When you leave your heart behind

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Chapter 2 Reality or we keep on dreaming

I can steel feel on my cheeks the warmth of sunlight reflected through my window “I love the softness of my bed, I’m still dreaming or my god’s sake I’m still asleep!” What time is it I just wake up quick, to see the time on my watch, I didn’t hear the alarm 6:30 am,! it can’t be! That’s what I get for sleeping late thinking about meaningless things, “breath 1 2 3 breath 1 2 3 ” I was trying to analyze the situation “my first class is at 9:00 am, I have a perfect time to fix myself, I have to be perfect is a normal day ” but I kept thinking about what would happen after I finished my college classes couldn’t stop thinking about Tristan that I’d see him again.

After a marathon watching between dresses and pants, I finally got to choose the perfect outfit, a white shirt on the shoulders with perfect fringes and blue trousers that looked perfect on my hip,” ok the last recap I have my books, makeup, cell money ok all ready let’s go”.

I ran out of the apartment, my campus is very close only a few blocks away, the university I attend is one of the most prestigious, only the best students are chosen and accepted, tuition is quite expensive but it helps a lot to have a high-performance scholarship like mine when I leave high school I decided to choose this university quite far from home, would give me a chance to get to know myself and to travel, which was my main goal.

On my way to campus I was thinking” he told me that he was at the same university as me “what was my surprise that I reacted too late to this, it will be possible that we have been in the same place for a year ! no! ” I thought confused would be too much coincidence, finally I arrive at my class and take the seat as far away from the teacher as possible, I took out my books and prepared myself to take some notes, I was determined not to exaggerate the situation of my new date with Tristan, to take things easy without counting the minutes to run out to see him.

In my last class the teacher decided to assign a “perfect” market research project which I needed more teamwork ” I thought turning my eyes to the right in dislike mode, each team would be made up of 5 people, my favorite team to work with was already formed, first it was Alice always ready to finish fast so we could have some fun, Laura who despite having a boyfriend and dedicating all her free time with him, she was not forgetting that the school was her priority, her boyfriend was Roberto a football player, “I love football some benefit would have to get out of that relationship, we got free tickets for every game” I thought.

Then we have Fabian who is very attentive to me, practically my best friend, although the others would say that he looks more like my boyfriend which caught more attention because his girlfriend’s position was still available with a huge list of girls willing to take that position next to him any time “who wouldn’t do it he’s handsome, had a killer body “ however for me was only Fabian, my crime partner who always told me “let’s go to the movies? are we going to run? Shall we go to the gym? “I always had time for myself, maybe that’s why I never felt alone.

The last member of the team Dilan, the popular guy our star, he always got what we needed, where we wanted to go, he knew everything like a web page 24 hours a day working, he comes from England a totally an English gentleman the girls’ man, one of the most requested exchange students at the university, however lately we had not seen him, since he joined the football team, if that was not enough, the popularity he had, increased after that.

At the end of the class we decided to get together and get organized to carry out this project, it was 2:30 pm and I couldn’t believe how fast time went by I decided to speed things up I couldn’t waste any more time “ok perfect that’s the plan, tomorrow we start” I told them in a very enthusiastic way, but Dilan seemed to notice that something wasn’t right with me, he stared at me and said “ “something is not right…Where are you going in such hurry?”

Everyone turns around to stare at me “what?’“ I said nervously “I’m not in a hurry it’s late, and I have things to do” Fabian made an amazing face “what things” the last thing I need right now is an interrogation with the inquisition a just told them “things... so if we already agree, I will see you tomorrow at the game” I looked at Laura and I said” in the same seats right” and she looks at me “ sure…wait we have a favor to ask you Roberto has a friend who is very interested in you” I closed my eyes and said “another blind date there’s no way” I shouted, “no, thanks!!” with a forced smile I turned around and said goodbye to everyone.

I got away from my friends and started running, I had only 5 minutes to be on time, I didn’t want Tristan to think I wouldn’t go “you’re crazy, you don’t even know him and I’m already running” I thought and laughed thinking about what was going on. “I’m losing my mind I don’t even know him well enough to worry about what he might think of me” when I crossed the street a car almost hit me, it stopped just in time it was my fault, I was so distracted, looking towards the driver’s place and as he lowered the glass of the window I could hear a rather angry voice insulting me “What the f***k you stu***d bi**t” I was surprised to see that it was Dilan he looked at me and said aloud “! S**t Larissa! I knew something was going on, what the hell is so important that you’re practically flying because I almost hit you,”

He said so angrily “It’s too late I won’t be there in time I don’t want him to think that ........ ” at that moment I put my hands in my mouth and I kept quiet and Dilan said “think what? Who? Do you have a date?” he asked so many questions and I didn’t know what to answer “okay get in the car,” he said I got in the car and without waiting for him to ask me anything I told him where to go and said to him “but I have to get off first, don’t tell me anything just drive” we were 5 blocks away, we arrived in less than 5 minutes, I opened the door and I got out but before I left he said “this isn’t you…. I don’t know what’s going on but please take it easy” he smiled at me and I said “thank you” and closed the door.

