Beautiful Rosa

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"Ugly Rosa!" All her life she was called ugly. Her own mother hated and abused her. After years of nights crying herself to sleep and cursing herself to be stronger. She finds herself at her sisters wedding being the photographer because she didn't want her ugliness to be captured. Until Isaac. He saw her and knew he needed more of her. Once a cold tycoon bachelor running after the most precious angel and wanting to make her his. Read for yourself.

Romance / Erotica
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"Mamma Rosa has done something very bad." Freya taunts.
"Please Freya I didn't know. I swear. I didn't mean to do it because i didn't know." Little 7 year old Rosa begged Freya her sister not to tell their mother.


When she heard her mammas voice echo from the kitchen to the living room she was mortified. She ran and hid under the brown table. Her long curly hair hanged as a curtain infront of her face. She was so scared she wet her new tights which made her so scared she began to hiccup. While tears streamed down her face.

"What did she do now Freya? And where is she?"
"She ate from the secret stash cookies for my school and she said she's not scared of you. She's hiding under the table mamma."
"Oh now she's hidding. She's phethetic. Ugly look at her."
When she came out she rised slowly from her crawling position to stand while ceeping her hair as a shield against her mama's disappointed face. She kept her head bowed and felt the tears falling down her face.
When her mama saw her little accident she let out a mock gasp and things got ficical. She hit little Rosa so hard she fell from the impact of the slap to her left side of her head. She then layed there sprawled on the floor crying. "You little bitch. Do you know the value of chlothes? You don't pay for it so you don't have to know the value huh. Little ugly Rosa."
She kicked Rosa in the stomach and grabbed her hair.
"Tell beautiful Freya here your sorry."
"I.. I.. I am.. s.. sorry Freya." Her mamma pulled her hair tighter cause her to scream out loud.
"I said beautiful Freya didn't I?"
"Yes mamma! Yes! You did! Beautiful Freya I am sorry." she sobbed while feeling all the pain becoming too much then Freya responded with an evil glint in her blue eyes.
"Mamma she did it on purpose so sorry won't do. She needs to kiss the spot where she made a mess."
Then mamma agreed while throwing poor Rosa to the ground with her hair with a *Thud * to the ground..
"Kiss it Rosa."
"Yeah Ugly Rosa kiss it!" Feya taunted.

....... End of nightmare *Flashback *........

*Beep, beep, beepbeep* the alarm clock went off making Rosa excape from the demons of her past in dreams.

Haunting, taunting her that she is the ugly duckling of them. Freya and Lina were always mammas favorite.

Beautiful girls with blue eyes and blond hair while she had boring brown eyes and the usual black hair. They had nice tanned white , brown skin while she had milky white skin. They had flat stomachs and she had a small little fat but it looked great on her but she despised it. They had lean, toned legs while hers were average, normal. They had small breasts that suit their body's well while Rosa had a nice pair of breasts. The only thing she actually liked about her body. She had just enough, normal sized breasts that fit her well.

She stood up from her warm comfortable bed and picked out a nice outfit for today. She ended up picking a red dress with a cardigan and small heels and cotton black panties and a matching black bra.

She then went to the bathroom did her normal rootine and came out with her hair still wet. She did a side plait on both sides and clothed herself. She made herself porrige and ate while watching the news. When she was done eating she blow-dried her hair with the blowdryer and let it loose. Her waist ink black hair fell into beautiful shiny curly waves down her back.

She applied a matte pink lipstick on and grabbed her purse and car keys. She walked out her apartment and went down the elevator to the nearest coffee shop. She arrived at the first floor and was greeted by Mike. The receptionist. "Hi miss. Rosa enjoying your stay?"
"It's been very delightful Mike. What's with the formalities we are way past that Mike."
"Hahaha yes we are Rosa. So let me guess coffee shop for hot chocolate?"
She fake gasped. "Mike you know me so well. Are you stalking me Mikie?"
"What. Me, never Rosa you always tell me how good Sally's coffee shop has the best hot chocolate in Town."
"Now that is true."
The old man scowled. "So not my misses can make it way better."
"Hey don't argue with me Mikie. I sure believe you owe me free hot chocolate so if the misses is making it next time be a dear and keep me a cup would you."
"Sure will do Rosa."

With that she walked off to the coffeshop around the corner and ordered a cup on the go.
"Hi Rosa why are so late today? Your cup has been standing here for forever?" Sally the shop owner exagerates.
"Oh my gosh I am so sorry Sally, Me and Mike we talking and I got carried away from the flow of the conversation." she pouted.
"Don't stress my child this ones on the house." she winked and laughs at Rosa's cute facial expression.
"Oh my looks like I should come late everyday."
"Oh no this is a one time thing." she gave Rosa a pointed look making Rosa pout.
"Ohkay Sally, thanks anyway."
"Bye Rosa"
"Bye Sally"
With that she sipped her hot chocolate while walking to her car back at the hotel. She arrived at the hotel parking lot and threw away the cup and climbed into her car and drove to one of her sisters wedding rehearsals. She arrived at the church and went inside. She saw no one yet so she began adjusting her camara,because she volunteered to be the photographer because she didn't want to be in any of the photos. She began taking random pictures. Just being in her own little world.

From the last bench sat Isaac. The older brother of the groom watching her. Observing the way she walks, adjusts her camera and clicks the camera while smiling and simply being just so happy. He has never came across someone like her and that intrigued him. He wanted to know her. Understand her even.

She was just so full of life in her own bubble. A free-spirited girl with no worries.

An angel from heaven.

He smilled.

After a few minutes from observing her they finally arrived.

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