My Forever Valentine (BK1)

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Chapter 12

Minnie shifted and met her father mid-air, biting and clawing, drawing blood. You could feel the anger and the power of two alphas filling the air!

Tony and everyone around him held their collective breath.

Suddenly Alpha Grayson had Minnie down and on her back. She was trying her best to wiggle away, but he held her down as he clawed at her stomach.

“He’s trying to kill the pup.” Alpha Pete growled.

Minnie looked at Tony, her wolf eyes round, but not with fear. No, it was a determination not to let her father win instead of fear.

Tony, her wolf called to his.

Just his name, that was all it took, and his wolf was taking over. Pulling away from Alpha Pete and his beta, he swiftly shifted into his small gray wolf. Next, with a strength he didn’t know his small wolf had, he made one huge lunge toward where the two fought.

In an instant, he found himself on top of Alpha Grayson, who never saw him coming because he was so intent on killing the pup. Then Tony was biting him around his neck and twisting, ripping out the throat of the alpha.

Once Tony was sure the alpha was dead, he pulled the body away from Minnie and began to lick her wounds. He didn’t know if he could heal her, but it made his wolf feel as if he were doing something for her for once.

Minnie rolled and sat up, whining as she nuzzled his neck.

I love you, my sweet omega mate, she whispered through his mind.

I love you, my sweet alpha mate, you, and our pup, he whispered back.

“You killed my father and my alpha. What do I tell the pack?”

Hearing a male voice close by, he looked up and growled a warning. He didn’t want another male close to his injured mate.

Minnie’s wolf nudged him so she could stand. She quickly shifted and Alpha Pete handed her a robe. After putting it on, she turned to the man she’d called Pace. “You tell them their alpha is dead. My father was grooming a man to take his place, he’ll just take over a little earlier than planned.”

Tony shifted then and stood next to her.

Minnie wrapped her arms around him.

Pace waved a hand in Tony’s direction, asking, “What about him? He killed Alpha Grayson, that makes him the alpha.”

“I can’t be an alpha, I’m an omega,” Tony whispered as he began to shake nervously.

Minnie rubbed his back, soothing him as she murmured, “I know, baby. All he’s saying is that when you defeat an alpha, by wolf law that makes you the next one.”

“I don’t care! I don’t want to be an alpha. I don’t want to be anywhere even close to there!” Tony was almost shouting by the time he finished. His body was shaking hard and he felt as if he couldn’t get enough air to breathe, so he panted for breath.

“Breath, baby, breath,” Minnie encouraged as she held him tighter, giving him a chance to calm. “It’s alright, no one is going to force you to go back, least of all me. My father had someone to replace him and they shall do so. We can stay here if that’s what you want.”

Tony moved so he could see into her eyes. There he saw nothing but love and sincerity. “That’s what I want. Alpha Pete treats me with respect, and we’ve made friends. I like it here because there are no bad memories.”

“Then here is where we will stay.” She pulled his head down level with hers and kissed him. Then she turned to focus on Pace as she said, “You heard the man, he denounced his right to become the alpha. Go home Pace, tell the pack what happened. You’re now the beta, you have the authority to do what needs to be done.”

“What about you, you’re the rightful heir,” Pace asked then.

“That life is over for me Pace. Tony is my life now and making him happy is my number one priority. Staying here makes him happy, therefore it makes me happy,” Minnie told him.

With a shrug, Pace turned and climbed into the car but before getting in he turned and mentioned, “Oh, I thought you might want to know that the alpha of the Windsor Pack was killed in a rogue attack, him and his beta. The pack disbanded and scattered to the other packs.”

Then he climbed into his car and they watched him leave in a cloud of dust.

Tony felt more than saw as everyone quietly leave. “He’s dead.”

“Nothing to fear now Tony.”

“No, nothing to worry about but keeping you happy Minnie,” he agreed softly as he turned to face her.

“I know and you do make me happy, so let’s go home.”

Tony nodded in agreement and they headed for her car and home.

“So, where is Tony taking you for Valentine’s day?” Dalene asks from where she lay sprawled across the bed.

Minnie chuckled as she continued to plunder through her closet looking for the perfect outfit. One that would fit over her slight baby bump. Her reply was muffled from inside the closet as she answered, “I don’t know, he won’t tell me. He just said for me to dress fancy!”

