Love With A Twist

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A nightmare

Their eyes stayed on each other for a long time and she started feeling weak by his intense gaze. Moreover, he was half-naked. She couldn’t control her feelings with the Cinema before her.

And he was so intimidated by her look. When he touched her hands seconds ago, something heated in him. An emotion he has never felt with other girls. It was nothing like the feeling of having sex with her but a feeling that regenerated from his heart.

His heart bumped faster than normal as he went on piecing into her stare. He felt himself in Paradise due to the peaceful atmosphere.

Nothing could word-for-word explain the feelings transpiring within him at that moment.

“I should head home” she broke the silence.

He didn’t completely understand what she meant since he was still in a trance until she woke up to replace the things she used.

He wanted to sit upright but she hurriedly came and stopped him “You’re not healed yet”

He chuckled then persistently sat upright with a little struggle. She became amazed at how strong he endured the pains of digging out the bullet from his flesh then closing his wound with a hot knife and now getting up looking stronger.

He looked at her “You’re going nowhere”

She furrowed her brows chuckling “There’s no way I’m staying here. My dad will kill me”

“Then he’ll have to kill me first” he let out and she shrugged

“Because I won’t let you leave this house this night. But if you insist on leaving then I would drive you home” he continued

“No way! You have to take along rest” she denied

“Then you must sleepover”

They stared at each other once again before she looked at his bed then back to him.

“Alright… I’ll just sleep on the couch then”

“Nope. You’re taking bed” he disagreed instantly

“Of course not! I would never let you sleep on the couch while I lay in bed. That’s bullshit!” she exclaimed sitting next to him

“Get up!” he ordered. She gave him a confused look and he repeated: “I said get up!!”

She rose rapidly and postured like a pillar.

“Now listen. I don’t have a lady so, I recommend you wear my sweater over there and it sucks to keep yourself warm. If you’re still not warm enough, you could double as many as you want, from inside my closet. Don’t forget to use the cover to tie yourself up. I don’t want you sick overnight” he instructed then laid on the couch peacefully shutting his eyes.

She stood there staring at him in concern before he peeped at her.

“What are you waiting for?”

She blinked severally then walked towards his closet, removed a sweater, and sucks and undressed facing the wall. The distance between both of them was far, again he wasn’t facing her direction so, she didn’t feel weird undressing there.

When she was done, she turned around, moving towards his bed. She held a blanket and moved towards him with it. Arriving at his side, she positioned it over him.

He smiled sweetly however, she didn’t return it as she hurriedly went to bed.

“Good night crazy girl”

“Don’t call me that!” she yelled and he giggled

“Crazy…girl,” he recited

She threw a pillow at him “Arggh” he groaned as though it touched his wound.

She rushed towards her in fear. Just when she landed to condone, he laughed.

“Arggh” he groaned again. But this time it was real because he tried laughing hard.

She thought he was still teasing her so, she got angrier. She didn’t know how to revenge because she may likely hurt him if she plays stupidly so, she returned to bed quietly.

“Goodnight princess,” he said finally when she was already wrapped in bed.

She pretended she was already asleep but he knew she wasn’t.

He just smiled to himself and shut his eyes drifting to sleep.


Bridget has been searching for Xena and Amanda for an hour now so she decided to exit the party leaving just a text to them.

Just when she stepped outside, she saw Dilan standing impatiently with some dudes. She knew he was with Xena a while ago but now she is nowhere to be found. Although she sent messages to them already, she, however, wanted to know where her friend was. At least, it takes just seconds to ask.

She walked towards him when he got a ring. He answered the call hesitantly while awkwardly stood there for some time.

"Shit!" He cursed then dropped his phone inside his jeans.

Suddenly his eyes landed on a patient Bridget.

"What do you want?" He questioned

"Xena. Where is she?"

"I'm not her keeper and I don't know where she is"

"But I left both of you together. How come you don't know where she is?"

He stood inches away from her "I would leave now if I were you. I told you I don't know where she is"

"I knew you weren't good for her. But if anything bad happens to her, you will pay"

"Why would you think something bad will happen to her? She's Xena and she is grown up. She can take care of herself. You should worry about yourself. And for a better acknowledgment, you could ask the guy she always hooks up with"

She always hooks up with? Who could that be?

"You better be saying something relevant" Bridget lets out then leaves their presence back to the party.

I can believe she left her phone with me and Amanda's number is unavailable.

She sighs going towards the poolside behind the front dancing hall. Just when she sends her head out, her sights fall to Roy and Xena sinking into one another's gaze.

She matches further then clears her throat loud enough for them to acknowledge her presence. However, they don't.

She sighed heavily then said "So this is where both of you have been hiding"

Xena blinks her thoughts landing to the present as she looks past Roy to a grinding Bridget.

"You scared me" Xena uttered sarcastically holding her chest.

"I know right. When I catch you hooking up with our handsome Newbie"

Roy turns to face her "Nice to meet you. I'm Bridget" she introduced forwarding her hand

He received "I'm Roy" she smiles while Xena chews her mouth impatient with what Bridget was doing.

"She told me a lot-"

Xena cuts "Alright. That's enough" dragging Bridget away from Roy

"About you" Bridget yells even with the hand fastening hers.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" Xena questions with gritted teeth

"I should be asking you that. I've been searching for you for ages. And by the way, nice choice. He's so hot" Bridget looks past her to a strolling Roy.

