Healing Ophelia

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It’s been 6 weeks since Ophelia dumped her cheating ex - six weeks of doughnuts, tears and wallowing in pity - and now she’s in Wales to celebrate her sister’s wedding with a plan to get over her heartbreak, by getting herself off. Determined to enjoy her newfound single life, Ophelia throws caution to the wind and frees herself from rules and obligations. All is going well, but she didn’t count on her future brother in law’s sexy best friend or super smooth dominant younger brother...things hot up quickly; is Ophelia’s heart mended, or is she heading for more heartbreak?

Romance / Erotica
Cordelia Monroe
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This is a new novel merging The Best Friend and The Best Man. Warning 18+ readers only. Explicit sexual descriptions. Feedback welcomed!

© Cordelia Monroe 2020

This is a work of fiction. Unless otherwise indicated, all the names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents in this book are either the product of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

Ophelia gazed around the lobby of the hotel in awe, her eyes widening as she took in the marble floors, luxurious furnishing and ‘spared no expense’ overall look. She knew her sister was marrying a big shot but hadn’t expected the most expensive and exclusive hotel in Wales. It was like some storybook castle from the outside and inside was the picture of luxury. She drank in the heavily draped floor to ceiling windows, chandelier lighting and ostentatious art that adorned the walls.


She turned back to the middle-aged woman who had greeted her from the front desk and smiled, ‘Sorry, I was just admiring this place - it’s really lovely.’

‘I’m pleased you approve. I understand you are the eldest sister of the blushing bride?’

Ophelia nodded.

‘Your parents have booked a suite for the three of you to stay in, it’s a gorgeous three bed with a sitting area and its own bar, let me just get your key.’

‘Oh no, I booked my own room.’

The woman shook her head, ‘Sorry Miss Yardley, but my records show that you have been placed with the other two Misses Yardley and Mrs Yardley was quite insistent.’

With a clenched jaw Ophelia ran a hand through her unruly red curls and let out a huff of displeasure. She had no doubt that her mother had been very insistent. This was clearly a poor attempt to get her daughters back to being best friends after the most recent argument.

If only she knew the truth.

‘I’d really rather have my own room,’ she insisted and took a credit card from her purse. ‘I’ll happily pay myself, no sense in costing my parents any more.’

‘But I-’.

‘I insist,’ Ophelia said firmly, her smile polite but her tone resolute.

The clerk nodded and began processing the new booking.

It wasn’t just that Ophelia couldn’t bear to be with both her sisters for extended periods of time, which was absolutely true. It wasn’t even that the recent falling out between two of them was apocalyptic. It was that she was living in hope of a dirty wedding hook up after the big day and she had brought all manner of kinky sex toys to get herself off in the five days leading up to it.

‘Here you are, room 305, do you need help with your bags?’

Ophelia shook her head, ‘No thanks. What time does the restaurant close?’

‘We stop serving at 9 and close at 11, but the bar remains open until 2 am - you can get a number of smaller meals and snacks from there and of course we have 24/7 room service.’

Ophelia smiled again and thanked the woman before she headed towards the lift. Once inside the small space, she sank back against the mirror. She breathed a sigh of relief as the doors closed, grateful she was alone and didn’t need to make small talk. She was exhausted. Work had been manic in her attempt to ensure everything was ready for her week long absence and she hadn’t been sleeping well since she had split with her fiancé six weeks earlier.

She felt the familiar tightening in her chest when she thought of Landon.

The fucking bastard.

Even now she missed him. How could she not? For four years they’d been everything to one another. He had understood her strained relationship with her family because he had the same, and she had been open to his BDSM kinks since they were so similar to her own fantasies - they had been kindred spirits. At least, she had thought so.

But he had thrown it all away to fuck someone else in their bed and she had caught him balls deep in another woman’s ass. Literally.

It had been the one thing she hadn’t felt prepared to do, so he had found another willing participant.

What had he said? It meant nothing. It was just a need he had to satisfy. A desire he had to fulfill. He loved her. He wanted her. Then he had turned nasty. Telling her it was her fault. That if she loved him, she would let him fuck her anyway and anywhere he wanted.

