When you leave your heart behind

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Chapter 3 Game on

The day came, I can’t believe I’m getting dressed, like I’m going on a date and it’s just a football game, I feel nervous, but I have to be calm! I kept repeating to myself over and over again, it’s a normal day, I’m going to go to a game, not to see him, I’m so nervous a take a deep breath several times I made a mental map of what would happen and the scenario the I would have in the game, let’s see “Laura will be there to see Roberto, Fabian will go because he has to go, Dilan would not forgive him but is to celebrate his goal, these two are crazy, man thing” I thought And Alicia just goes by Dilan when it will be the day they will be told to accept their feelings” and I will have to act very well in front of them, this will be a disaster, I am sure, but it is worth it, so better prepared and ready for mass interrogation.

I got to the stadium and since in every match there were a lot of people, it was a very special match between two rival universities Palmira and Tenerife, both in the same city, I looked everywhere trying to locate my friend and there were as always Laura, Fabián, and Alicia, they were already occupying our favorite places just behind the team benches, so laura would take pictures of Roberto, I went down throw the stairs and I headed towards them, Fabian got up and let me sit between him and Laura, Alicia was kept up with Fabian talking about some girl who sent him kisses and desperately tried to get his attention.

The team went out on the court and we all got up screaming and clapping this was crazy, but I was very excited, the screaming to support the team and being with my friends, it was so exciting for a moment I forgot why I had come to the match until my eyes saw him under the number #9, where he was warming up with his teammates, moving each of those wonderful muscles that I could not admire when I was sitting yesterday in the French café, Roberto came up for a moment and greet Laura ignoring us completely.

“You’re finally here baby this is going to be a very exciting game,” Laura said “we exercise a lot for this game, we can’t lose,” Roberto said very determinedly and looked at us again “hi Ali, Fabian, and Larissaaaaaaa!” said in a way that seemed to me in the form of a joke and more striking than usual and I looked at it in a challenging way both of them smiled at me and turned to see me and that made me feel uncomfortable and suddenly I remembered, “Are they both on the same team, Roberto will know him?” Roberto came up to me and told me with that sneering smile that identifies him as a trademark “I have a friend who wants to meet you, say yes please, I promise you this will be the last blind date and the last favor I ask of you”! he said “ the last blind date wast that bad !” I thought.


The first and last time I accepted one of his famous blind dates with a friend of Roberto’s, was less than two months ago, I still remember “going in Laura’s car, reading a book that she had lent me when suddenly the car stopped when I turned around, there was Roberto with Israel Valero, a handsome tall cocksman with spectacular biceps an athletic body, hazelnut brown hair and those green eyes like two spring leaves that shone with the reflection of the sun straighten me in my seat and I looked at Laura surprised.

“!what is going on here !” she looked at me and next to her hands in the form of a pray and said “you’re going to have fun I promise you a dinner, I don’t ask for anything special please” I couldn’t believe the stabbing from my own friend’s but there was no way to avoid it so I breathed deep and I said “just this once and you owe big time ” she hugged me and I scream” yeeeeei, this will be fun” we got out of the car and Laura ran into the arms of Roberto, who lifted her like a pen and kissed her, Roberto was a gentleman and he went out of his way for her.

Roberto greeted me and said, “Larissa, he is Israel a friend of the team” I looked at him was very handsome I could not deny that he came to me and kiss my hand “hello lovely ” “hello so guys what is the plan,” I said watching Roberto “we gonna go to get dinner and then we will make a campfire on the beach” ” excellent I miss the beach at night is so romantic babe,” said Laura “Larissa you didn’t want to go to the beach at night, I once told you it would be fun” “ok come on,” I said very seriously.

We arrived at the beach and chose a perfect place we enjoyed the campfire and dinner that we had bought, suddenly Israel pulled a guitar out of his car, which surprised me and I stared at him, when he saw me he said “yes I play the guitar is my favorite hobby, I am not just muscles and a raw player, I have neurons and I use them ” I smiled and that answer caused me a lot of laughter, it was not as I imagined it was very nice had its moments during our evening when he opened the door of his car, serving wine in my glass, make sure that I was comfortable and also played the guitar, it was the attention to which I was not used to, but I kept seeing him as a typical man who seduces women, with endless conquests and I would not be the next.

