My Alpha twin Mates

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Hope Amelia White is the head warrior child she is off to college and there she will meet her mates? will they except her ? we don't know ? Read to find out

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1

My name is Hope Amelia White i’m the head warrior child well the youngest and 17 years old today is the day i leave for college well to be specific Whether Mort college i’m starting as a freshmen i have long dark brown hair that goes to my ass and blue greenish eyes and i’m 5′1 i’m very short .

I wake up to my brother jumping on my bed he might be 24 but he still acts like a kid i feel sorry his mate . he hasn’t found her yet but his wolf is getting really hyper which means he’s close to finding her anyway after he completed waking me up i got up and went into my bathroom and took a shower and washed with strawberry lime scented soap after i got out of the shower i decided to put on a Nike pro shorts with a blue shirt and the jacket to match the shorts after that i started to pack i decided to bring 3 suitcase the first one will be exercise clothes and 2nd would be shoes and the third regular clothes and some dresses and the 2 bags that i would be bringing had my makeup and bath things in it i decide to buy my food and other things when i get to Washington.

After i finished packing all my stuff i put it in my blue 2018 jeep and then i decide to go eat something before i go my parents were out because my dad was the head warrior and my mom is the pack doctor and my brother decide to go to practice today don’t get me wrong me and my family have a great relationship its just there always busy but they make time so i go in the kitchen and see that my mom left my food in the fridge i got it and warmed it up and after i finished i mind linked my family and told them i was leaving now .

Washington DC

i just made it to the college i decide to check in first and get my room key so i went to the registration room and i got every thing i found out i was going to be in a room with 2 other people my wolf lily started to pace around in my head i asked what was wrong and she said nothing and just stopped after that i got me a cart and got all of my things and put them in the suitcase this was a human and werewolf college so i couldn’t do anything out of the ordinary so after i finished i got all of my things and started to walk to my dorm and started to smell strawberries and coconut and pine woods and the ocean which was weird because it was 2 different scents as i got my key out the room door open and i was overpowered by the smell i looked up too see 2 pairs of eyes looking at me i say hi and can i get through they let me through and i see that it was like a apartment the kitchen was small but cozy and the living room i decide to ask them were my room was they decide to show me i looked at the rooms and it was the 2 to last door it was a regular college room my bed and other things had arrived yesterday i just had to unpack so that's what i did not forgetting the 2 pairs of eyes so before i started i looked at them no really looked at them the first girl had blue eyes blond hair and had on some shorts and a white top while the other one had green eyes and brown hair with joggers and a white shirt after i finished checking them out i looked up and seen a smirk on both of there faces i blushed and said

Hi my name is hope" i said

the blond hair " my name is Lizzie"

the brown hair "my name is Josie "

well its nice to meet you i see that your my roommates .......

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