The absolute fucking bastard.

She had walked away with her head high even though her heart was begging her to forgive him and her body craved his touch. But weeks later she was still sleeping on a friend’s spare bed and struggling to cope. She hadn’t won, he had.

And now she had to spend a week being happy for her baby sister, surrounded by family that mostly viewed her as a disappointment. Being the black sheep sucked.

Still, a week in the Welsh countryside wasn’t the worst way to pass time. Hopefully she would get some to herself, time to walk and think, to regroup after the mess of her previous relationship. The lift pulled her from those thoughts, and she exited to find her room, determined to enjoy at least some of the coming week.


Troy flashed his trademark smile at the female bartender, and she fluttered her lashes in response. She’d be a good back up if the bridesmaids weren’t as pretty as his best friend had promised. What was it he had said in the pitiful voicemail he had left to avoid having an actual conversation? Twat.

‘Sorry I couldn’t have you as my best man dude, but listen, Juliet’s older sister is a fucking wet dream and she’s just split with her man. She’s a sure thing. And if that doesn’t pan out then the middle sister’s gagging for it – she’s always coming on to me, I might even try her out before the wedding. So don’t be mad, bro.’

Man, Christian was a fucking dick. But Troy loved the stupid bastard. They’d been friends since primary school and though the world had done its damnedest to split them apart, they remained tight.

If he was honest, he was a little put out about not being Christian’s best man having been eked out by his friend’s younger brother Noah. Even more so when he discovered that instead of a bachelor party in the dirtiest strip club they could find, they were having a week of activities in Wales in the run up to the wedding.

What. The. Fuck.

Standard Noah. The little prick wouldn’t know a good time if it shook its ass in his face. He’d always been the good one, the one who tattled on Christian and Troy every time they tried to have the tiniest bit of fun. It had been Noah that told Christian’s mum when the two older boys had been smoking pot in the tree-house after begging for a toke.

‘Anything else?’

The pretty blonde bartender leant forward slightly, giving him a nice flash of her DD cleavage courtesy of a white shirt with one too few buttons done up. One hand gripped the closest pump and the other came to rest on his that was curved around the pint she had served him moments earlier.

‘No thanks, gorgeous,’ he smiled and handed her a note, ‘Keep the change babe.’

‘Thanks,’ she grinned and turned away before sashaying to the other end of the bar, the movement keeping his eyes firmly on her tight little rear barely covered in the shortest black skirt he’d ever seen. He sipped his pint slowly before she returned a few minutes later after serving a few more customers.

‘So,’ she said as she came to stand in front of him again, ‘Business, or pleasure?’ As the last word left her mouth, she played with the pendant hanging from a thin chain around her neck, gently stroking the skin above her cleavage and drawing his eyes back to the ample globes.

‘Pleasure,’ he said with a wink and she giggled.

‘I’m Heidi.’


‘Are you meeting someone Troy?’ she asked coyly, gazing at him through her lashes.

He smiled. Fuck this was easy. A few smiles, a little flirtation. He could have her on her back, or her knees, in his hotel room at the end of her shift. Before if he turned on the charm. Hell, he could probably get her to take her break and give him a blow job in the toilets. In fact, from the longing look in her eyes that feasted on his body, he knew he could probably get away with just about anything with her. She’d take him in her mouth without complaint, let him fuck her throat. She’d happily take him in that sweet little pussy and maybe even be into a little ass play.

He saw it all. The whole evening played out in his head. And yet his dick remained limp. There was nothing about the entire scenario that turned him on. He’d had enough of easy women that all felt the same, smelt the same – hell, they even tasted the same. He was tired of pretty blondes and sexy brunettes who opened their legs for a smile and a kind word.

He wanted a challenge.

He wanted a woman to test him, tease him, keep him wanting more. He wanted to conquer and claim someone strong and feisty. Take her in every position imaginable, cum in every part of her and fuck her until she screamed his name and forgot her own.

That was what he wanted, that, was what he needed.

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