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Maybe Never

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April goes to abroad for her University studies, in a motion to get back at her father for the cruel decision she decides to take a course that she has no passion for. Leaving her boyfriend behind and cousin plus friends, she is forced to start a new life, is love strong enough to survive the distance or will the earthquakes and thunders of it being an end to the beautiful couple. Everything was so good until she knew there's more into music than just a playlist, there's a guitar, a guitar which threatens her relationship with the love of her life, but what if they're meant to be together forever, and what if maybe never... I finish my wine and realize I've finished the bottle, my head is a bit tipsy and well..I am sated, it's good to put off all the drama aside, even for a while. "You're tipsy". I just nod smiling, "You have sweetest wine". "I know other things sweeter than the wine you've just had". Jesus!. Like his cock?. I'm getting wet. This guy is flirting with me!. I look at him and I realize he's so close to me, why didn't I see this earlier?. I decide to play along. "Like what?". He bites his lips and I swear his eyes are on my lips, I breath hard and I glue my eyes to him. "I can show you". I try to say something, anything, but my eyes are on his hand in my hair, massaging, pulling softly, I swear he does it better than any salon man/woman has ever done.

Romance / Drama
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Whoever told you love is all roses, he lied, they all fucking lied, because it's not, it's one of the bittersweet feelings, you're lucky if the sweeter side stays longer than the bitter side...

I always knew that love hurts, I mean I've read countless of books with the love stories and none showed all hearts and flowers, from the notebook by Nicholas Sparks, Paradise by Judith Mcnaught, a love letter to Whiskey by Kandi Steiner, All your perfects by Colleen Hoover, no love book has a part which doesn't show it as pain, either purposely or coincidentally, doesn't matter, love is pain and pain is love and the two blend together like oceanic water..

I knew I'd love the lover of my life even before I met him, he had to be tall, proud, maybe rich, smart, a pain in the ass and the cure to my forever pride, he'd get me so mad and at the end of the day, it'd be just me and him, the two of us, together forever...

So when I met him, I knew it was him, the one I had been waiting for all my life, he was everything I knew I wanted, but he wasn't tall like my happily ever after, he cursed like a sailor, drove me mad, prouder than I've ever been, a pain in almost all areas of my body, but maybe, at the end of the day, it won't be just me and him, the two of us never...

I knew he was trouble the day I met him, his whole body oozed trouble, yet I clung onto him like a chewing gum in hair, he'd get me to do anything and everything and I enjoyed it, call it a masochist trait I don't care, what I cared was being there for him, like a nurse on duty, because he completed me.

He drove me to the edge, made me mad, crazy, angry and all the fucking stupid things people do for love, but I didn't care, after all, he was my Romeo and I was his fucking Juliet, we were bound to be together until death....

Love is stupid, it makes you stupid and it makes you do stupid things and after you don't feel it anymore you don't hate him, you hate yourself...

But he and I are bound to die together, together or

Maybe Never....

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