When you leave your heart behind

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Chapter 7 I won't give up so easily

It was early in the morning, almost 8 am, and Tristan was already waiting for me to take me to the university, so I opened the door of the truck and entered “ Good morning” I told him and he kisses me.

I watched him and he had a cut on his cheekbone, “Tristan, what happened to you.”

“ Nothing an accident in a play with another player, nothing to worry about ”

You’re sure that looks pretty deep.” I said.

On the way, I didn’t say a word; I knew that he was hiding something from me, Tristan was quiet.

We arrived at the university and I was about to leave when Tristan took my hand and kissed me passionately, telling me in my ear “ don’t think about it too much, it’s not something you should worry about, better think about what you want to do later, I will pick you up after training ok,”

‘It’s impossible to get mad when he talks to me like that.’

“All right, I’ll see you later at 4:00 at the field, bye”

I saw him drive away, and I headed to my class; I am going to find out what had happened and why Tristan had this cut on his face, plus I knew exactly where he would get the information, so I must question Dilan and he must tell me what happened.

Laura has been already in class, with her cell telephone in her hand, “who you talk to so early” I told her surprised.

“With Roberto, he’s waiting for Tristan,”.

“ Tell him he shouldn’t belong, he just left me in the parking lot,”

“He listens to you, then I’ll see you later, I love you, bye.”

“ Wow, I love you, kiss, kiss, lovebirds,”

“Wait for a few more weeks and you’ll be the same or worse than me, at the rate you’re going,” she said.

“Hello, pretty girls, Alicia is the last time I come looking for you, this woman takes forever to prepare,” Dilan said.

“ Stop complaining, how was supposed to know that you would arrive earlier, is not your specialty,” Alicia sat down next to Laura.

“Where is Fabián, he never misses this class” I said surprised and I took out my mobile phone, I dial his number and answered me.

“Where the hell are you!! You are going to be late again,”

During the break we went to the cafeteria, we had to eat breakfast properly; we sat down and ate, Dilan and Fabian looked like vacuum cleaners, eating, and bothering Alicia with her new diet and something that looked like breakfast. Meanwhile, I went to Laura.

“You know if something happened yesterday at the boys’ training,”.

“What do you mean, something happened, Roberto said nothing to me?”

“What about Tristan?”

“ That’s the problem. He didn’t say anything, but he has a cut in his face, it was a punch, and if he doesn’t want to tell me what happened, it was a big deal.”

“ I need to know, and I know that Dilan, can tell me... “Let me take care of this,” Laura said.

“I was surprised when Roberto told me what happened yesterday at his training, Dilan where were you.”

“What happened yesterday, Dilaaaannnn... Tell me everything” said Fabián looking at him.

“Roberto cannot keep silent because he must always tell you everything,” Dilan said.

“Because I’m his girlfriend,” Laura says and hopes Dilan will tell us everything.

“It was the training game, you know, the whole team divided in two, Roberto and Tristan, were in the same squad and I was in the other one, a certain person was not in a really good mood and was, making several some aggressive plays, but..........”

“For the love of God, Dilan,” tell us, “Stop stalling.”

“ If you don’t let me finish, I won’t tell them anything, thank you”

“ Israel was making several plays, in which he was bothering Tristan, or pushing him or taking the ball away from him with a foul, until at the end of the training, Israel gave him a push from behind, he did not fall, but we all realized that he was behind the whole game, provoking him, they faced each other, Tristan asked him what his problem was and Israel told him literally”

“ You are my problem pretty boy and he hit him in the face, they started to punch each other and we all had to intervene, the coach arrived and you can imagine.....I can’t believe that Roberto will tell you, Tristan told us specifically, that he didn’t want you to worry about that Lari” Dilan said.

“Dilan! , Roberto hasn’t told me a thing... We simply wanted to find out” said Laura.

While Fabian was hitting Dilan on the back of the head with his hand and said “ idiot anyone would think that someone of your size would be smarter” I told him.

“The truth is that I imagined something like that had happened and that’s why he didn’t want to tell me, I’m worried that this will happen again, they see each other every day, I don’t want to cause him any problems”

“There’s nothing you can do, let him take care of it,” said Dilan and Fabian agreed.

“besides Israel ran into someone who didn’t, he was afraid to face him, I didn’t think he would do that, he was so reckless, you should have seen him, he stood in front of him, looking straight at his face, I think he’ll be ok, don’t worry about it”

! Haaa! Dilan shout again “ Why do you hit me again you idiot”

“ You better eat something and put a piece of fruit in his mouth snitch,”

I upset because of that situation but there was nothing I could do, and I didn’t want to talk to Israel either, after the last time I saw him, I was afraid of my reaction to having him so close, I will talk later with Tristan and for now, I will focus on other things.