“Minnie! You need to know.”

Pulling out of the closet, Minnie turned to look at her. “Why?”

She huffed. “Because I want to know.”

“Then you ask him,” Minnie said, holding back laughter.

Dalene pouted. “I did ask! He said he wasn’t going to tell me because I’d spread it through the pack. Then the pack would all show up there and embarrass him!”

“Well… he does have a point because you would, and they would show up… But what does he plan to do that they would embarrass him about?”

Dalene huffed. “Something romantic, of course. Come on Minnie, it’s Valentine’s Day! Romance is in the air. My dad always buys mom a bunch of her favorite flowers and takes her dancing in the moonlight before they shift to wolf form and do… wolf things!”

“Um… wolf things?”

“Yeah,” she said turning a bit pink. “My sister was born nine months after Valentine’s Day.”

“Oh…. those wolf things.” Now she knew her cheeks were pink too.

“So… you aren’t going to find out for me, are you?”


“Fine, then I’m going home to pester Mom for some of her chocolates,” Dalene said as she bounded out the door.

“Tony, you rented a limo!” Minnie exclaimed. “I always wanted to ride in one of these.”

“Yeah, Ronnie who’s one of Alpha Pete’s warriors runs a service. He’s letting me borrow it as payment for fixing his computer problem,” Tony explained as he hugged her tight.

Tony found out he was a wiz with computers and now everyone wanted his help. This allowed him to do what he wanted and not have to be around a lot of people. He was getting better, but large crowds still bothered him, so he tried to steer clear of them.

He was becoming more confident in himself. As an omega, he still acted meekly, but he wasn’t abused and mistreated anymore. Although he still whines sometimes when startled, it isn’t as often.

“We’re here darling,” Tony’s husky voice brought her back to the present.

Looking out the window, she saw he’d brought her to the steak house. Yum, I do love steak!

Tony led her inside and the hostess led them to a table back in the far corner.

All the tables were decorated for Valentine’s day, but theirs was special. Instead of a single rose, there was a blood-red carnation, her favorite flower, along with a small balloon that read ‘Be My Valentine!’

“Oh, Tony.”

Tony pulled out her chair for her and as soon as they were seated, a waiter came out. He placed a plate down in front of them both.

Minnie let out a small giggle at what was on it. She had been craving a few things, one of them being lasagna, another was swiss cheese. So, on her plate was a large steak along with those two things.

“Oh Tony, this is so sweet.”

“Just trying to be a good mate.” He reached over and rubbed her belly, “And a good daddy-to-be.”

“You are very good at both of those things, baby.” Then, starving, momma-to-be that she was, she quickly dug into her food. When she’d finished eating, she looked up to find Tony smiling lovingly at her. “What?”

He turned her in her seat as he also turned to face her. Taking both her hands, he said, “I love you so much, my darling mate.”

“I love you too.”

“So, I wanted to ask you something,” he said. He then let go of her hands to pull a box out of his jacket pocket.

When he opened it, she gasped at the beautiful necklace inside. It was a large amethyst and a thick gold chain. Tears filled her eyes as she whispered, “It’s beautiful Tony.”

“I had it made big enough and sturdy enough for you to wear even after shifting.”

“My wolf will be prancing around acting like a queen wearing this.”

Tony placed it around her neck. Then he took hold of her hands once more, drawing her gaze. “You are a queen, darling, my queen. That’s why I want to ask you if you will be my forever valentine and marry me?”

With a loud cry, Minnie threw herself into his arms. “Oh, yes, Tony, I will!”

Catcalls and whistles could be heard as she kissed him fiercely, with all the love in her. She only pulled away when they were both breathless.

Tony growled as he glanced over at something. “Who told them we would be here?”

Glancing over her shoulder, she noticed a bunch of guys from the pack that Tony had made friends with. The group included the Alpha. She giggled and turned back to Tony, saying, “Who cares, they’re happy for us, and that’s all that matters.”

Tony grinned as he stood, pulling her up. Then, in very ‘un-omega’ like fashion, he bent her over his arm. “To us, and you, my forever valentine.”

Then he gave her the hottest kiss he’s ever given.


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