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Alpha or Luna

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Alpha. Leader and protector of the pack. Luna. The wisdom of the pack. Hope. She struggles to find a balance between the two. Hope isn't submissive and she fights in the war between her pack, Crescent Moon, and the neighbouring pack, Blood Moon. She's the daughter of an Alpha. Her father was slaughtered during the war that started before she was born. Side by side, Hope and her twin brother Hugo lead the pack. Two Alphas. Everything changes when the Alpha King comes to get the packs to settle their differences in this war that has lasted for a generation. No one expected what happened next.

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Death of a Father

Hope's Point of View:
Hugo and I sat in the classroom. The teacher had put us on seperate sides of the classroom in hopes that it would stop us from being disrupted. Didn't anyone ever tell him to never try seperate twins?

I screwed up a ball of paper I had scribbled a note on and threw it at Hugo while the teacher was looking.

"Hope! Dont throw paper across the classroom! You're sixteen years old! Act like it." Mr Ryan seethed.

Mr Ryan was a short, old and angry man. He was extremely grouchy and I swear he was allergic to the sound of laughter. He's snobbish and believed himself to be above everyone. He acted all high and mighty until my father would come and be in the same room as him. Mr Ryan would do anything he could to raise his station. At first he tried cozying up to Hugo as he was the next Alpha but Hugo never liked favourtism so it just made us both hate Mr Ryan.

Hugo then threw the paper back to me, right when Mr Ryan was telling me to act my age. I laughed loudly.

"Hugo! As the future Alpha you must show more maturity!" Mr Ryan yelled at him.

In unison, Hugo and I both threw a screwed up piece of paper at Mr Ryan. The class burst into laughter and soon we were all throwing pieces of paper at Mr Ryan. We did this till the end of the lesson.

"I hate it when we have that old ass last." Hugo said as we exited the classroom.

"Tell me about it. Would it kill that guy to smile?" Camron, the next beta in line and our cousin, said.

"I honestly don't know why the Alpha lets him stay. Let alone teach." George, the next Gammer, said.

"You can't just banish someone because you dont like them." I said, laughing.

"Why not?" George said.

"Use your brain. He could go straight to Blood Moon pack and tell them everything he knows. Plus banishing someone just because you dont like them is a perfect example of abuse of power." Hugo said.

"Perfectly said brother of mine." I said.

No one had a chance to speak again as the loud, deafening sirens went off.

Another attack.

"Everyone get to the bunkers!" Hugo and I yelled in our Alpha voices, so we could be heard over the sirens.

Hugo and I looked at each other then darted towards the front the door to join the fight. We had only just reached the door when our path was blocked by the Beta and our uncle Kane, who was smirking at us.

"You both know my rules. You're not allowed to fight till you're eighteen. Just like every other member." Said a familiar amused voice from behind us.

I turned around to see the reassuring face of my father.

"Come on, Dad! Hugo and I together are unstoppable! You've seen us in training!" I begged.

"Let us help! Let them see us in action! They'll think twice before they attack our borders again!" Hugo said, enthusiastically.

"I wont deny that you both will be assets to this pack . . . when you're older." Dad said sternly.

"Were not pups! Don't treat us like ones!" Hugo yelled, frustrated.

"Back us up, Uncle Kane!" Hope pleaded.

Beta Kane just smiled, looking highly amused.

"Intill you come of age and as long as I'm Alpha and as long as you live in this pack, you do what I say. When you both run your own packs whether you be Alpha or Luna, you'll understand the need to protect them. And when you become parents yourselves you'll understand the need to keep your pups safe. No matter how old they are. You want to help?" Dad said calmly, despite Hugo's yelling.

"Yes!" Hugo and I exclaimed.

"Then go to the bunker. Protect the elderly, women and children of this pack. If anyone gets through us I will feel at ease knowing you're there to protect them." Dad said, softly.

Hugo and I looked at each other and then back to our Dad. We nodded our heads, defeatedly. Dad hugged us tightly, placing a kiss on the top of my head and watched as we ran in the direction of the bunker. I heard Kane mutter:


"Heard that!" I shouted over my shoulder.

