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New friends

*Now my best friend has got a boyfriend and I don’t hear from her anymore and my other best friend has a girlfriend and I don’t hear from him anymore*
Sorry I had that song stuck in my head! And btw this whole book is probably going to be a flashback and it'll either turn into the present time or I'll make another book!
Could you put in a review what you want me to write about next, what I could improve on, or what you don't like about my book! The only thing I don't want you to spread is hate but if I deserve it then give it to me! I just want you to get stuff off your chest just don't worry about my feelings and I mean it!
Please and thanks!! Have a good day and also if you don't like my title then tell me what I can change it to!

I was having one of my weird nightmares that I'll dream of this man coming through my window and he'll take me to a place very dark and then I'd try to run away from him but I'd always fall in this deep never-ending pit and he would be falling next to me and he'd have no eyes except these dark holes and he'd be laughing at me and then I wake up after that. I realized I was drenched in a cold sweat. Oh, what lie to come up with today!
Then I heard my mom whisper,"Alexia, Wake up!! You had a nightmare again didn't you?" I didn't want her to worry so I said," No I didn't have a nightmare mom.. I'm just worried...?" After I said that she looked at me like she wanted to see if I was lying and asked," Oh yeah, what are you just 'so' worried about?" I knew she didn't believe me so I was looking for an excuse that sounded believable..,"I'm just worried about... school..?" I tried to put on my most believable face that said 'I'm telling the truth!' Even though I give that face 24/7 after I lie about something.
When my eyes opened again to give her the look she looked sad and scared.. I know it's because she can tell if I slept or not, if I ate or not, or even if I had a nightmare or not plus she knows that the nightmare keeps me from sleeping so it makes me have bags under my eyes from lack of sleep plus my eyes look red when I don't sleep. She glared at me probably because she knew that I was lying to her face.
She finally decided to 'believe' me and so she said," Oh honey, why do you lie to me..? Come on wake up so you can I guess put makeup on to hide the bags under your eyes. You get to go to school and see your friends and I bet they don't want to see you like that. C'mon get up and I'll get your stuff ready."I looked at her with my most annoyed face I could do and said,"Yay. I get to see my friends at school, learn stuff I already know, and be tired all day... Yeah sounds like 'so much fun' Oh plus I have to put makeup on now. Wow sounds like such a fun and awesome PaRaDiSe that I've always dreamed of." I said sarcastically while rolling my eyes.
"Well it's a new year.. You'll make new friends and have a good day.." My mom told me with hope dripping off of every word.
I wore a rainbow tye dye crop-top with the word HAPPY in black ink in the front plus it was short sleeves, short jean shorts with tiny but suitable pockets, they were ripped jean shorts too, and I thought it would look cool, as if I was going to even be noticed today.
Maybe those words will finally fit me today and make me seem 'Happy'.
When I was done eating, brushing my hair, brushing my teeth, and taking my meds, I got my backpack and my jacket that my bestie 'that moved far away' gave me. Five minutes passed and I saw the bus. It looked small and like it did last year. Boring, sad, dirty, and full of annoying loud kids that don't sit down good, yell, and don't stay in one seat. I just remembered how annoying kids are every single time I get on the bus.
Before I got on the bus I took a deep breath either because it's the only fresh air I'm gonna get or because today really is the day.. Then I remembered what mom said " It's a new year!" I remembered that I had a book of poems to read and so I got my book out of my backpack and started reading.
I was on the seventh chapter when a boy my age tapped on my seat, he said," Could I please sit with you?" I noticed he looked nervous and and he looked around my age plus there were no other seats open so I said "Sure? But you don't need to ask."
After he sat down the bus started moving and I saw that we were still 20 minutes from school so I decided to start a conversation with him since I was bored and I wanted to save the rest of my book for my boring classes.
"So... What's your name?" I asked him. After I asked him, he looked at me instead of out the window.
He looked in my eyes and and said in a very confident voice, "My name is Quinn, What's yours?"
I looked at him and smiled," My name is Alexia but you can call me Alex. Nice to meet you. What grade are you in? How old are you?"
He smiled back at me and said," Nice to meet you too. I'm 12 and going in sixth grade. I'm new to this school could you show me around when we get there? What grade are you in? How old are you?"
"I'm going in sixth grade too.. And I'm going to be 12 in a month and sure I'll help you." I flashed my biggest fake smile as I added," Do you wanna be friends?"
He fake smiled back copying my fake smile and said," Sure but why don't you really smile instead of that fake smile."
I kept my fake smile on and said," Why should I listen to you?" Right after I said it though I regretted it. His fake but still a smile disappeared all the way and he said," Because I'm your friend now and I want you to trust me, Alexia." He was getting out of the seat now and I had no clue what to do so I grabbed his wrist and pulled him back in the seat.
When he fell in the seat he yelled," What was that for!?!?" I could feel tears in my eyes but I would never let them out. I was about to cry when I took a deep breath and said," Because I'm scared of losing people."
I think he saw that I was on the verge of crying so he said,"I'll never leave you, we will always be friends. I'm sorry for almost making you cry." Before I knew what was happening he pulled me into a hug.

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