When you leave your heart behind

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Chapter 1 Dreams and expectations

Authors Note:

Hello everyone I am making some changes in the story and finishing editing it, the changes are very small, do not interfere in the main story.

My name is Larissa Diaz and I was 21 when it all started, I met him in a very romantic way almost 4 years ago, in an old French café, near the main square of Palmira, I was reading again that silly sentimental story where the protagonist falls to a beautiful man, but sometimes I focused so much on the story that I could feel that I lived in it and dream the that woman was me , always imagining that I was the main character, “when I will meet someone who is not groomed by my friends’ boyfriends” that was my everyday thought, I went back to the reality of my life and continue with my reading when suddenly I heard a voice and couldn’t stop my heart from accelerating to the fullest I felt it would come out of my chest at any moment , but I was able to disguise it very well because I had my sunglasses on, I liked to sit at the tables outside on the small terrace was the best view of the outdoor square the same table as always to read and avoid being disturbed definitely gave the right impression, I could not see where that voice that so captivated me came from Who was that person? I turn my head trying to see the face of the person who was addressing me when I took off my glasses I finally saw it, the most handsome man I’ve ever seen, with a lovely smile his hair a little long but not too much with a blond color almost like honey, the wind is playing against me and his hair was flying in the air “impossible to forget that detail” I thought, I could imagine myself inside a romantic scene from one of my books.

Staring at those sky blue eyes all day seemed like a good idea and that voice that shakes me just by listening to it, “excuse me” he said, with that accent that made me let go of a sigh I couldn’t believe how handsome it was like coming out

of an American movie “I’m dreaming and at any moment I’m going to wake up” I thought trying to breathe and not look like a fool and answer as calmly as possible but I could “yeap” and he answered me, “I could sit down with you I have a lot of time thinking about a good excuse or the right words to be able to introduce myself, but I can’t think of anything so I decided to be brave and come here in fear of being rejected and look like a perfect idiot.”

"My God I couldn’t believe it, I never saw it, it must have sat near the bar, but how could it happen, I’ve never seen it around here,” I thought, I was still away from the world around me, from an outside world I wasn’t interested in knowing, until this moment I breathed again and I replied, “don’t you think you should first introduce yourself, what’s your name” my god! I was surprised at how serene and confident my voice was heard, that I even doubted that it was mine. He looks at me with the most beautiful smile I’ve ever seen in my life and that captivated me “of course, excuse me” he said with a charming voice, I was determined to play interesting, even if inside I was nervous, but I didn’t let him realize that. 

His smile captivated me “yes you’re right ” he said in a lovely voice, I was determined to make myself interesting, although my legs kept shaking under the table he couldn’t realize how nervous his presence made me feel, but I was able to breathe and disguise “My name is Tristan Douglas and I come here often” he takes my hand and kisses it, I can still feel the warmth of his lips in my skin, I smiled at him and said, “Hi Tristan I’m Larissa I also come often and I sit in the same place”.

“I know, I’ve seen you several times,” he said with a smile and looking at me in the eyes, finally he takes the chair and sat at the table, I put aside my book placing a little red sheet on the page I was reading.

I asked him where he was from because his accent wasn’t from this place, he smiled and said, “I’m from Westminster, a small town in England, but I have a year in Palmira studying at university, and you? are you from here?”

“yes” I answer him with a spontaneous smile without even thinking about what he was saying when I reacted “no, I’m sorry” I was looking like a fool, I tried to recover quickly and answered.

I am from Navarri but just like you came to study also, by the way, I remembered that some time ago a waiter gave me a flower and told me that it was from an admirer” without even asking him he answered me with that smile and that look that had fascinated me “I know that you like to come here, one day I came with my friends and was the first time the I saw you, sitting here reading no matter what was going on around you, I took a flower and told the waiter to give it to you.”, “ my God I couldn’t believe it, it was him! We stare at each other when his face showed amazement “maybe you forgot it was a long time ago the funny thing is that despite having given you that flower, months ago I never dared to speak to you.”

I was so excited, but I couldn’t help thinking that for months I was wasting my time looking for some reason to understand why my friends had so many guys trying to invite them on a date and I didn’t even have one, “ maybe because I was always busy with my stuff “ I thought while Tristan was seeing me every day without approaching me, how was this possible? How did it happen?

Larissa” he said holding my hand” I know we barely know each other but I would like to go out with you do you think that’s possible, to go on a date?

“Of course, I do” I answered him, I took out a paper from my bag and gave him my number, he did the same, “how about if we meet tomorrow at this same time, after school” while I saw those beautiful eyes I thought “! please say yes, please!

“I think it’s perfect I’ll be waiting for that moment” he took my hand again and kissed it, he got up from the table and left.

We said goodbye with the promise of seeing each other the next day. I picked up my things took my bag and I left for my apartment, counting the hours to see him again, I saved the paper Tristan gave me with his number carefully, I couldn’t stop thinking about tomorrow I’d see him again, I was so excited never thought this would happen to me, I look like a 17-year-old girl waiting for her first high school date.

” take it, easy girl, you don’t want to look like a crazy trying to get boyfriend right, “ I said to myself trying to be calm and not to let my imagination fly too much, one day at a time, one day at a time, tomorrow will be another day! I used to say that to myself but today that little phrase took a lot of strength in my mind.

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