I heard Kane and Dad laughing as Hugo and I retreated to the Bunker.

"Oh thank the Moon Godess." Mom said, as she pulled Hugo and I into tight hugs nearly strangling us.

"Can't breath." Hugo and I muttered.

Mom released us and then her face turned into a scowl. I sensed a lecture. Hugo gave me a uneasy look. Our mom was scarier then our father. Our aunt Eve, who was also the Beta female, mouthed good luck to us.

"I'll take another hug." I said acting as innocent as possible.

"How many times do we have to tell? You cant fight intill you're eighteen! Why is that so hard for you understand? Is it possible for either of you to use your common sense?" Mom scolded.

"Okay, no hug." I said, slightly terrified.

"Will you ever do as your told?" Mom said tiredly.

"No." Hugo and I responded, cheerfully.

Everyone in the bunker laughed as my mom threw her hands up in the air in defeat. Hugo and I high fived and helped Mom and aunt Eve keep the pack calm.

Hugo, Camron, George and I started doing sparing sessions with some of the young pups aspiring to be warriors. After about an hour we stopped and I got some of the history books that we use in school. If the alarm hadn't gone off the pups will still be in school. The older ones leave school earlier since we do daily training.

My little sister Hayley sat next to me. Her and my younger cousins Ava and Ashley, (they were Eve's daughters and Camerons younger sisters) along with all the other pups were begging me to take over the history class that Mr Williams would of taught. It was about mates and most young wolves got very excited about that lesson, since all they hear most of the time is that mates are the most important thing in the world to werewolves.

"Hugo, stop the sparing they were supposed to have the lesson on mates today." I said, opening the book to the chapter on mates.

Hugo grinned and rounded up the remaining pups so they all sat in front of me.

"Okay, this a big subject so get comfy." I said and began to read the chapter out loud.

Werewolves were created by the Goddess Selene, daughter of the greek Goddess of the Hunt and of Wild animals, Artemis. Selene being inspired by the strength and nobleness of the wolf and saddened at the destructiveness of man, decided to combine the two. Thus werewolves then walked the earth.

Selene could not liberate every human with the gift of an inner wolf. Only those who proved themselves worthy were to become one of the liberated. To do this they had to gain the trust and loyalty of a wolf. Only when the bond was strong enough, that each was willing to give their life for the other, were they granted the blessing of a wolf.

Werwolves were seen as Gods amongst men, in till the human nature of jealousy replaced the worship with fear. Apollo, twin brother of Artemis, was displeased with his nieces unauthorised actions. Zeus himself found her creations magnificent and pardoned her for her reckless and unauthorised creations, but Apollo was displeased. As God of light and the Sun, and frustrated at the wolves devotion to Selene, he created the Hunter.

With their flaming swords made of silver, they sought to slaughter Selene's creations.

Artemis eventually stepped in, furious that her brother made Hunters when she was the Goddess of Hunting. Artemis used her own power to enhance the power of the wolves. By giving them the ultimate gift.


But none were more powerful then the Alpha King. Leader of the Alpha's and therefore all of the wolves.

Unifying all wolves, the first Alpha King lead them into a viscous battle. The Hunters were slaughtered and they haven't been seen since, though it is rumoured that some still remain.
The wolves then faced another problem. Even wolves were not above fighting between themselves. They fought for mates. All wanting to carry on their blood line. The wolves would cause their own self destruction.

Artemis and Selene reached out to the Goddesses Aphrodite and Hera. Aphrodite being the Goddess of Love and Fertility. Hera being the Goddess of Marriage and Child birth.
The combination of Aphrodite's and Hera's powers gave the wolves their last and most precious gift. Soulmates. Now more commonly known as mates.

Artemis and Selene worked together so the wolves would be able to identify their mates. Artemis first decreed that mates are able to be identified by their smell. Selene believed that the scent of a mate wasn't enough. Werewolves being her creation, she decided that a werewolf will truly be able to identify their mates when they first make eye contact.

Hera and Aphrodite used their magic to make sure that once a mate is found, neither female or male wolf will ever desire another. Aphrodite gave the wolves on last gift. Aphrodite, as the Goddess of not just love but fertility, decreed that wolves will only be able to have children with their true mates, making mates more precious then ever before.