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath trying to calm down, guided my view to the place of our date, looking among the people for Tristan, and there he was sitting at the same table as yesterday, seeing something his cell phone I kept admiring him for a few minutes seeing how attractive he is, he was just 5 meters from him, when suddenly he turned around and at that moment and their eyes met, we both smiles and I greet him waving my hands and get close to him

Then he gets up from the table and greeted me with that beautiful smile “ Hello, hello, hello I’m so sorry in the last class, they gave us a team project, and we had to agree, they made plans, but I arrived as soon as I could, haven’t you been waiting long? ” I said

“No! It doesn’t matter at all, you’re already here I thought you wouldn’t come, that maybe I scared you yesterday, I passed through my head the idea that maybe I had scared you” we both laughed, at that moment I took a few seconds to take a deep breath and I think he too” I won’t deny you that the idea went through my head, but I’m already here” I said with a smile.

“How was your day?” I said to him but he kept staring at me and that made me very nervous!! “ A normal day nothing interesting that will captivate my attention, until this moment”

“Well, I’m glad,” I told him closing my eyes ” that silly as I could say that, I can hear myself even more desperate!” I thought, he kept staring at me ! my god makes him stop! I thought.

“Yesterday you told me that you go to the University of Palmira, in which campus? I do not remember having seen you before” “ Well I was studying at the University of Westminster when a teacher offered me an opportunity that I could not pass up so a year ago I arrived I’m in Systems “

“That campus is near mine as I may not have seen you.“, “ The truth is that I focused on my studies no party or meetings came here followed sometimes with my friends and when I first saw you, I started being a frequent client, however, I didn’t always find you at the same time I smiled when I heard their comment “it’s true, I come at the time I can clear myself a little, “I said smiling.

The truth is that I focused on my studies no party or meetings, I came here often with my friends and when I saw you, I started being a frequent client, however, I didn’t always find you at the same time” I smiled when I hear him said that comment “it’s true, I come at the time I can clear myself a little”I said smiling.

“Now tell me a little more about yourself what are you studying?” “About me, “There’s not much to say, I’m from Navarri and I moved to Palmira to study at the university, have no boyfriend I’m fascinated by music, especially the piano that I’ve just started practicing, enjoy watching movies, love sports I am not the typical girl who is scared by sports,” I said with a smile on my face.

And with that answer, “ there were only two situations to expect one for my prospect to run away in terror or two who love the idea of enjoying something together” I thought, but I expected some reaction after what I just said and got it.

“Then you don’t have a boyfriend,” Tristan said with a smile in the form of mockery and affirmation at the same time,” I just told you what I like and you just heard that I don’t have a boyfriend” I smiled and he stared at me and said,” then, maybe luck is on my side you like football” “Yea it’s been a long time since I’ve been to a professional game, I have focused on other things but it’s a hobby the I love,” I told him so sincerely that I couldn’t believe it.

“A month ago, I signed up for the football team, my ex-coach at Westminster, gave a very good reference to the coach on duty, so I finally agreed to join the team” “wow really that’s good,” I said surprised ” tomorrow is a very important game and I would like you to be present” when I heard this, I swear a doctor could testify my heartbeat right now is not normal at all ” I would love and my friend boyfriend plays on the team and gives us some the tickets to attend, so we will go together but after the game, we have no plans ” I quickly said

“idiot,” I thought lamenting what I just said in front of him “Perfect, ” he said with a smile “that pleases me because you could make plans with me if we win there will be a campfire is one of the team traditions, I don’t know what it is, but I’d love to go with you”

“of course, but what if you lose the game?” I asked him ” I don’t care if we go to the campfire at the movies anything, as long as you’re with me” we were so focused on our conversation, that time flew by, I saw that he had a sports suitcase and I asked him “and that briefcase?” Tristan turned his gaze to the floor and said “oh I expected today’s training to be canceled, but the coach is very committed to winning tomorrow, I didn’t want to cancel our date so I decided to bring my training clothes to spend more time with you”

He said looking at me and showing me that lovely smile “training is at 7:00 pm maybe I can walk you home before I go, to be sure you got well” “sure! if you want to go, I don’t want you to be late my apartment is only a few blocks nearby so we can walk ” we get up and start walking, we were in the part of the terrace, which overlooks the square, so we had to go down a few steps and we continue straight to my apartment, he left me at the entrance I didn’t ask him to go up because it was already a little late, he gave me a very soft and tender cheek kiss and left, I ran up so I could see it from my balcony.

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