Crazy Rich Kids

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New Eden Adolescent Unit is famous for its celebrity status. Only the rich can afford to admit their children into this psychiatric hospital and luckily for Alana, it's her new home for the summer. After attempting to kill herself, Alana's father admits her to the New Eden Adolescent Unit along the coast of Santa Monica. Whilst battling her demons, she meets 5 other teenagers who are also struggling to keep their head above water. For a group who seemed to have it all -- good looks, popularity and money -- they sure know how to beat the odds. Along the way, hearts collide and beautiful friendships are formed -- proving that there is light despite the darkness. We never know what's going to happen in New Eden - after all, they're just a bunch of crazy rich kids.

Romance / Drama
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TRIGGER WARNING⚠️: This story DOES discuss mental health issues -- in NO way am I an expert and I am NOT mocking mental health issues, nor making them look desirable. If you have any issues regarding the book or its content, or you believe I could convey the mental health issues in a more positive light, please message me and let me know. In no way am I trying to insult anybody!!!!

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