The Unexpected Love

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A young girl Dani who is fighting her head and fighting love..... Dani suffers with mental health problems and struggles every day to fight her demons, and then there is the matter of fighting the demons in her love life, just a young girl trying to get by and feel better in her self while being the outcast of the family and with a few love matches coming her way, which one is a true match

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

This story is about a young girl aged 27, named Dani, she is very much the black sheep of the family, and she lost her mum when she was 21, she never knew her dad, and her Nan raised her, due to complications with her mum, although herself and her mum were still really close, she had a happy childhood, apart from the odd problem here and there she enjoyed it and has the happiest of memories.

Once a year her family had a big family party as a kind of reunion kind of thing and for the first time in years she had been invited to one. She wasn't sure she wanted to go, she fell in to a deep depression after losing her mother and nan, she currently lived with a friend and wasn't working, she knew many people judged her and turned their noses up at her for it, but she carried on, but she wanted to be working, she always dreamed she would do something amazing with her life, but she hadn't so far, she was fighting a losing battle with mental health and it made it worse that her family seem to expect the world of her, they expected her to be like them successful and settled down with a good man and what not, but she wasn't and she wasn't ashamed, she lived her life how she wanted and how her mental health let her and she became ok with that over time, even if it did affect her time to time, she felt her family looked down on her, they never treated her mother well when she was alive, and it seems that now her mum was gone, she now had the target on her back.

Dani hated them in every way, they made her feel useless and worthless, they cut her out of everything, they made her feel like a nobody just because she didn't seem to be cut from the same cloth as them, but they didn't bother to support her through anything and all they cared about was their selves, but she felt that if she went this time she would have something to be proud of and show off to rub in to their smug faces the fact she was working had a great partner etc.

But she didn't know where to start, she thinks for a while she cant muster up a job from no where or a partner and she had 2 weeks left. She decides to get ready and head out for a drink, that usually made her feel better, she knows it probably wouldn't help a situation long term, but it took the edge of the worst and she knew deep down drowning her problems was not the answer.

Dani heads down to her local gets a drink and sits in her favourite corner, she sits texting her friend away, then she gets a weird feeling someone is watching her, she looks up and her feeling was right, a gorgeous man sat at the bar, he had a bad boy vibe to him, he sat there giving her a small intriguing smile, he was over 6ft, pretty built, had a rock kinda vibe to him, long black hair just past his shoulders, and piercing blue eyes, he had bike leathers on, with his helmet sat on the bar, she feels herself go red and looks down, feeling herself redden, she finishes up her drink and heads to get another one, he watches her closely as she heads back to her seat.

He still watches her like his trying to figure something out about her and she try’s to ignore it, her phone rings and she answers its her friend Esme, she answers, and they begin talking, Dani explains her situation and the big family reunion coming up and she starts to feel a little down, after a while they say their goodbyes and hang up, she sits twiddling her thumbs literally but as she looks up, biker boy is stood at her table,

“Hey there, I'm Kody”, Dani looks slightly confused,

“Ummmm hi Kody, Dani”, he grins

“Nice to meet you Dani, I just saw you sitting over here on you're own, and thought you looked incredibly beautiful and had to come at least say hi”, Dani’s mouth pops up in shock

“Ummmm thank you.... very brazen of you”, he laughs,

“Hey I made sure you wasn't here with anyone, or treading on any one's toes, and I couldn't walk out of here without at least knowing you're name”, she raises her eyebrow and chokes on her drink

“That's why you was watching me, not creepy at all”, she says it with a sarcastic tone, he laughs again sweeping the hair from his face, he goes slightly red

“sorry”, she smirks

“It's ok honestly, its nice to meet you Kody” he grins

“Can I buy you a drink as at least of a way of an apology?"

She thinks for a few seconds “umm year sure”, he looks at her like his looking in to her soul, dimples as he smiles,

“What will it be?" she thinks for a few seconds

“Guinness please”, he looks a little shocked,

“A girl after my own heart”, she bursts out laughing and he heads over to the bar, with that the ice was broken.

He comes back over placing the drinks down, he sits down next to her, she smiles up at him “thank you”, he smiles

“You're very welcome, so what's a girl like you doing here on her own”, she try’s to push it away

“Just enjoying the peace”, he can see she is upset about something but he doesn't want to pry, he just nods

“So tell me about yourself”, she laughs

“There isn't much to share to be honest, I'm 27, live with a flat mate, not currently working at the moment, just a really boring person”, she laughs again but its short lived as she feels a pain shoot through her of disappointment, he gives her a gentle smile

“I'm sure you're not boring at all I'm 31, bikes are my life, and I'm usually a barman”, she smiles as the conversation is shifted of her “that's cool do you enjoy it”, she looks over at her “it pays the bills”, they sit and talk for a few hours, they exchange numbers after he asks to see her again before she makes her way home.

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