When I finished reading, the young pups looked in awe.

"Hope, why are mates mostly identified by looking into each other's eyes?" Hayley asked.

"No one knows why Selene insisted that the most obvious way to find your mate is by eye contact, but we have a theory. Eyes are believed to be the widow to your soul, therefore you meet your soulmate by looking them in the eyes. A scent will lead you to your mate when their close by but eye contact is the most reliable way to know if you have found your other half." I explained.

Some of the youngest pups had fallen asleep during the story and were now sleeping soundly in there's mothers laps. Hayley was leaning tiredly against my arm, she was only six. Henry our younger brother was ten and was now sparring again with Hugo. Henry was determined to be just like Hugo and Dad. He always tried the hardest at training and never wanted to stop.

"You'll be a great Luna one day, Hope." Mom said as she sat near me.

She couldn't sit next to me as lots of the pups had come to hear the story that had effectively relaxed them into a peaceful sleep, so all around me there were sleeping pups. It's like they had forgotten there was a battle going on outside. I carefully leaned Hayley off me and then I went to sit next to mom.

"I don't know if I want to mate an Alpha." I muttered.

"I dont think anyone but an Alpha could handle you and he'd have to be a strong one at that." Mom teased.

I couldn't protest because we all knew it was true. Aunt Eve who was sitting near us giggled quietly, not wanting to wake the pups now that they were so peacefully settled. Ava and Ashley were sleeping soundly as they leaned on either side of her.

I was a free spirit. I didn't like being told what to do and whenever someone tried to command me to do something, I just did the opposite.

"I don't want to leave. If my mate is an Alpha, I'll have to leave. Everything I know. Everyone I love. I don't want that." I say desperately to my mom.

My mom gave me a sympathetic hug. A hug that only moms know how to do. Eve was looking at me with sympathy.

"It's not that simple unfortunately, Hope. You remember the Laws of mating, dont you?" Mom said.

I frowned and nodded my head. Alpha's can only mate Alpha's, you get the rare exception and the Alpha will sometimes mate a Beta or Gammer but no lower. It's the same for Beta's and Gammer's. The reason being is we're born and prepared for the role of a leader, therefore the pack will thrive better. My father is raising not just Hugo and I to be Alpha's but Henry and Hayley as well. Were in the middle of a war, if Hugo and I die in it then it would be a good thing that Henry and Hayley would be given Alpha training.

Mom is also going to teach me the role of Luna and will teach Hayley when she's older. However, there are some even rarer exception. My mom and aunt Eve are both human and twin sisters. They're father had been the unofficial king of the Hunters. Leading was still in there blood, therefore they still made an excellent Luna and Beta female. Hugo and I are the only twins to be born in the werewolf world. Especially to an Alpha.

Werewolves go to school intill the age of sixteen, then we do tests and if we pass them we move onto the next stage. Lower ranking wolves get to choose a job they would like to do and they learn from a wolf in that profession and when they are deemed ready they begin earning money at the job they chose. For the future Alpha's, Beta's and Gammers, we learn from our parents and prepare to become the next leaders of the pack.

I gave my mom a depressed look and she hugged me tighter.

"It's hard, but life isn't easy. Change comes no matter how much you wish it wouldn't. Some changes are good, some changes are bad. Good or bad, change is inevitable." Mom said softly.

I let out a shaky sigh and held back tears.

"How am I ever going to be as wise as you?" I ask.

"Wisdom comes from experience." Mom replied and kissed the top of my head.

I sighed and rested my head on my moms shoulder.
We were in the bunker for another half hour before we felt it. The loss of a mind link. The biggest mind link. The Alpha.

"NO!" Mom shrieked in a heartbreaking voice, and she collapsed onto the floor into uncontrollable sobs.

Eve rushed over to my mom's side and held her as she cried.

I felt the tears burn my eyes and the sobs start to shake my chest. I swooped Hayley up in my arms and Hugo tugged Henry into his side.

The death of the Alpha shook us all to our core.

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