Dark Kiss 18+

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In which a young girl begins an affair with her teacher....who happens to be her uncle.

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1

I lifted up my balled fist and gently rapped his door. Hearing a faint “come in” I twisted the door knob to the big wooden door. He sat on his desk. A few buttons undone exposing his moderate chest hair, his black hair looked as if he ran his hair through it a couple of times, he was leaning back on his chair- spinning his wedding band on his finger, looking blankly in the distance. He looked up and smiled but quickly replaced it with a frown as he saw it was me.

“Hadassah” He said with his french accent that I adored.

“Mr.Louis” I said with a nod and a smile.

“Hadassah look I’ve told you before that-”

“I came to apologize sir” I said as I sat down on the chair in front of his desk. He smiled at that and looked visibly relaxed.

“Really?” He asked. I giggled in reply and nodded my head

“Yeah, I want to apolgize for trying to seduce you into have sexual relations with me despite knowing you are a married teacher-”

“Also your aunt’s husband which makes me your-”

“Uncle, yes that too” I say with a laugh

“Im proud of you Hadassah, this is-”

“But I have a proposition” I say as I move to sit on his desk.


“Would it still be cheating if you just watched me pleasure myself?” I say as I unbutton my uniform top exposing my swollen breast. I moved over to the middle of the desk and spread my legs, putting my feet on either side of his chair- trapping him so that he may only see me and me only.

“Hadassah I thought you came here-” I quickly put my finger to his lips, shushing him.

“Just watch” I said. I began to touch myself through my silk thong. I raised my skirt a little higher for him to have a full view of the sin I was committing. I raised my hips and took off my thong throwing it to the side and put my finger in his mouth. As if he was paralyzed he opened his mouth and took them in, wetting them.

“Good boy” I said as I retrieved my fingers and put them directly on my clit. I groaned as I started rubbing my clit in circles, throwing my head back and biting my lip. I entere one, two, three fingers in my pussy and rubbed my clit with my thumb. I started bucking my hips faster as I continued to give myself pleasure.

I looked up through hooded eyes so I could see Mr.Louis. His black hair stuck to his forehead, forming ringlets due to sweat as he concentrated on my pussy. His chest rose up and down. He surprised me by grabbing my legs to steady me from bucking my hips too hard on the desk.

I was near my orgasm and I started picking up speed. I took my fingers out of my pussy and started to rub my clit faster. I put my other hand over my mouth so I wouldn’t scream.

“Watch me cum Mr.Louis” I said in a whisper. I began to shake as I silently screamed and squirted all over him. I stayed there for a few seconds to catch my breath. The room was filled with silence. I slowly got up and looked at him. His light blue shirt covered in my pussy juices. His black hair is now wet and wavy. He looked like someone threw water at his face.

I giggled and quickly pulled down my plaid skirt and put my uniform shirt back on. Tucking it in my skirt, I retrieved my thong and threw it at his face, he caught it mid air and looked back at me.

“This is for you to keep” I said with a smile

I opened the big wooden door and turned around looking at him.

“See you tonight Uncle Louis”

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