My Forever Valentine (BK1)

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Chapter 9

Breaking the kiss, Minnie rested her forehead on Tony’s heaving chest as they fought to get their air back.

“Baby, I have to go,” she told him as she sat back up. “I ordered room service for you and some snacks. You rest and eat, maybe go out on the balcony for some sun. When I take my lunch break, I’ll come to get you and we’ll eat together okay?”

He gave her a small nod as she stood.

Going into the bathroom she washed her hands. Then, bringing a rag back with her, she sat back down on the edge of the bed. After gently cleaning him up, she kissed him again. She really had no control when it came to those, now kiss swollen, lips of his.

Taking a deep breath, her nose buried in his neck, she pulled in his special scent of cloves deep into her lungs. Reluctantly, she stood and headed out the door for work after one last goodbye kiss.

Two months later Minnie sat back in her chair at Tanner Construction and thought about how much her life had changed. She had a good job, making decent money for her and Tony to live on.

They’d moved into the house in the woods Alpha Pete had offered them and loved it there. Alpha Pete officially let them join his pack. That broke her father’s alpha command on her, and she was once more able to shift.

Alpha Pete had also become more of a father to her than her flesh and blood father had ever been.

Tony was healing, physically, and mentally. He no longer feared everyone and had even made a few friends in the pack.

They hadn’t mated or marked each other yet because it had taken Tony a while to get his health back. Although she did enjoy teasing him a bit and knew he enjoyed it immensely himself. This morning though, the pack doctor had declared him healthy. So, she was hoping they would be mating soon.

“That look tells me you’re happy about something.”

She looked up to find Alpha Pete standing in the doorway to his office.


“I took Tony to the pack doctor this morning,” she began.

“I remember you saying something about that when you said you’d be a bit late today.”

“Well, he’s gained more than fifty pounds, he still needs a bit more, but the doctor wants him to start putting on muscle mass as he continues to gain. He also cleared him for more… physical activities. He said Tony’s healthy enough that it won’t put a huge strain on his heart,” Minnie finished and felt heat flood her cheeks, remembering her earlier thoughts.

“So, that means I can now put him to work building houses and training with the pack?” He teased.

Minnie laughed. “Yeah, sure, you can do that.”

“Seriously, Minnie, I’m happy for the two of you,” Alpha Pete said as he glanced at his wristwatch. “It’s ten to five and there isn’t anything left to do here. Why don’t we head home, and I’ll see you on Monday?”

Minnie stood and stretched. Licking her lips, she said, “I will. I believe Tony said he was grilling steaks tonight and oh, can that man of mine cook!”

“And bake! Those pies he brought to the pack BBQ were delicious!”

She chuckled as she grabbed her purse and headed for the door. “Yep, he loves to bake.”

“You know Minnie,” Alpha mused, “that’s the omega in him. That feeling of needing to nurture. I know it seems strange with him being male, but it’s there all the same.”

“I know, but omega or not, I love everything about that man.”

“That’s the way it should be,” Alpha Pete.

Then with a wave, they parted ways.

Arriving home, Minnie opened the door and took in a deep breath. She smelled steak, but she also caught the scent of her handsome mate. His special scent of cloves had grown stronger over the last two months as his body became healthier. His face was no longer gaunt, his ribs and backbone no longer showed. Now that the doctor had declared him physically fit, he’d told her of his plan to start jogging and lift light weights to build his strength. She was so proud of him.

“Good evening, my darling.”

She opened her eyes to find Tony standing in the doorway, a big smile on his face, looking at her.

Moving closer, she pulled him into a hug, kissing him fiercely as desire raged through her. They needed to mate soon because she and her wolf were going crazy with the need for their mate. They wanted him marked as hers so the other she-wolves would no longer send flirty glances his way, because even underweight, he was a looker.

“Wow, I like those kinds of kisses.”

Another thing that had healed was his voice. It was no longer a croak, but a deep sexy growl that made her shiver when he spoke. He could be reading a recipe to her and it would turn her bones to mush.

Clearing her mind of her lusty thoughts, she asked, “Steaks are done?”

“Almost. You have time for a shower if you like,” he answered as he started unbuttoning her blouse.

“A change of clothes is all I need.”

He kissed down along her neck. Then he gave her one last kiss on her now bare shoulder before pulling back. “Okay.”

Turning on his heel, he headed back to the kitchen leaving her feeling hot and bothered.

She pouted. Payback for the times she did it to him she guessed. With another shrug, she went to change her clothes. I’ll pay him back for it later.

Minnie opened her eyes. Then she frowned as she rubbed the sleep from them. What had awakened her? A slight sound? She heard it again. A slight moaning… a whine? A whimper… that’s what it was a whimper.


Rolling over, she saw him twisting on the bed whimpering as if in pain. Thinking perhaps he was having a nightmare, though he seldom had them anymore, she moved up to hover over him on one elbow. Reaching out, she gently shook him as she whispered, “Tony?”

With another whimper, he rolled toward her. His eyes blinked open and he lay staring at her, his hazel eyes almost glowing in the moonlight.

“Tony?” She questioned him again.

He moaned lightly as he reached up his hand to run his fingertips along her cheek. The electric current that passed between them had her pulling in a deep breath. When she did that, she noticed it, his scent, the same yet slightly different. Mixed with his unique scent of cloves was the spicy smell of his arousal.

She growled low as she felt her wolf stir inside of her at the scent. With another growl, her wolf called to her mate and with her arousal growing, she smashed her lips to his. She was rough in her need for him, but he gave as good as he got. As she ravished his mouth, his hands roamed her body, touching, squeezing, learning all her curves.

His touch created a liquid fire which spread all over her, everywhere he touched. It caused her to want of him to rage hotter and hotter until all she could think of was making him completely hers. She wanted him, all of him, and she wanted him now.

So, with another growl, she tugged at him, pulling him over her. Spreading her thighs to make room for his hips, she pulled him completely over her. Then she bumped her hips up, showing him her need for him.

He raised his head slightly as he moved into position, his large cock nudging at her folds, his glowing hazel eyes locking on hers. In a husky growl, he questioned, “Mine?”

“Yours forever, mate,” she answered in the husky voice of her wolf.

It was a vow given by her alpha wolf, more binding as any human certificate of marriage. It was a vow that could only be broken by death.

“You are mine forever and I am yours forever,” he confirmed back to her.

With a growl of need, she bucked her hips up, even as he moved downward, his cock sliding into place. He gave a guttural groan and began to thrust, hard and fast. The pain of innocence given was swallowed up in the storm of passion.

As she felt her release draw near, her wolf surged forward, and she sank her teeth deep into the side of Tony’s neck. She marked him as hers as he carried her toward the stars. Then she screamed her release in the form of his name.

He let out a deep-throated howl as he released, filling her with his seed. Then he collapsed, panting hard.

Minnie gently began to lick the bite she’d given him, healing it.

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