My Forever Valentine (BK1)

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Chapter 5

Tony slept most of the six-hour bus ride.

Minnie only allowed herself to dose lightly after they’d traveled a few hundred miles. She supposed she finally relaxed when she felt her bond break with her pack. She’d given a heartfelt sigh of relief when her father’s mental pressure had left her head. That was the moment she knew they were relatively safe.

At two o’clock that afternoon, the bus stopped, and they disembarked.

“We’ll stay here and rest for the night, change our appearance a bit. Tomorrow we’ll go a bit further. I don’t know how far my father’s connections as an Alpha goes, but I’d rather not be too close,” Minnie told Tony.

He nodded in agreement.

“Let’s eat first,” she suggested.

She then began to look around for somewhere close by to eat. Spotting a little café, she used a bit more of the money the lady had given them to pay for a meal there.

Next, we found a barbershop.

Walking in, the barber looked up. In a pleasant southern drawl, he exclaimed, “Son, if that hair was any longer, I’d wonder if you were related to a sheepdog!”

Tony shrugged.

“It was a bet. Friend of ours said it would drive him batty before he let it get to his eyes,” Minnie lied once she’d stopped laughing.

Her knowledge of barbers was that they enjoyed gossiping. Even though they might be far from her and Tony’s packs, she didn’t want to take any chances of word getting out about the man with the excessive long hair. Hopefully, the lies would help cover their tracks a bit more.

“Well, I’m thinkin’ you must’ve won.” The barber said.

Tony nodded and sat down in a chair.

“How you want it cut?” The barber asked him.

Tony looked at Minnie. Then, glanced around the room before pointing to a poster on the wall.

Minnie glanced at it before telling the barber, “Short on the back and sides, but leave a bit on the top.”

With a grunt of agreement, the barber began hacking off Tony’s mid-back length hair. When he’d finished, he stepped back with a wide grin. “Well, what do ya think, son?”

Tony stared at himself in the mirror.

“He looks like a new man,” the barber added.

Tony grinned as he asked, “You like it?”

“I do. I think you look very handsome. Now we just need to put some meat on those gaunt cheeks of yours and I’ll be beating the ladies off with a stick!” Minnie teased with a wink.

He stood and hugged her, whispering, “Only one lady for me.”

“I know, baby,” she whispered as she hugged him back.

“That’s a bad croak you got there, son. You tell those ladies at the café to give you some lemon tea with honey for it, it’ll fix you right up,” the barber suggested as they paid.

With a thank you, they left and headed for the motel. Once there, they got a room and took a much-needed nap.

Tony woke with a jerk, breathing hard and heart pounding. He’d been dreaming of being beaten again and now his back was on fire. He knew it was all in his head because Minnie had quick started the healing, but the dream had made the pain seem so real. He whimpered, feeling the urge to cry, as he curled up in a ball.

The bed moved behind him. Then a gentle kiss was placed on his bare shoulder as a hand gently squeezed him. A sweet voice in the dark, whispered, “Sh… baby, it’s okay. There is nothing bad here that will hurt you.”

He turned his head to find Minnie watching him, worry on her face.

“Nightmares?” She asked.

He gave a nod and a light sob.

Encouraging him to turn to face her, she propped up on the pillows. Then she pulled him close and held him tight against her.

Tony took a deep breath, breathing deeply of her coconut scent. It calmed him in a way nothing ever had.

Minnie ran a hand along his side, murmuring, “I promise you, Tony, I’m going to keep you safe. One day I will make your ex-alpha pay for his mistreatment of you.”

Tony tilted his head so he could see her face. It was full of fierce determination.

As if she felt his gaze, she glanced at him, saying, “I’m weak now, my wolf almost dormant because I’ve not shifted as I should. I’m an alpha though and one day I’ll prove to my father I could have been Alpha of our pack. I could have been a good alpha.”

Tony shuffled upward, to kiss her. The electric feeling as their bodies brushed against each other seemed stronger now. His body felt warm, a strange heat moving through it that had him tugging at her, trying to get closer.

“Tony,” she murmured.

Minnie tumbled them over so that he was flat on his back with her hovering over him. Tilting her head slightly, she deepened the kiss.

Tony tugged at her again with a soft whine. He wanted to feel her skin on his once more.

Pulling back slightly, she gazed into his eyes for a moment. Then she pulled completely away.

Tony reached out for her with a whimper, thinking he’d done something wrong. All the breath left his lungs as he saw how wrong he was. She had removed her shirt and bra, leaving her upper body bare. His eyes feasted on the sight. Unable to resist it, he reached out and cupped one of her breasts, testing its weight in his hand.

Her eyes closed as she moaned with pleasure at his touch. Then she was moving back over him to kiss him again. She nipped his lower lip and rubbed her body against his. Leaving his lips, she moved her kisses down his neck and across his shoulder before saying, “Oh baby, it feels so good to touch you.”

Tony gasp as she reached a place on his shoulder that seemed more sensitive.

“Mm… I think I found your sweet spot, baby.”

Tony moaned and twisted. Desire and heat flooding his body as she worked that spot on his shoulder. She kissed, licked, and gently bite his shoulder before blowing on it, creating shivers as his hormones raged.

When her hand slid slowly down his body, he whined, wanting her touch everywhere. Heat and electricity seemed to flow from her hand into his and when she gently cupped his semi-hard cock through his shorts, it jumped in response.

Tony pulled back to look at her. His face was heating, and he could only imagine that his eyes were as wide as they could go.

“It’s okay, baby, I promise not to take it too far. You’re too weak for that right now.”

Tony swallowed hard as unease and embarrassment suddenly filled him. It sat like lead in his gut and caused the flames of desire to be doused. All the taunts of how small he was, how he’d never be able to satisfy a woman with his tiny cock, came flooding back. He could almost hear their laughter and it caused him to turn his head, ashamed.

Minnie sighed softly. “Tony, look at me.”

He shook his head, refusing.

Minnie huffed and her hand began to move. Dipping down low, she began to massage him through his shorts.

His body once more responded to her caress and the fire of desire filled him once more. His cock soon began to harden at her touch.

Tony felt her place a kiss on his shoulder before nipping it sharply. He hissed slightly at the pain.

“Look at me Tony,” she demanded again.

This time he didn’t dare disobey because he heard her alpha tone slipped through. The omega in him answered.

Her face was sad, but her hand still moved gently as she said, “Don’t ever turn from me like that. You are my mate, and in my eyes, you are perfect.”

Tony shook his head and croaked, “Not perfect! Flawed, ugly… too… too small to please a woman, to please my mate.”

He felt a sob rise in his chest, but he tried not to cry. He couldn’t hold it in though and as it escaped, she pulled me tightly into her arms, rolling them until he was on top.

Minnie moved her thighs apart so that he was cradled between them. His face was buried in the crook of her neck.

“You are perfect and I’m going to prove that to you, even if it takes the rest of my life. You are not flawed, or ugly, or anything else that worthless pack called you,” she informed him. “Now as far as being too small, you felt plenty big to me even at half-mast. When your healthy, baby, that part of you will seem bigger also.”

“How? I’m too old for it to grow more.”

Minnie giggled and murmured, “Perhaps.”

“Fact,” he argued.

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