My Forever Valentine (BK1)

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Chapter 8

Minnie looked down at Tony, who had relaxed and gone to sleep. She sighed deeply before focusing on the Alpha once more. “My father is determined and will not be deterred. He would have killed Tony, and still will if he finds us and I’d still end up as his Beta’s mate.”

Maura gave a sharp gasp at her words and the Alpha let out a light growl.

Reminiscing, Minnie told them, “I was almost sure Tony was my mate when I saw him, beaten and bruised in that cell. However, when I touched him… we both felt that bolt of electricity so strong.”

“Unusual for an alpha to have an omega mate,” Alpha Pete mused.

“You… you can tell he’s an omega?” Minnie asked, then laughed lightly. “Of course, you can, you’re an alpha. My father knew too. Although, I didn’t let on that he was my mate, or he would have been dead before we ever left the cells that afternoon.”

“It’s faint as if his wolf is dormant, or… almost gone.”

“Yeah, I know. Mine is dormant from lack of shifting, but I still feel her, so I know if I shift….”

“You realize, it may take an alpha command for you to shift if it’s been a long time.” Alpha Pete said.

“I know it will,” she agreed. “It was my father’s alpha command that took her from me.”

“Your father stopped your shift?” Maura asked.

“Yes, it was just another way for him to control me,” Minnie explained. “It’s been a while since he let me shift, long enough that my senses are there, but weak. Tony though… he no longer feels his wolf at all and hasn’t for some time now. I’m hoping by helping him become healthy again, it will bring his wolf back.”

“It is possible, but Minnie, be ready for the fall out if it doesn’t.”

“I already lost a mother because she lost her wolf,” Minnie whispered, tears filling her eyes. “I can’t lose my mate that way too.”

Alpha Pete and Maura looked at each other then back at her, sad expressions on their faces.

Minnie was through, her emotions were ragged, and she needed to be alone with her mate. So, turning to Tony, she gently shook him awake.

He blinked up at her.

“Drink your water then we’ll go find a place to stay tonight.”

He gave a nod and, sitting up straight, he drank his water.

Looking at the alpha pair once again, she asked, “Do you know of any good jobs around here?”

“You’re staying then?”

“For now. I don’t feel Father close, so I feel safe enough. The money I have won’t go far after I find us a place to stay and Tony needs time to heal.”

Alpha Pete nodded. “What can you do?”

Minnie gave a self-deprecating laugh. “I’ve learned to do a lot of things trying to prove myself to my father. So, name a job and I’ll tell you if I can do it or not.”

“Well, my construction company needs a secretary/receptionist and an electrician,” Alpha Pete stated.

“I re-wired one of our enforcer’s homes, needed all new wiring starting with the breaker box. I’ve also overseen the pack accounts since I was twelve.”

“The Beta’s wife, Judy, is looking for a housekeeper who will also watch over her two-year-old twins and eight-month-old while she gets her new art store going,” Maura added.

“I did all the cleaning of my house and the Beta’s house. I was over the cooks and maids at the packhouse. I also took my turn minding the pack nursery through the years,” Minnie told.

Noticing that Tony had finished his water she placed a few bills on the table and stood. She then helped Tony up, since sitting so long always made him stiff. “Honestly though, I’d rather have the secretary job.”

The Alpha and Maura stood also, Maura heading back to their table.

“Alright. Well, it’s the weekend, but Monday morning come by my office.” Alpha Pete pulled a card from his billfold and handed it over.

Glancing at it, she saw it had his name, his company name, address, and his phone numbers. Shoving it in her purse, she took Tony’s hand.

“I’ll give you a trial run for three days. If I like your work, and you like the job, then I’ll keep you around. They say I’m a hard man to work for, too much of a perfectionist is what the last one said when she walked out.” He rolled his eyes and added,” Sorry if I’m paying you to do as I ask, not flirt with every man that walks through the door.”

“I have the only man I want or need right here. There will be no flirting going on,” Minnie assured him.

“Good. The office is about a block to the left from here. It’s a big building with a big blue sign. Oh, and to your right about a half-block is a nice hotel, it even has room service. Tell Jake at the desk Pete said to give you the Wolf Suite.”

“Wolf suite?”

He chuckled and softly said, “It’s where we put visiting alphas and such, but I’m not expecting anyone soon, so it’s yours for now. If you decide to stay, I have a small house behind the business, just into the woods. I think it would be a good place for you… and your wolves to heal.”

By that time, they had made it outside. Tipping her face up, she let the cool fresh air move over it as she breathed deeply of the clean air.

“Thank you,” Minnie softly said.

The alpha gave her a slight nod and walked back inside to rejoin his mate.

Squeezing Tony’s hand gently, she encouraged him to move forward and they began the short walk to the hotel.

Monday morning, Minnie got up and after showering she dressed in the new clothes, she’d bought to wear her first day of work. She had taken Tony to the local Super Mart and bought them both a few needed items. They’d also gone to a nice thrift store she’d seen and had gotten some stuff. She didn’t want to spend too much now because she was hoping Tony would begin gaining weight soon, then he’d be needing bigger clothes.

Sitting on the edge of the bed, she began to nip and suckle the sweet spot on Tony’s shoulder. She had found it was a delightful way to awaken him, for him and her.

His eyes fluttered open as he moaned and glanced at her over his shoulder. “You’re such a tease, Minnie.”

She sat back with a grin and watched him move onto his back. “Oh? How do you figure that?”

“Because you never finish what you start,” he informed her, sticking his lip out in a pout.


Minnie moved her hand slowly down his body, starting at his chest. Pushing the cover down as she went, she reached his arousal just as she leaned in to kiss him. His shaft twitched and hardened as he whimpered his need.

Pulling back from the kiss, she bumped her forehead against his. Gazing deeply into his eyes, she whispered, “I promise, baby, as soon as you feel you’re strong enough, we will mate. Until then….”

She leaned over to once more tease at the sweet spot on his shoulder. Her ministrations drew small sounds of pleasure from him and had him grabbing hold of her hair, encouraging her to continue.

“Until then let me give you something before I go to work,” she continued.

His only response was to whine and buck his hips upward.

Minnie wrapped her hand around his now heavily swollen arousal. She began to squeeze and pump as she nipped and kissed her way over his chest. Teasing his male nipples until they were hard pebbles. When he gave a low keening whine, his back arching off the bed, she knew he was close to his release.

So, she moved to that special spot on his shoulder once more. Sucking skin into her mouth she sucked hard. This caused him to let out a guttural cry as he twitched in her hand, but she continued the squeeze and tug until he was empty and slack.

Then, raising her head, she kissed him gently before meeting his glazed hazel eyes with her blue ones. “I love you, Tony, don’t ever forget that.”

He smiled slightly as he pulled her back down to him, whispering, “Love you too, Minnie.”

Then he kissed her.

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