After that day, we went out for a month, I liked it I couldn’t deny it was attractive his way of conquering me with his attentions, however, he wasn’t his girlfriend yet! and maybe it would have been, if it wasn’t for an incident that revealed his true character, on a Friday I was sitting in the campus garden waiting for him and a student I didn’t know, gave me a rose he came up to me leaned on one knee and he raises his arms in his hands he had a rose and he told me a very tender phrase that I still remember “on my knees I beg you to agree to go out with me and let me tell you how beautiful you are” was funny and tenderly took my hand and kissed her at that moment Israel went over him like a beast and struck him so hard that the young man fell to the ground and I saw blood on his face, I knew he got up and they were both about to start a fight, I looked at Israel I had never seen him like this, his face reflected anger all he heard was “she’s mine stupid, you better get away from her or else... “

I was surprised, scared the way Israel reacted, I didn’t recognize him, at that moment I knew I didn’t want a relationship with him, I just came up to both of them and I said “I don’t care if you kill each other, as long as the excuse isn’t me” look at the young man who gave me the rose and I said “I don’t know you but I appreciate this gesture but I’m not interested, I’m sorry, I give him the rose back and at that moment the rage and disappointment filled my mind I looked at Israel and I could only tell you “if at some point I went through my mind having any relationship with you, with this you can forget it I am not an object or property of anyone” I turned around and left, my friends saw that scene when I left Israel followed me But Roberto and Dilan stopped him and let him know, that any attempt was useless, that he should give me time and space.

In the following days, I ignored him despite his efforts, one day I decided to give him a chance and saw him kissing Silvia, his ex-girlfriend, it didn’t take him long to replace me and the love he claimed to have me was very fleeting, he saw me and ran out to give me an explanation but I looked at it and I said “get away from me, you don’t interest me, this is over and you’ve already got over it” the days went by, I avoided it and I was distracted by my daily routine, it wasn’t really hard to forget that stage and my friends were excellent entertainment, Israel didn’t give up, but I knew nothing would happen, then I found out from Roberto that Israel fold in love with me, but those incidents took me completely away from him, that was the first and last date I accepted from Laura and Roberto.


So I stared at him and said, “Forget it, I came to watch the game and have fun, why do you guys want me to have a boyfriend, I already look like a nun?, maybe I don’t need a blind date anymore” when I finish that sentence I felt the look of Fabian and Alicia, “Why?” They both said “something happened that we don’t know” said Fabian I looked at everyone and said, ” game we came to watch the game” look at the field hoping that everyone would forget the topic for a moment”

“!Roberto! if you’re not going to play you would have stayed at home” said coach Douglas ” yes coach, I’m going to leave is a real shame, I’ll have to tell him that he’s going to be disappointed and you’re going to break his little heart” “Let’s change the subject please we come to watch a game let’s go, team!” I shout again the game was about to start and they started giving the lineup, the players were already on the court and I could see Roberto talking to Tristan and looking over here, I was surprised “! what are you talking about!” I thought, the first half was very exciting we started winning with Dilan’s goal, but at minute 35 we were tied, came the half time and it was clear that the players were tired, they made the last meeting before the second time and Tristan turned to see me smiling and I smile back, but without realizing that Israel was watching us “Do you saw that Larissa he doesn’t take his eyes off you” said Fabian “who you’re talking about”I said confused “who else! Israel! I thought I’d gotten over you, but I don’t think so,” Fabian said seriously, turned to the court, and our eyes met, I ignored but Tristan realized the way Israel was looking at me, the referee’s whistle sounded and they started the last 45 minutes, it was a very exciting and close match, very rough fouls but finally they won Tristan scored a goal in a 3-pass play, supported by Roberto who was the captain of the team, Tristan played very well.

It was the first time I saw him but you could see the confidence that his team had in him, they gave the final whistle, the players congratulated themselves and returned to the bench Laura, Alicia, and Fabian came to congratulate Roberto and Dilan, while I was busy looking for my cell phone when I suddenly heard Tristan’s voice ” you missed something” I got up with my cell phone in my hand ” found it, looking at my phone good game very exciting “I said

” yes and we won,” he said with a smile “I have to change and we can go to the campfire, can you wait for me I don’t want you to be here alone, you can wait with the girlfriend of my friend Roberto is called Laura I think you know her ” “ Laura? Do you know Roberto? I said surprised.

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