Love With A Twist

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His nurse

“I knew it! I told you to stay away from those guys” Rex yelled

“So now what? Did you want to beat her up? Is that how you want to deal with cases? Acting foolish! You better get that off your mind, Craig.”

“I will question her about it to satisfy your curiosity” Rex added walking towards Amanda who was conversing with her friends, he bent over and whispered to her before saying loudly.

“If both of you don’t mind I need her”

“Sure…you could have her forever” Bridget responded

Amanda shook her head towards them before following him.

On their way, she stopped and asked

“Where are you taking me to?”

“We are almost there. You’ll know when we arrive” still, she didn’t move.

He stopped then came very close to her and looked into her eyes.


She couldn't deny it after seeing those eyes of his. She nodded slowly before he extended his hand for her to hold. And they continued their journey.

They ended far from the party but still in the same building as he directed her into an empty room. She saw Craig eagerly waiting and he stood up at the sight of her while Rex peeked at the corridor.

She stopped questioning “Why did you bring me here?”

Rex locked the door and stood in front of her. While she looked at them confused. She was so scared of the outcome.

Are they about to rape me? , Is this the end of my life? I shouldn't have followed him, Oh God please help me! Rex snapped his fingers at her and she blinks her eyes landing on earth.

“Don’t think a lot. We’re not here to harm you” Rex muttered under his breath

“Well, guess what, we will harm you if we find out you did it!” Craig threatened

“Don’t listen to him. This is what is going on…” Rex began explaining what happened before finally asking “So, I’m going to ask you… Did you do this?” showing pics from Craig's phone.

She stared at it blankly for some time and Craig was getting impatient

“Just answer the damn question. Yes, or No! And stop staring at the screen” Craig yelled and she flinched

“That’s enough Craig!” Rex scolded

“Did you?” Rex asked again

She shook her head uttering “No…”

“How sure are we she’s not lying?” Craig questioned

Rex kept looking into her eyes before responding “Because she isn’t”

“Then who is?” Craig questioned

Rex got into deep thoughts for some time then mentioned “If whoever did this chose to engrave her name, that means someone is after her. However, the fact that he/she used you to get to her, also means one of us have been targeted”

Amanda was confused “One of us? Why?”

He brought his gaze to her “Never mind.”

He added “I need to get you out of here”

“Uhh…what? No way… I came with my girls. I can’t leave without them” she protested

“Do you trust me?”

“What? That’s a ridiculous question” she responded

“If you stay here for one more minute, you won’t like your afterlife”

She gulped

“I will ask you once again, do you trust me?”

She blinked her eyes severally looking at him, then nodded silently.

“So, do as I say”

Gently pulling her hands, he commanded to Craig “Make sure you stick with others. And keep an eye on the intruders”

“Sure” he responded

Rex dragged her out of the building to where his car was packed. They both got in and he drove off speedily.


Roy was informed by James about the intruders so, he had his eyes watching the entire room. He walked through the crowd of hectic and drunken students towards another dance hall. Just when he left the previous room, his eyes fell on Xena who drank while conversing with some guys.

He wanted to make a round turn but stopped death his track noticing those guys were part of the intruders. He scanned their faces before walking towards her.

When she saw him approaching, her eyes lit up. She diverted her full gaze to him causing those guys to stare at a landing Roy.

"Can I have a talk with you for a sec?" He questioned her

"Who the hell are you?" A guy from the group stood up with wounded eyes.

Roy was so relaxed as he stayed his gaze on the guy.

"We don't have to do this. He's with me" Xena spoke jacking from her seat towards Roy

"Next time if you want to talk with her, you come to me first" the guy added

Roy chuckled with a gentle smirk forming on his face.

"No need barking man. You know better" Rex said

"You say what?" He makes a step towards Rex and Amanda sandwiches herself between them.

"Enough Dilan!" She yells

"You're lucky she cares" he works

"You should be scared then" Rex muttered.

He clenched his jaws while Amanda reddens at his words then faced him.

"I'm all yours"

He lowers his head digging into her eyes before taking her away from their presence.

They walked out of the festivity hall into an airy zone where the sound of music was unreachable.

"Do you know them?" He questioned

"Yeah. Most especially the one you almost fought with"

"I didn't want to fight with him"

"Your words kind of sounded like"

He sighs looking away then back at her "I wouldn't fight him. I'll kill him"

She became speechless

"By the way, I need you to be careful. They're not good guys"

"And how do you know that?"

He shoved his hands into his black jeans looking down into her eyes with his height hovering over her small self.

"I always have instincts. And they never lie"

She bit her bottom lip "What did you mean when you told him to get scared?"

