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Chapter 11

Tony sighed softly before twisting their bodies so he could roll onto his back. Once he’d done that, and Minnie was on top, he held her tight. He couldn’t lose her, not now, not ever. She was his world and omega or not, if she needed his help to bring her father down, he’d do it.

He lay for just a few moments more but was pulled from his thought by the ringing of the doorbell.

Minnie stirred in his arms and yawned. Then she stiffened.

“Let me up Minnie, I’ll go answer the door.”

“No, baby, you won’t because we don’t know who it is,” Minnie argued.

As always, she thought of his well-being first.

So, moving off him, she sat up as the doorbell rang again and called out, “Coming!”

He watched as she closed her eyes and took a deep steadying breath.

“Get dressed quickly, Tony. It’s not my dad but I’m sure it’s news of him as impatient as they are.”

“Okay,” he agreed before giving her a quick kiss.

They both stood and quickly dressed. Minnie left the bedroom, headed for the door and he stayed just a few steps behind her.

Tony could almost feel her alpha aura pouring off her in waves. He figured she was psyching herself up for her encounter with her father.

“Oh, Dalene!” Minnie exclaimed as she opened the door.

Dalene is Alpha Pete’s fourteen-year-old daughter.

“Hiya, Minnie! Dad told me to come to see you… um… something about your family coming and…” She bit her lip as her talking halted.

Minnie gave a laugh that fooled no one. “It’s alright Dalene, come on in. I’m guessing my father is on his way.”

“Yes. Dad said he’ll be here in twenty minutes. He thought Tony might need company.”

Tony frowned, stepping forward as Minnie closed the door. “Company?”

Dalene looked at him, then back at Minnie. “He is staying here… right?”

“No Dalene, Tony stays with me.”


Minnie gave Dalene a slight smile. “It’s okay, you didn’t know and neither did your father. I need Tony with me though. He is my love, my mate, my strength. Ultimately, he is my reason to fight my father.”

Dalene’s eyes were wide. “Wow! I hope someday I have a mate that feels that strongly about me.”

“You will, one day,” Minnie said. “Now, let’s go to… I’m assuming the packhouse?”

“Yeah, dad gave him that address because this house is too close to town. I ran from there, but we can go by car if you like,” Dalene answered.

Minnie nodded. “I don’t want to be tired when we arrive. I know I’ll have to fight, and it will be brutal enough I don’t need to be tired to start it. So, we’ll take my car.”

Dalene led the way out to the car and once inside they made their way to the packhouse. When they arrived at the packhouse, Tony exited the car and closed his eyes. Then he just took a moment to take a deep breath, letting his newly awakened wolf senses take it all in.

“It feels good doesn’t it, to feel your wolf stirring inside?” Minnie murmured from where she now stood next to him.

Opening his eyes, he locked gazes with her. “Yes, it does, it’s been so long I hardly remember.”

“I know, but soon it will be as if he never left.”

Then taking his hand, she led him forward.

Alpha Pete stepped outside then with his Beta, saying “My wolves are everywhere Minnie. Dalene told me you decided to bring Tony with you.”

“Yes, he’ll stand with me. If I have to fight…” Her voice trailed off.

“I’ll take care of him.” Alpha Pete told her.

Minnie bowed her head at him slightly in respect.

Hearing a car engine, they turned as one and faced the long driveway. A sleek black car stopped and parked next to Minnie’s older beater car.

Minnie growled low as three men stepped from the car.

Tony was puzzled because he had thought that Alpha Grayson would bring some men with him.

Perhaps he doesn’t think Minnie will put up much of a fight. She has commented that he ruled her with an iron fist growing up and that she let him.

“The driver is Brutus, the one getting out of the back is his son Pace. Pace is actually a decent person, unlike his father,” Minnie told them quietly.

Tony gave Brutus a once over. He was big, taller than Tony’s six feet, four inches, by probably four inches. His hair was going gray, but Tony could tell it had once been black, and he had what looked like a permanent scowl on his face. His son looked a bit like him, though his hair was blonde, and he was much shorter.

Tony then looked at the third man who had exited the car. He needed no introduction because Minnie was a female replica of him, right down to her blue eyes ringed in gold.

Alpha Pete stepped forward to greet them. “Hello, I’m Alpha Pete Tanner, alpha of the Red Paw Pack, whose land you stand on.”

“I’m Alpha Fredrick Grayson, alpha of the Grayson Pack.” Pointing at Minnie, he added, “That that is my daughter who has given me quite a chase. I’m here to take her back with me to my pack, where she belongs.”

“Oh, and why is that exactly? She seems perfectly content here and we are more than happy to have her,” Alpha Pete said.

Alpha Grayson’s eyes narrowed. “Because she is my daughter who was promised as a mate to my beta Brutus.”

Minnie stepped forward; Tony’s hand gripped tightly in hers. He had to bite back a whimper at the thought of being close to another alpha. He’d finally stopped cringing every time Alpha Pete was close, but he liked him.

“I found my true soulmate, Father, and wolf law says you can’t force me to mate with someone else once the true mate is found,” Minnie reminded him.

Alpha Grayson and his Beta eyed Tony up and down. He forced himself to hold his head up just the way Minnie had taught him. Hold it like you are the top dog and everyone else is beneath you, that was what she’d said.

The whole time he chanted in his head, Minnie is my alpha, I am strong, I will not be weak.

Alpha Grayson snorted. “Seriously Minnie? This is a new low even for you. You really expect me to believe that the worthless omega from the Windsor Pack is your true mate?”

Then, he and his beta began to laugh.

“Laugh all you want father, but he is and the deed is done, both of us marked,” Minnie informed him proudly. Holding back her hair, she showed her father Tony’s mark on her neck.

Brutus gave a snarl. “She’s tainted!”

Alpha Grayson nodded his head. “I agree, so kill her.”

With another snarl, Brutus shifted.

Minnie pushed him behind her before shifting herself.

Tony saw Alpha Grayson’s eyes widen as he took in Minnie’s large black wolf. He smiled with pride even as Alpha Pete moved him further back so that he stood between him and his beta.

He stood still, watching Minnie and Brutus circle each other. Then they ran at each other, their bodies slamming together as they tore at each other with their teeth.

Brutus fought with brute strength, no rhyme or reason to his movement.

Minnie, though tall, was wirier and therefore lighter on her feet. She also fought more strategically; the way Alpha Pete had been teaching her. She soon had Brutus bleeding badly and limping, favoring his right front leg.

“I said to kill her Brutus, not dance with her!” Alpha Grayson shouted, his face red in anger.

Brutus growled and took one more shot, aiming for Minnie’s neck. He missed.

Minnie didn’t. Within a blink of an eye, Brutus lay dead at her feet.

Minnie shifted and turned to her father with a snarl. “I’m not a weak little girl now, Father! I’ve grown up these last few months and having someone to fight for makes all the difference in the world.”

Alpha Grayson growled and spit flew from his mouth as he raged in anger, shouting, “Someone to fight for! Why would you even want him? He’s an omega and nothing but a useless waste of space. He can’t do anything for you, you stupid girl!”

“Yes, he can!” Minnie shouted back. “He can love me, be there for me, take care of me. Help me raise our pup and love it no matter what it’s gender.” When she said pup, she put her hand on her stomach.

Alpha Grayson noticed and snarled, “You mean to tell me he’s already put a pup in your belly?”

“Yes, and he will give this baby all the love he has in him even if it’s female!” Minnie shouted.

With a growl, that practically rattled the windows of the house behind them, Alpha Grayson shifted and headed for Minnie.

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