you’re ready honey.Oh wait...Are you?”
“Yes, I am, nothing to worry about.”
“Ok, good.Got everything?”
“Yep.” I said, popping the ‘P’.

We walked to my mom’s black Audi and she unlocked the car and the trunk popped open. I put my bags in and got into the passenger seat. She then turned on the engine and reversed out of the driveway. Goodbye amazing house! I’ll hopefully be coming back again...

We drove for about an hour, then stopped in front of an enormous building. Wow, how big is this place? I didn’t bother asking my mom, because she opened the trunk, kissed me on the cheek, then said “Good luck sweetie, oh, and I won’t be able to come in with you, because well, no other parents are going to be there and I also have a meeting.”
“It’s fine mom, I’m not a 6-year-old anymore, I’m pretty sure I can get in on my own.”
“Good, now go, or you’ll be late.”
“Late for what?”
“Getting your keys and listening to the rules.”
I sighed then got out of the car and said “Ok, bye mom, love you!”
“Love you too honey.”
I quickly got out my bags and waved again to my mom. I turned around to look at the huge doors and walked towards it, and I wasn’t the only one walking towards it. There were more people, a lot more.

At my old school, I wasn’t the only girl dressed in a loose jeans and grey t-shirt, there were tomboys in that school, but when I looked around me, I saw nobody else wearing a simple t-shirt and jeans. Every girl I saw was wearing a crop top or an extremely tight top and skirt or skinny jeans that were a bit too skinny, or they were wearing a dress that came way above their knees. Oh, and with heels or flats. I was the only girl from everyone, that wore a plain, loose t-shirt and loose jeans along with vans. And every boy looked like well...A boy, I guess, a jeans, t-shirt and a pair of sneakers....I mean, what else would they wear...A bikini? Yeah...No.

As I walked in, everyone stared at me. Wow, it’s true, nobody knows me here at all. Everyone pretty much started to whisper to the person next to them and look at me like I’m crazy. I don’t really care though, I don’t care what other people think anyway. It’s overrated to me. Why should I care what other people think of me? There’s no use. So I ignored every one of them and carried on walking to an empty spot. When I got to the empty spot, and settled down, everyone turned their heads to the booming voice that belonged to a man that was most likely one of the teachers because he started blabbering away about how it’s our junior year and how we should behave, and how important it is that we don’t stay up when it’s curfew, which is 10:00, and that we shouldn’t be seen when they tell us to stay in our dorms, and so on.

Ok, we get it, what was your name again, oh right Mr. Stevenson. We get it, can’t we just get our keys and go to our dorms to unpack already?
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