He shakes his head at her thoughts. However, decided to turn her words "What do you think I meant?"

She slightly frowns knowing full well it may not be what she's thinking of.

"You don't get to ask my question"

"Fair enough" he responded as they stared into one another's breath taken eyes.


All through, Amanda seemed nervous and confused about why he kept saying “one of us”

She didn't know of this hidden gang or group of young intellectual and courageous guys guarding their school.

“I know this is weird for you but trust me I am blank on what is truly going on. At least I understand we-” he didn’t complete his words so

She rolled her head towards him.

She didn’t bother asking understanding he won't complete his statement. She looked ahead silently.

“Thanks for trusting me. And I promise you won’t regret it. I’m going to take you home ok” he said and she nodded slowly.

Within 6Km, they were blocked on the way by a group of men. Rex stopped the car at once.

“What’s going on?” Amanda questions in fear.

Rex looked at her for a moment then ordered “No matter what don’t leave the car”

After saying that he hoped out “W-wait…” she tried to stop him but he was already gone.

Watching from within, she nervously thought of calling the cops. But later on, something told her not to.

Rex landed before five huge men “May I know why you’re blocked my passage?” talking specifically to their leader which he knows so well.

“Finally I get to meet you personally. It’s quite unfortunate you crossed boundaries” their leader responded while was Rex studying all of them carefully before replying

“You mean you crossed boundaries by uninvitedly sending your boys to our school party”

Their leader was speechless for some time then said

“I guess that’s fair”

“Exactly. Now order your boys to give way” Rex commanded

Their leader smiled mischievously then looked past him to where his car was packed.

They knew they could do him no harm. However, they introduced something he will disagree with. with us so that, they can proceed with their plan.

“Who is the lady in your car?”

“She’s not your business” he responded coldly.

Their leader smirked then said “Well, now she becomes my business”

Rex clenched his jaw

“Send her over” he ordered

“You know that’s never going to happen”

His boys came forward to attack but were stopped by their boss.

“We can peacefully do this. It’s left for you to decide”

Rex looked at them for some time before responding

“Ok. Give me a minute”

Their leader was bewildered by his response while Rex walked back to his car.

Amanda ended up dialing the cops but didn't call them. When Rex came close to her he bent over and asked.

“Can you drive fast?”

She became incapable of responding “W-why are you asking me that?”

“I need you to shift to the driver's seat. I’m going to do something scary but trust me, I’ll be fine. When you see the road clear, just take off” he instructed.

“Rex… I’m not leaving you”

“No one said you’re leaving me. Just do as I say. And make sure you switch side when you see me coming”

With that being said, she took position and he strolled off. Due to the panic, she erroneously tapped the call button of the police.

She kept her head straight and breath out gently to impose her nervousness to steadiness, while Rex walked ahead, strategizing with his eyes towards them.

“Why the hell is she in the driver’s seat?” their leader questioned

“I ordered her to” Rex retorted standing boldly in their presence.

“This is your last chance to make this right. It’s either we get the girl, or we get both of you”

“Good luck with that”

Their leader became horrific by his courage which got him annoyed. He ordered his boys to take action. However, before they made a step, he made a thousand steps.

He gripped two fisted hands which were about to blow him off and dislocated them then crossed his leg at the back of one of theirs and sprung his knee bone falling him to the ground, followed by his complicit.

The others became scared to come closer due to how rapid he was in the process.

The others scarily shifted towards him in a challenge. Suddenly, one of them went ahead dancing with his hands like a fool. Rex held him by the shoulder, and exerted pressure between his join and dislocated it. He fell to the ground groaning in pain with his able hand condoning the other.

Before Rex could completely concentrate on the others, they rushed towards him at once. It was a little challenging for Rex because one of them held him from behind while the other attempted to head him. However, he elbowed the guy at his back and motioned his knee against the other guy’s lower abdomen.

They fell to the soil crying. None of them could stand because they were badly injured. Every portion Rex targeted were delicate spots.

However, when he was fighting, the road was clear due to the dispositioning. So, Amanda was prepared to drive off as ordered but she became so confused and worried due to the scenario seen.

She wasn’t sure how to go about it. When she caught their leader moving towards her she started the car and it failed. She struggled and restarted it but before it heated, he came over and pointed a gun at her through the window. She froze just when Rex turned around and saw what was going on.

It was her first time seeing a gun, so she became scared.

“Get out of the car” he ordered

She looked at Rex from a distance through the windscreen and he parted his lips “Drive”

‘what the hell is he talking about!? Does he want me to die?’

“Out now!!” he yelled again causing her to flinch.

