When you leave your heart behind

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Chapter 6 Welcome to reality

7:30 am and the alarm goes off, one more day, I was in my apartment, after a weekend of emotions, I lay down in my bed, looking towards the ceiling, I closed my eyes and breathed some music in to relax this was my favorite time of the day, I had a lot of time to go to college.

I remembered that moment with Tristan, its arms around me, I felt like my heart was throbbing faster, I didn’t know what was happening to me, but I liked it to be with him, I had never felt that way, not even with Israel, I just know that I want to be with him, and I remembered what he mentioned yesterday” Let’s see what happens.”

Today we’ll start training, I’m on the College Athletics team, I don’t do a lot of tests, I just run the 5000m race and relievers, I’m good at running, after classes, I must report to coach Mattos, he’s from Jamaica, an excellent coach, he has a lot of faith in me, he thinks this will be my year, but I must work hard, and I also think this will be an excellent year.

“Well, I’m ready” but suddenly my cell phone rings “who will be so early” I see the screen and it’s Tristan’s “hello.”

“Good morning beautiful you sleep well,” he stated

“Yes, I did more than ever,”

“Glad to hear that, I’m already here to take you with me.”

“Here we’re, what are you talking about,” I said, surprised, I ran to the balcony and there he was “let’s go baby we’re leaving,”

When I was in front of him, he wrapped my waist with his arm and kiss me, I shut my eyes and it was so beautiful I felt her lips go through mine, I could sense how he enjoyed kissing me, that our lips touched when we split up to remove some air, he touched my lower lip with his finger and said: “I love your lips.”

He kissed me on the forehead, opened the door to let me in, and we left.

“Today I will be busy, I have the training and I can’t pick you up.”

“Okay don’t worry, I’ll be a little busy too we start the tournament season and it’ll be the first day of training, I am in Athletics,”

“see you at night then, in my apartment,” I said, “I can come for you in the morning, so we can spend more time together,”

“never imagine you were in athletics, which is your specialty,”

“5000 meters, 5 km and mixed relays Fabian is on the team” we get to the parking lot and he says goodbye and kisses me

“see you at night beautiful,”

“bye “I got out of the truck and went to my class, Tristan was on the other side of campus, so I wasn’t that far away, I’d train, and he will do the same.

The day was a completely normal routine, we had breakfast and went to training, Fabian was already waiting after my last class, Coach Mattos received us with his eternal speech of each season, explained the goals, the new brands, and upcoming competitions.

Our training consisted of warming up, time-taking, and endurance testing, as part of the mixed relay team, I had to train with Jordan my relay partner, Fabián, and Tania, were the other relay couple, there are 4 of us, but being the last Jordan and me, we must synchronize, we started training, checking the times, that we had each one, there was much to improve yet, but we will be ready on time.

“Hey, Dilan! you take longer than a village bride, come on men, you have to train, put that on” Tristan said

“I have to take my time and be presentable, for those girls who come to see me, but you don’t have nothing to worry me anymore and you have a jewel, I like it, but I know someone who’s not going to like the idea,” he said very seriously.

“you mean Israel, I saw what happened in the campfire the other night, I don’t see any problem and if there is, I’ll talk to him... come on, I don’t want to be punished with 2 km because of you,” Tristan said.

I was determined to try something with Larissa, I liked it very much, I felt something that I could not explain to her and I knew that she corresponded to me.

I should be focused on my training and here I am, thinking about her, we started warming up, some plays, the usual, Israel was on the opposing team, quite aggressive performing fouls and kicks, something told me that I was just waiting for my turn something told me it would be next.

I felt a push from Israel, he hit my back and I turned around and faced it “you have a problem with me, here I am” I told him waiting for him to give me an excuse, we started to struggle, and he shot the first hit, and I gave it back to him.

We started fighting without saying a word, but we knew why, and I would not leave him without giving him a firm statement, that he would stay away from my girl. The other teammates stopped us, and the coach approached.

“! Tristan! ! Israel! .... if you have a problem, fix it outside my field, is that clear, I do not want fights or you will be suspended, it’s that clear enough “

“yes coach,” said Tristan

Israel and I looked at each other, our coach waiting for Israel’s response “I didn’t listen to you Israel or I need to explain it to you in another way”

“Yes. Coach crystal clear”

“fix it outside, that’s all for today, everybody goes to the showers, I want you in time tomorrow to start your training”

When we were in the locker area Israel was about to leave and I had to talk to him to make it clear to him the Larissa was mine and that he had to stay away from her.

“Larissa is my girlfriend now, she’s with me, so stay away from her, don’t bother her, don’t talk to her”

“Or what pretty boy”

“I’m not asking you; I’m warning you “

“she still has feelings for me, I’m sure, even if she’s with you”

“we’ll see,” Tristan said

“Will see,” said Israel and walked away,

“Lari, I’m sorry beautiful, the training was harder than I thought. We can see each other tomorrow, I’m a bit tired,” Tristan said.

“Sure, don’t worry, I’m also a bit tired, I’d like to sleep early, I see tomorrow, you’ll pick me up.”

“Yes, I miss you, baby,” he said in such a sweet tone.

“Me too,” I said

“I promise you that tomorrow after training, we can go anywhere you want,” Tristan said.

“I think that’s perfect, I can’t wait until tomorrow, goodbye baby.”

“Bye beautiful”

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