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"Daddy she is the one I painted." Kiara shouted to her Daddy. Meet Keith Williams a single Dad. He loves her daughter so much that whatever she asks for, he makes sure that she gets it. When her daughter paints a woman she claims that she is her future mother, he doesn't believe her thinking that she never exist. However, when one day her daughter finally meets the lady, he is left speechless. Will Keith this time offer what her daughter requests or will he just ignore her. Follow this story and am sure you won't regret Reading it.๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿ’ž

Romance / Humor
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Chapter one.

"Kiara if you can't come down right now your Daddy won't take you to school today." Cassandra called out Kiara because she knew how much the little lady wanted her Daddy to take her to school.

She was the best friend of her mother and after her death when giving birth, she decided to look after her. Cassandra loved her so much since she couldn't give birth to her own kids because of some complications. The doctors told her that her womb was so weak to carry a baby so she was still on treatment.

"Aunt Cassy I am coming" She shouted while running down stairs. Cassandra looked at her with scary eyes and immediately, she put on her serious face.

"Kiara, how many times have I warned you about running on the stairs" She scolded kiara making her somehow scared. She knew how much playful Kiara was.

"But Aunt Cassy, I am not a baby any more. I am 7 years old and am alright." She pouted which made her to look more pretty.

"Okayyyyy little lady. I know but don't ever do this again because it is so risky and." However, before she could even finish her sentence, Kiara ran away from her.

"Daddy, Daddy, Daddy." She screamed and Keith scooped her in his arms giving her kisses all over her face.

" How is my little princes today." He asked as he sat her down on the chair to have her breakfast.

"I am not fine Daddy." She faked tears as she secretly took glances to Cassandra.

" Why princess? Are you not feeling okay?" Keith asked as he touched her forehead but she was fine.

"Aunt Cassy thinks that am still a little girl yet am grown up." This made everyone in the room to burst into laughter's which made her even more angry.
They ate their breakfast and after, Keith drove her at school.

"Kiara, make sure you be a good girl. Today if you behave nicely, I promise to buy you chocolate." He told her while carrying her from the car.

" Daddy loves you so much."

"Love you too Daddy." Kiara said as she ran inside.

When he finally made sure that Kiara was safe, he drove off to his work place. He owned one of the the famous Fashion Company , The KENT FASHIONS.
The company had grown so fast and it had the mostly demanded models and labels.
As soon as he entered his office, he was greeted by a very annoyed Emily.

"Honey where have you been. I was waiting for you." She pouted before putting her arms on Keith's neck bringing his face closer for a kiss.
She was Keith's girlfriend and also one of the famous models. Her beauty would leave every man speechless. Keith was always proud of her.

"I know Emily and I am so sorry. I had to take Kiara at school today because her driver got some family emergency." Keith explained the moment they broke their kiss and this made Emily more angry.

"Her again." She said with venom evidence in her voice. She always hated how much Keith cared about her but she had no right to tell this to him because she knew that the only way to win Keith's heart was through winning her daughter's love first.

However, she also knew how much Kiara despised her. All that didn't matter on her side since Keith loved her and after their wedding which she always thought of, she knew what to do with her. She wanted to take her to a boarding school.

" Emily you know how much I love my daughter. I promised myself to take care of her. " Emily left grumbling .

He got so busy with signing many documents of some modeling companies. He didn't even realise that it was in evening which made him jump from his chair and he immediately moved out.

"Princess please forgive me Daddy got so busy today at work." He apologised for the 20th time but Kiara was not replying.
He got so busy with his work that he didn't realise that it was late and Kiara was still at school. By the time he reached at school, she found her crying so hard. Her eyes were puffy and red.

"Princess i am sorry. I won't do it again I promise." He apologised again after parking the car. Seeing no reply, he decided to do something which he knew would make her laugh. He tickled her.

"Daddy stop. Please Daddy stop. Okay I have forgiven you now stop." She said between laughter's.

"Now my Princess is back."
He carried her inside and they were welcomed by a sweet aroma.
"Awwwwwwwww." They said in unison before Kiara ran into the kitchen where the sweet smell was coming from.

"Aunt Cassy, we are back" Kiara shouted.

"Ohhhh, my little warrior, welcome back. How was school today." She gave her a Peck.

After she narrated everything to Keith and Cassandra, they had supper and watched some Disney movie but Kiara slept in the middle of the movie. Cassy got up to carry to her bedroom but Keith was quick to carry her.

"Daddy first tell me a story." Kiara whined when Keith had tugged her in the covers.

"Anything for my princess." and he told her the story. After making sure she was fully asleep, he got up and murmured, "Good night my little Angel."

This is my first chapter. I know its not so long but I promise to write more in the next chapters.

Please comment. I am ready for your comments.

Love you.๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

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