The doctor and his patient

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This is my very firs story I hope you enjoy. Hello my name is Emma and in this story my life changed forever but remember this is an adult book only anyone under find a different book thank you and enjoy!

Mafias girl 😎
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First meet

I was walking home and all of a sudden I heard someone scream “ WATCH OUT EMMA” then everything went black. I woke up in a very clean hospital. And I was confused but then a very hot doctor walked in. And my body heated up like I was a firework on the 4th of July. He said “ hello my name is doctor wood but my full name is Luke wood”. Then he went off of what happened then he did a checkup. And I had a broken arm and other stuff and I was not listening instead I was focused on his lips. Then he was checking my head to see if anything else was wrong at that moment he got so close I felt his breathing on my had. My heart was going to explode then he asked if I had a boyfriend ,family to come pick me up I said I had my boyfriend Marcus come pick me up. He gave me a glare not any normal glare a glare that made me shiver he was mad he said “sorry who did you say “. In a very mad tone I said “ Marcus my boyfriend”. I heard him growl he said what’s his last name I said “ stark”.He said “ your dating my best friend”then I heard the laugh of my boyfriend down the hall but he wasn’t alone...

Hi guys comment down below if I should keep going or I should make a different book. Also make sure you put ur ship I know who my ship is it’s very obvious. Put #Marcusxemma or #lukexemma or none at all.
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