When you leave your heart behind

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A college student has her future planned out down to the smallest detail,but when she meets Tristán Douglas,everything changes,she finds herself in fights ,lies and infidelities, and has to be strong and stand up to everyone for the love of her life, Larissa Diaz falls in love with Tristan Douglas, many things happen between them, but life goes around and can separate them, but their love will be so strong to bring them together forever.

Romance / Other
Lara Soultaker
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When you’re a teenager and you’ve seen so many movies, idealized as your first boyfriend will be, as your first date will be, everything you have planned, as if it were a Romantic movie, you only lack the most important thing in the story, the main character, the problem is that you already have such a high perspective, that it will be impossible for someone to live up to your expectations, you can see how the years are going on and you know a lot of guys, however, because you’re waiting for that Blue Prince you idealized and you give up and stop seeing around you “now that I think it’s best not to realize, why no one was dating me.”

You pass up many opportunities that you never realized you would have, until it’s too late and you find yourself alone enjoying a book, outside a French-style café, waiting for something that never came “and that’s how it all started” the moment I stopped waiting and gave up, it came.

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