We’re back at last classes of the day, Fabian and I said goodbye to the others, to go to the training field when we arrived we saw that something had happened, we approached and coach Mattos was informing the rest of the team, that Jordan had had an accident, that he was fine but would be out of the competitions, for 4 months, which affected us, since he was key in the mixed relays and my relay partner, we did not have someone who could replace him, so it would be a problem.

“ This puts us in a very delicate situation, the mixed relays are a key test, for the team and the classifications, we had to look for an urgent replacement, someone who is ready, although he was in another sport, there is a student who was a runner, recently, he is in shape his coach will yield it, by 4 months, like a special case, so I believe that many of you know him, there is coming, Israel Valero, meet the team,” Coach Mattos said.

“ what the fu**,” said, Fabian

“Israel is from the football team from today he will be part of the Athletics team and will be with us, 4 months replacing Jordan, ”

“ kill me please,” I said.

“ I heard 4 months Fu**! This will not please Tristan,” Fabian said.

“do you see me jumping with joy,” I said to him with an angry face.

“ Lari come here,” the coach said.

“yes, coach,”

“ you can train with Israel, teach him the times, he will be your partner and you have to be on top of him, so he learns as fast as possible, ” Coach said.

I breathe deeply and look at Israel, who was with an enormous smile looking at me and he said to me smiling mockingly.

“ You heard the coach, you must be on top of me, so I learn faster,” he said.

Fabian took a step and stood between Israel, and I and he tried to challenge him.

“It’s ok Fabian I got this, Let’s get things clear for once, what are you doing”

“ the coach came up to me, I did nothing, my coach asked me to accept, you know I was a runner, besides I, not going to waste the opportunity to be close to you, it’s the perfect opportunity,” he said

“This is not a game for me, you are going to train and try, I don’t want you to take advantage of the situation,” I said determined and angry.

“ sure, whatever you say”

“Stretching exercises, Lari move your leg, and Israel must grab it and stretch it towards his shoulder,” the coach said.

Fabian could not hide his angry face with Israel he was upset, especially because Israel was taking advantage of the situation, ignore his smile and try to perform the exercises but he wasn’t even hiding his smile when he was touching my leg.

“ Stop that, this is serious, Israel”.

Both of us did the warm-up, the routine exercises, jogging, and finally, we started to run the 5km ” we must be under 30minutes flat in this event, so focus and don’t cross my line, I don’t want you to hurt me, Israel do you understand?”.

“you look so beautiful when you talk like that”.

“You’re unbearable, I don’t know how I’m going to put up with you” I ignored him, turning my eyes up and running over my line.

I could see him running, next to me, I didn’t know what to think about this situation, 4 months together side by side next to him and this way, it would be impossible to ignore him, avoid him even less talk to him, impossible”

Israel kept playing. While we were running, he crossed my line causing me to lose my rhythm, until it was inevitable that we collided, I tripped over him and we fell to the ground, hurting my ankle.

Coach Mattos ran towards us, Tania and Fabian, worried that I would have been injured.

“ Israel, you must be more careful and respect the space, to avoid these accidents,” said the coach.

Fabian was angry and started fighting with Israel, telling him he was an idiot for him. This was just a game.

“ I’m taking her to the infirmary” Fabian.

“No, you must finish your routine, Israel, take her and make sure the doctor sees her, do not separate yourself from her, in a few moments I will be with you guy”

The coach gave me the hand to get up, but I could not support my foot, my ankle hurt a lot, then Israel took me in his arms and carried me.

“ Let me down, I can walk,” I said aloud.

“ Don’t be childish, you can’t even stand up,” said Israel.

“ Go back to training, she’s going to be fine,” the coach shouted.

As Israel took me to the infirmary, I looked at Fabian and quietly told him “I’ll be fine don’t worry”.

“ I’m sorry Lari, it still hurts, I didn’t want you to fall, but having you in my arms and so close to me makes me feel, I’m ashamed to say, but I wouldn’t change this moment.”

“ Israel, please think about it you still have time to regret it,” I told him.

“that will not happen, I wouldn’t change this, being by your side, even if it’s this way, but I can be with you”

“God just wanted us to get to the infirmary fast and get away from him! He smells so good!.

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