My Forever Valentine (BK1)

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Chapter 10

For long moments, they lay, their bodies slowly cooling, until Tony began to stir.

Minnie ran a hand over his back, soothingly, and felt him tremble. When he continued to make sounds of pain, she became worried. Then she felt spasms running along with his back muscles.

Tony moved away from her to sit on the edge of the bed.


He turned to look at her, his eyes now glowing yellow. They were the eyes of a wolf; his wolf was back.

Feeling her wolf rise as she sensed her mate close, Minnie commanded, “Shift!”

Tony dropped to his knees beside the bed with a growl. Doubling over in pain, he groaned and whimpered. “Can’t…”

Minnie realized it had been too long. His wolf was too weak still to shift on his own and would need help. Using her alpha command, she once more demanded, “Mate, shift!”

Tony gave another long-pained grunt before shifting.

Minnie was surprised at how easy his shift was considering how long it had been since he shifted. She’d expected it to be like a first-time shift, long and drawn out, painful, even with the alpha command. Yet this wasn’t.

Instead, one moment he was human, the next, wolf. She noticed that he was a lovely gray wolf, but a bit small, possibly due to him being an omega. Dropping down next to him on the floor by the bed, she shifted into her large black wolf.

Mate, her wolf whispered through the mate bond.

Hearing that, Tony’s wolf gave a needy growl and stepped closer to sniff her.

Turning her wolf body, she backed up and began to rub herself on him. A longing whine left her as she looked over her shoulder at him.

Take me, mate, her wolf whispered through the mate bond.

That was all the encouragement Tony’s wolf needed and he quickly mounted her. Soon he was biting her neck, marking her as his, as they mated for the first time in wolf form. Their combined growls and her whines were the only sounds for long moments.

When their wolves were satisfied in their mating, they fell to the floor on their side, still connected, and panting. After a few moments, their bodies disconnected and Minnie shifted, hissing in slight discomfort.

Sitting up, she leaned against Tony’s wolf body, feeling his soft fur. Rubbing a hand over his furred jaw, she whispered, “You are a beautiful wolf.”

Tony lifted his wolf head to nuzzle against her chest.

Minnie giggled because it tickled. Noticing a bit of sun peeking through the curtains, she mentioned, “We should probably get dressed and eat.”

Rubbing his ear, she heard a contented sigh from him. In just a few moments though, he flopped back on the floor. Thinking he was about to shift back, she waited. When he didn’t, she asked, “Can you not shift back?”

He shook his head no.

“Shift!” Minnie commanded.

Tony shifted. His eyes were still yellow, though, as he moved toward her, his wolf still in control.

Minnie tilted her head, waiting to see what he would do.

“Mate,” Tony murmured in that sinfully sexy voice of his.

Biting her lip, she moaned, her body instantly damp between her thighs. Forget clothes, forget food, all she needed now was Tony. She pounced, taking him down onto his back. Then, swiftly, she impaled herself on his already hard shaft.

I am alpha, I am dominant, and he is mine, her wolf growled. As he rolled her over, she again growled, “Mine.”

“Mate,” he growled back as he once more rocked them to an explosive release.

Afterward, they managed to crawl back in the bed before he made love to her again. Then, completely exhausted, they fell into a deep sleep wrapped in each other’s arms.

Minnie awakened to a painful pounding in her head instead of the feeling of mated contentment. With a silent groan, she untangled herself from Tony and sat up. Holding her head, she stood and quietly made her way to the kitchen leaving Tony to sleep.

Once there she grabbed a glass and poured herself a glass of juice. She then stood staring out the window as she drank it. Trouble was brewing on her horizon and she didn’t like it one bit. She’d known it was coming, but she still didn’t like it.

Warm arms wrapped around her waist and she lay her head back against a hard chest as she closed her eyes.

“He’s in town, or close to it. I must have dropped my mental walls when we mated, and he felt it. He has a personal jet, so it won’t take him as long to get here as it did us.”

He kissed her shoulder, huskily asking, “What will you do?”