Rex shook his head mentioning “Don’t do it”

Without thinking, she closed her eyes then drove off with speed. The guy bullet at her as she stopped next to Rex. She switches positions and Immediately he got in, the guy further shot taking Rex on his back closer to his waist.

“FUCK!!” he cursed

“Jesus…Christ!” Amanda exclaimed

Still, his hand was on the stirring as he drove faster. Amanda was so worried and in panic.

“You can’t keep driving! Let me take over” she suggested

“Argg…” he groaned breathing heavily

“Rex…” she called

He looked at her then back on the road nodding. She placed her hand on the wheel for him to cross over and he did successfully as she took her position on the driver’s seat.

He was supposed to leave her home but they drove to his house. It was a very big mansion with several cars packaged in the garden.

He directed her on where to go so, his dad doesn’t see him. They drove inside the packing loth and she turned off the engine.

She got out of the car then came to his side. Opening the door, she helped him walk in.

“Go to the left” He directed

“We’ll be heading to my room. When you see the green… bar ahead, don’t move. I’ll cross first before you…come over. Arggh!”

“You don’t have to talk if you don’t want to”

“If I don’t talk we’ll be caught” he responded

When they arrived at that spot, she stopped while he moved forward and printed his thumb on the transparent screen before calling her over.

She followed him and they got into his room. It was so extravagantly large with a big video game player on his desk and a large bed that could fit five people.

He locked his door with a remote and shot it on his bed. He sat on a couch and speedily removed his suit and unbuttoned his shirt. She hurriedly walked towards him to help since he was stressing a lot.

“Let me help you” she proposed instantly forwarding her hands to undress him

In the process, she froze when she saw his mussels and how profound they were on his abdomen. His parks so visible and the lines between them distinguished.

She gulped then shook her head proceeding with what she was doing. Rex did was not concentrated on that as he leaned his head back against his cough trying to control his breath.

When she completely removed his shirt, her eyes darted to the area he was shot and her lips parted in shock as he was soaked with blood.

“You can’t stay here. We need to take you to the hospital” she said nervously

“No. no one must know about this. If we get there the cops will find out what happened”

“But that’s going to be great… so, they could arrest those criminals” she let out and Rex eyed her

“You won’t understand it. The police officers are not supposed to be aware”

“But-Why?” she inquired confused.

Suddenly, her phone rang. Looking at the screen, it was the number she dialed. The cops.

She instantly looked at Rex who gave her a daring gaze. Hanging up she placed her phone down.

“Did you by any means call the cops?” he questioned

She looked at him speechless for some time then replied “I- dialed their number but I didn’t call them I swear”

He couldn’t say much as he rested his heard on his couch groaning in pain

“I could help you get that out” she announced

He didn’t look at her but with his eyes closed, he shook is heard saying “Don’t…you can’t”

“I-I could try… I can’t leave you in this state. You’re losing a lot of blood”

He didn’t reply. She was out of patience seeing him in that condition so, she didn’t need his reply anymore.

“I need a knife, an ice pack, whiskey, any clean cloth” she requested

He directed her where to get them with his eyes still closed. He could have done it himself but his hands could not reach his back.

When she got all that she needed, she kneeled close to him and ordered him to sit upright and turn around. He did as command and she examined the wound… though her heart ached after seeing that, she placed the ice pack on his wound to cool it down before digging the bullet off. Unfortunately, it wasn’t that deep.

When it was cool, she took a lighted blow the air around it before vigilantly digging off the bullet. Rex groaned a little during the process but groaned more when she heated the knife she used on the lighter before pressing it on his wound to seal it. When she was done, she used the clean cloth she got and bandaged the area.

“There we go” When she raised her head to looked at him he was sweating anomalously.

She had another ice pack by her side so, she told him to lay down and he did. She forwarded her hand and gently pressed the ice pack on his head for some time before she went and wet a towel, squeezed it pressed on his forehead while staring at him with a soft gaze.

His eyes were closed throughout so; she used that opportunity to stare at his entire body for a long time. Leaving his forehead, she went to his broad chest but was scared of touching his arbs.

He seemed far for a moment as she kept pressing the wet towel on him. After some time, he gently opened his eyes and saw her staring at his body.

With her hand still on his chest, she didn’t realize he was looking at her until he covered her tiny hand before she jumped out of her thoughts.

Blinking her eyes severally, she nervously removed her hand from his grip then inquired “How are you feeling now?”

He stared at her for seconds before responding “Better…because of you”

She blushed keeping her head down so he doesn’t see but that was impossible for him not to notice.

“I’m happy you are” she responded looking at him with a faint smile.

To be continued…

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