Love With A Twist

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He raises his brows at her in disbelief… “I’ve grown up dad! I’m not in preschool nor high school. I’m in college. And you need to respect my decisions. If I don’t want to go to school today, it’s not your loss. So, please stop being so controlling because it’s only making things worse.” Mr. Roger stood there speechless for some time… “Why don’t you want to go to school today?” Amanda sigh then looks at him dismissively “Here you go again with the interrogations…” she complains “Please can we for once have a civilized conversation!? I’m your dad and I need to know why. You don’t pay the school fee here. I do. So, give me a response now!” he insisted “Fine!” she sluggishly replied “There is this guy that has been giving me trouble from the first day of school” she began “He keeps threatening

Romance / Action
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Beginning of Flourishment

Roy Wilbur POV

Before every tragedy, was flourishment. In that flourishment, was the Love of my life, my hope, medicine, and everything I ever wished for.This flourishment was my girlfriend Bella. She was my reason to live. Until this day when she was rushed to the hospital.


Sounds of cries and sounds of joy came from different angles of the hospital. While I waited and prayed along with her household for the surgery to come out successful, I kept staring at the surgical room, dwelling for someone to bring us good news.

Bella has been suffering from brain cancer. Though I knew she probably won't make it for long, I didn't stop helping myself from loving and being there for her each time I got the chance.

Before going in for the surgery, we had a debate. It was not so bad, but it was not good either. Off course, it rhymed on her health.

It was a genuine issue for me when she kept insisting on going in for an operation. I did stop her. Still she persisted.

It was her life; it was her choice. But I was so disparately mad and heartbroken. I could've been thinking positively, yet I didn't. I just couldn't see myself doing that.

What she wanted of me; was aborminable for me give. I wasn't ready to provide my approval on something so outrageous. What if she didn't make it?

Could I ever be able to forgive myself for giving her the go-ahead? No! Never! Anyone would have done the same in my shoes.

After the aguement, I had to live to my mom's place to clear my head for a day. Hopefully, that didn't happen. I received a call announcing Bella was rushed to the hospital.

And guess what? It was because of the misunderstandings we had which worked her brain and made her pass out after that. Bringing us to this moment.

An hour had passed, however, no one seemed to think of giving us feedback. I doubt they know how tense and nervous we were.

No disrespect for medical personnel's but it was so annoying waiting and waiting, yet no info.

Though I wanted them to take their time and treat her at their best reach, I still couldn't control the feeling within me. My heart raised each time I heard the list sound.

Another hour had elapsed, and I could not take it anymore.

I rose walking up and down the corridor. I motioned for 3minutes, before a nurse told me to sit down. With an excuse that my action created tension towards other families who were there for their people. She was right. However to be honest, I cared less about anyone there then. All I wanted was Bella and her recovery.

I did put myself in their position. Understanding they didn't give a shit about me either. I reoccupied my seat. With my elbows on my laps and hands fucking my hair.

Nevertheless, that lasted for a while. I became super nervous. This time, it was a battle between heaven and hell. And off course heaven won. I stood up and Bellas' mom said [In French]

"Tu dois essayer de te détendre cher (You should try relaxing dear)"

"Je ne peux pas. Ça fait plus que une heure. qu'est-ce qui leur prend si longtemps? (I can't! It's been more than two hours. what's taking them so long?)" I roared

She didn't know what else to say. She just silently stared at the surgical area while her husband, Bella's dad, seemed lost in thoughts.

I have been living in France since I was 3 years old. That is what my mom told me.

Still we speak English at home since my mom is American.

My dad died from a critical tragedy, where just one person survived. That was after my mom brought me to this earth. Like, 17 years ago. Almost the moment we packed here.

I am 19 and I have been in college for a year now.

I and Bella knew each other in a restaurant my mom worked in as a cook. She baked as well.

After school, I made it a routine or should I say an obligation to pass by and have my meal. If not, I staff for the next 12hrs.

Bella constantly came with her mum to package food for their super.

Due to that, her mom and my mom became close. Turning into to best friends as the clock ticked.

Sometimes when my mom had a long duty, I go stay at Bellas' place. Though we saw each other at the restaurant, I made sure I created time to have a private moment with her. Don't take this dirty but she was really pretty. I did see her as a very good freind. I meant my best.

As we all know, something happened on the way. Emotions multiplied. Not more friendly sentiments but something extra. As I grew older, I rented a residence with the money I earned from a part-time job.

So, she started coming to see me often. Then, we were living happily and planning our future together. 14yrs from when we met.

On this faithful day before we had a misunderstanding, I was in town with my friends. Chilling and having a good time. Physically, I was present. But there was another side of me. Deeper that no one could see which was with Bella. Suddenly, I received a call from her. It was a miracle to me. Like a preschool weirdo having received a date with the school's celebrity or crush.


<< On phone >>

"Hello beautiful"

"Can we please meet at home?" She asked

I folded my brows at her tone. She did not seem nice. Asking a straight up question without teasing me, was not like her at all.

"Which home?" I wondered if she came to my house as usual without informing me. Yes, I provided her a spare key. I have no problem with it.

"Mes parents. Tête de bite! (My Parents. Dick head!)" She responded [French]. I chuckled.

"Ok. I will be right there. Do not forget to cook your species for me. Tu sais Je les aime (You know I love them)" I mentioned, and she hissed cutting the call.

Laughing at her behavior, I excused myself to my friends and headed for my car. I got in, blasted the engine, and drove to their house.

It was a quick distance for me with the speed I drove with. Moreover, I knew so many short cuts. Which was cool.

Bella is purely French and had never known English until we met. I taught her how to communicate, by speaking English with her regularly.

I made sure I gave her lessons. Since she loved discovering new things, she easily caught the basis and got fluent with the accent as time took off.

After 2years, Bella could proudly be named as someone who lived in an English province. Though she had problems battling the bilingual tongue that differentiated her from a pure English-speaking person.

As time and years passed, she was able to discern the French tongue from the English tongue.

It was almost perfect for a learner. I would say, she was Excellent. She is naturally a fast novice and a smart young lady. I guess those were some of the roots that caused me to fall in love with her.

15minutes later, I found myself picking at the entrance of her house. I jumped out of the car and matched towards her door. Strolling in after ringing the horn of course.

Her parents were busy with her baby sister since she was still a newborn.

I walked towards the dining area which was closer to the stairs and saw a medical report.

I didn't want to examine it but unexpectedly Bellas' name sounded from the doc to my ears. Like someone invisible read it out when my gaze darted to it.

So, I picked it up and went through the page.

Within seconds, my eyes fell on a note written and signed by her doctor waiting for a confirmation.

The report was not a good one. As the letter made mentioned how aggravated her case was. And also stated if surgery was not performed on her, she's not gonna be given a chance to say goodbye.

I gulped still staring at the file. It indicated below her attendance at the hospital 3days ago. And her prescriptions.

What the Fuck!! Why did she hide it from me!? I got vexed at the moment. I took the paper along and hurried it to her room.


To be continued...

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