Feeling her wolf rise, she put her glass down on the counter. Turning, she looked at him and placed a hand on his cheek as she reminded him, “I made you a promise, mate. A promise to love you and to protect you.”

Electric tingles moved through her. They were stronger than they had been before, and she knew it was because of the mating. She relished the feeling and moved closer to him so that they touched from chest to groin.

“You are my mate, my forever. I’ve shown you, my love, by mating and marking you. When my father comes, I will protect you with all I am, even to my death.”

Tony inhaled sharply and she saw fear cloud his eyes.

The house phone began to ring then, and she mentioned, “That will be Alpha Pete.”

Tony swallowed hard, dropping his head as he moved back.

Minnie quickly grabbed his hand and he stopped moving. “Baby, look at me.”

His head stayed down.

She growled lightly and he flinched. “Tony, look at me.”

With a whimper, he looked up.

Minnie knew it was the omega in him that caused his submissiveness, and fear only strengthened it. But today he needed to be strong, he couldn’t show any weakness in front of her father. So, she said, “What did I tell you about looking down?”

“Not to do it…”


“Because I am your mate, I am your equal.”

“Yes, you are my equal, even more so now that we are mated. We would be the Alpha pair if we had a pack, but even without a pack, you are no longer fully omega.”

His eyes widened at her statement even as the house phone rang again.

Minnie chuckled at the look on Tony’s face as she reached for the phone to answer it.

“I’m not?”

“No, baby, you’re not. When I marked you, my saliva in your bloodstream changed your DNA slightly. Now you have just a hint of alpha in you.” She put the phone to her ear, answering, “Hello?”

“Your father just called me. He’s at the airport two towns over. He insisted he knows you’re here and demands clearance to enter my pack land.” Alpha Pete answered.

“I knew he was close; I can feel him pounding at my mental barrier even now.”

“I can have you and Tony on a bus out of town before he…” Alpha Pete began.

“No, I’m through running,” Minnie stated.

Tony paled and whimpered at the sound of anger in her voice.

She wrapped his shaking body in her free arm and kissed his chest. He hunched over a bit to lay his head on her shoulder. She growled, “Let him come. I’m not the weak girl he remembers anymore.”

“I’ll have my pack surround the house, unseen. My Beta and I will stand with you and Tony.”

“Thank you, Alpha Pete. If anything happens to me, promise you will take care of Tony for me. Don’t let them take him,” Minnie said as emotion clogged her throat making speech difficult.

Alpha Pete quickly agreed that no harm would come to Tony and she thanked him.

Tony raised his head from her shoulder, locking his gaze with hers as she hung up the phone.

“I’ll make sure you’re taken care of, no matter what happens between my father and me,” she told him as she took him in her arms once more. “Now, you need to be strong today, strong for yourself and us. Can you do that?”

Tony gazed at her silently for a moment before slowly nodding his head.

“Good, now, come and make love to me.”

Taking her hand, she led him to the bedroom and closed the door behind them.

Tony lay sprawled across Minnie, his face buried in the crook of her neck, his hips nestled tightly between her thighs. Worried that with his weight gain, he’d be too heavy, he pushed up on his elbows to move off her.

Minnie growled, her grip on him tightening.

He relaxed back down on her and she sighed with content. He felt her body completely relax a few minutes later as she drifted into a deeper sleep, but all he could do was lay wide awake and worry for her.

In his mind, he knew, logically, that taking a stand was better than running. His mind understood that she was an alpha, and alphas don’t run, even if it ultimately means their death.

Sure, she had run the first time, but only because she was weak and stood no chance against her father. Now though, she was strong physically because in the two months they’d been here, she’d trained hard. She’d bulked up, her wolf growing to her full alpha size. She made his wolf look like a puppy.

She was also stronger emotionally because finding your true soul mate strengthens you. Mating and marking them doubled that strength because it means your soul is now whole. All these things his mind knew, but his heart. His heart was another thing entirely.

He loved her, with everything in him he loved her. He didn’t want to see her hurt or killed. He wanted to give her babies. He wanted to watch those babies grow and have babies of their own. He wanted to grow old with her.

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