My Forever Valentine (BK1)

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Chapter 2

Tony awakened again shivering in the cold cell and frowned as he rubbed at his eyes. What had woken him up?

Then he heard it again, the slight sound of footsteps, shuffling as if trying to be silent. If whoever it was, was trying for stealth they were failing because he could hear it even without his wolf hearing.

“Hello? Omega?” A timid voice called out in a whisper.

He slowly stood and leaning against the wall, he made his way toward the cell door. Once there, he squinted to try and make out who was there. Just then the scent of coconut hit his nose and he breathed deeply of it.

“Who’s there?” He managed to croak in a whisper. His voice was something else that barely worked anymore, from an injury and lack of use.

He heard a soft sigh, and a girl moved into his line of sight.

“We must be quiet. It’s shift change for the guards, but we only have a few moments omega.”


The she-wolf nodded, then hissed as her hand brushed the silver bars of the cell.

He heard the light clank of keys before his cell door swung open.

“Come, we must hurry,” she whispered.

Stepping out, he stood, slightly swaying as he waited for her to close the door behind him. Moving as quickly as his abused body would allow, he managed to stay behind her as she hustled down the hall and toward the door.

Suddenly, she stopped and held up her hand, motioning him to stop. Moving ever so slowly, she raised onto her tiptoes and peeked the window. With a nod, she slowly opened it and they walked out into a hallway. Moving swiftly, they moved down the long hall until they reached what Tony knew was a breakroom for the guards.

She held up her finger in the universal sign of ‘one minute’ and walked inside. When she came back out a minute later, she held a sandwich and a bottle of water. Handing both to him, she whispered, “Eat, you’ll need your strength.”

Tony was starving, literally, because he’d had nothing to eat in four or five days. He quickly shoved the sandwich in his mouth and took a big bite. In about four bites he’d managed to finish it as they continued to walk. Then he drank the water, throwing the empty bottle in the trash on the way out the door.

The she-wolf led him around the corner of the building, to the back. Then she continued walking until they reached the dense bushes. There, she stopped and pulled a pack from under one of the bushes. Putting that one on her back she reached for another one and opened it.

From the bag, she began pulling clothing out as she whispered, “I brought clothes and shoes for you. I’m hoping everything will fit, especially the shoes because we need to move quickly and that’s hard to do in ill-fitting shoes.”

Then she waited for him to dress. When he was done, she asked, “Can you shift?”

Tony shook his head no.

“Neither can I, not until I severe the pack bond completely. My father used his alpha command on me.”

“Too weak. No wolf, long time now.”

“Yeah, my wolf is weak too and I may have trouble also when it comes time. Regardless, we need to go.”

Then they set off, moving as quickly as they could through the dense forest. It didn’t seem like they had gone extremely far though when a howl was heard.

The she-wolf stumbled slightly, glancing fugitively around. She then fretted, “They’ve already realized one, or both, of us, are gone. I was hoping for more time.”

Tony tried to pick up his pace, stumbling behind her. Within a few minutes, they finally broke the tree line and started down the side of the road. The hard surface was easier to walk on, but he still stumbled along because he was getting weaker. The only thing that was keeping him going was the fact he didn’t want to get caught. Now that he was free, he wanted to live and knew his alpha would kill him if he caught him now.

“Do you know how far we are from town?” The she-wolf asked.

Tony shook his head no.

“Well, hopefully, it isn’t too far. Look, car lights!” She suddenly exclaimed as lights came around a curve further up the road.

Tony tensed. What if some of the pack already in a car looking for us? Would they hunt us that way or only on foot? He didn’t know the answers to any of his questions, but the thought of them being found had him whimpering in fear.

The she-wolf motioned him to take to the side of the road even as they continued to walk. The car pulled up next to them and slowed. When the window rolled down, he saw an elderly lady peering at them with kind eyes.

Tony relaxed; it wasn’t anyone in the pack.

“You kids headed for the town?” The lady asked.

“Yes ma’am,” the she-wolf answered.

“You’re going the wrong way then. Hop in and I’ll give you a lift.”

The she-wolf hesitated for a moment as if weighing her options. Another howl went out causing them both to jump and glance around.

“It’s dangerous to be out here at night. We have all kinds of wolves living in those woods. Beautiful animals, but wild animals are always hungry, and I wouldn’t want to be their next meal.” The lady commented.

“No, ma’am.” The she-wolf turned and looked at him, saying “Get in, Tony. She’s right, we don’t want to be a wolf snack.”

Tony quickly crawled in after she’d opened the door, making sure to keep his head down. She crawled in next to him, shutting the door and the lady drove off.

“So, what are the two of you doing so far from town walking this time of night?”

“Aw… well, it’s kinda stupid actually. We’re on a small vacation and thought we’d take the scenic route. Unfortunately, my GPS went down, and I turned off on a dirt road to turn around. I had to go further in then I planned to find a space wide enough to turn around in, I was tired and well, I may have dozed a bit…” the she-wolf gave a sheepish laugh.

“Oh, dear!” The lady exclaimed.

“When I came to, our car was smashed in between two trees, no way to get it out, so we started walking. As luck, would have it, we became even more lost. When we couldn’t find the car again, we followed a trail which thankfully brought us to this road and we were hoping it would lead us back to town,” the she-wolf said with a slight huff.

Even Tony would have believed her tale if he didn’t know better.

The old lady tutted as she drove silently for a moment. “Well, I’ll take you into town. We have a nice motel there and a bus station.”

“We’d appreciate that so much, ma’am,” the she-wolf politely said.

The rest of the ride was silent until they pulled into town.

“I just need to stop and pick up my meal I ordered. That’s why I was headed here. Since my husband passed, I hate to cook,” the woman mentioned as she pulled up in front of Billy’s B-B-Q. “I’ll be but a moment.”

While she was gone, the she-wolf said, “We’ll rest tonight, then take the bus as far as it goes. Once we’re far enough away your pack bond will break, and you’ll be free. I’ll have to go a bit further to break my bond with my father because of him being my alpha and my father. Although, to be honest, I’m not sure it will ever break entirely because he is my father.” She sighed. “Anyway, I have a bit of money to tide us over until… well, until one of us or both of us, can work.”

Tony nodded as he watched the lady walk back.

Getting in, she turned around to look at them over her seat. “You both look hungry. So, I got you each a plate.”

“Thank you, they both whispered as the she-wolf took the offered containers.

After handing it over, she drove to a motel and dropped them off.

“Again, thank you for the food and the ride,” the she-wolf told the woman as they exited the car, meals in hand.

With one last wave, the lady drove off into the darkness.

Tony followed the she-wolf as she led the way into the motel and rented a room. After opening the door, she led the way inside and placed the food on the table.

“Eat,” she ordered as they both sat down.

Opening his box of food, Tony breathed the smell of barbeque beef in. This caused his stomach to growl loudly.

The she-wolf laughed and opened hers as well. Her laughter stopped and tears filled her eyes.

“What?” Tony croaked out.

“Tony, she gave us money.” She pulled out a bunch of bills and counted them. “Five-hundred dollars.”

“If we return, we find her, thank her.”

She gave a quick nod, laying the money aside. Picking up her fork, she began to eat and so did him. They ate in comfortable silence.

When he’d finished eating as much as he could, which was only about half, he felt full for the first time in a long time. So, he pushed his plate away and yawned.

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