"I guess he's fading" she adds and Xena followed her gaze then falls her shoulders

"Someone looks disappointed. I've never seen that reaction from you towards a guy. You now..."

"Oh stop. I don't want him to know how affected. I don't get him. He's so difficult"

"Slow down girl. You got this. I thought Amanda is with you"

Xena frowns "Uhh...she's with Rex remember"

"Yeah. I just forgot. However, she should be back by now. What could they be doing?"

"Come on. Let's search for her. We can't leave her all alone with Rex. I know he means her no harm but, she's too innocent" Xena mentioned pulling her into the party.

"We already did though. You left your phone with me. Here, have it" She screamed and Xena received as they paraded through moving and sticky bodies towards the stairs.


Twenty minutes later

"I'm worried" Xena uttered after a long journey of the promenade.

"Me too. We should try calling Rex" Bridget suggested.

She did and his number didn't go through either. Suddenly, they saw James and Craig talking to each other while examining a group of guys.

They looked at one another and hurriedly walked towards them

"Could you please tell us where your friend is?" Xena question as soon as they stood before them.

They looked at each other knowingly then said "No we don't"

Xena and Bridget narrowed their eyes "What was that look you...gave each other?"

They looked at her blankly before Craig said "He took her home"

"Then why can't we get her through the phone?" Bridget asked

James responded "Maybe she's already asleep"

Xena looked at Bridget then back to them for some time before nodding.

"I respect Rex a lot. However, We're not going to throw back if anything bad happens to Amanda"

They looked at one another then nodded "We rest assured she's fine. I suggest you head home."

"You don't tell us what to do!" Bridget yelled

James blinks his eyes "That was just a suggestion"

"Common girl, let go" Xena whispered taking her out of their side.

"Do you believe what they said?" Bridget questioned

"I don't know what to believe. Although something tells me Rex will take care of her" she let out "Let's just head home. It's late"

"Sure. We'll call her tomorrow" Bridget said and they left the party.


After some hours of sleep, Amanda opened her eyes to change position but in the process, she felt afraid.

It was so dark for her. Although the moonlight was reflecting through the window, she wasn’t satisfied.

She started imagining things and they began to appear in her mind as though they were real. She began seeing Rex’s clothes, as evil people. Hastily, she closed her eyes tight. Yet, she felt the imaginary evil people standing before her so, she completely covered her head with the cover.

She wasn’t comfortable so, she called “Rex…”

He didn’t reply and neither did he make a sound “Rex” she called again and again louder this time around and he hummed in his sleep, sightly opening his eyes. He noticed she was calling so, he promptly walked to her forgetting he was injured.

“Amanda… you're ok?” he asked softly robing her head with his palms. “Are you cold?” he re-questioned worriedly

“No…it’s worse” she responded slightly opening her cover

“What’s it about?” he inquired resting in bed

“Uhh…Rex,” she said nervously

“I’m right here”

“Could you sleep next to me?” she asked. He abruptly knew why she called him over. So, he took this opportunity to tease her.

“No,” he said firmly

She was shocked at his response because she knew he will be happy and willing to sleep next to her. She put on a disappointed look.

“Please…” she pleaded

He smiled then responded “What would I get in return for guiding your night”

“I didn’t say you should guard my night. I just want you close to me that’s all”

“I know why you called me over so, If you don’t give me an answer, I will return to my couch”

“Whatever! I don’t need you anyway” she blasted

“OK. Those were your words not mine” he said waking up to leave however, she gripped his hand.

“Rex…please. I’m sorry. I don’t know what to give you in return but just bear with me for now. We’ll talk about that later” she apologized.

He smiled and laid close to her staring into her radiant eyes through the dark.

“I guess you had a nightmare” she nodded.

He kept staring at her until she fell asleep. That wasn't the end.

In the middle of the night, she started heating up. Her temperature increased and she was sweating.

Yet, she felt cold. She didn’t have a fixed position. She kept rolling on the bed and droning continuously.

Rex was already asleep at the moment but later woke up due to the noise.

He frowned looking at her then sigh in exhaustion “Amanda”

She didn’t reply, however, she stayed still for a short period then kept rolling again.

“Amanda…what’s wrong?” he questioned touching her and his eyes almost bulge out at her temperature. He quickly discarded the blanket from her but she held it tight pulling it back to her chest.

“Let go you’re heating up” he ordered still she kept her hands tighter.

“If you don’t let go I’m going to take off your clothes” he warned

She slightly opened her eyes and responded, “I’m cold…”

“How is that even possible. I’m certain your 48 degrees. Do you want me to turn on the AC?”

“No…don't turn it on. I’m feverish,” she replied

Without giving her a warning, he tugged her into his arms.


“Shh” he stopped her

Just his embrace was enough to calm her pains and bring her temperature to normal. His embrace was so comforting and peaceful, that she fell asleep so fast.

The night was indeed long for both of them.


The day is dawn, and the city was busy but Amanda and Rex were still in bed.

When he woke up due to the reflection of the sun on his face, his first sight was a cute lady wearing his sweater and holding him like her comfy.

She looked so innocent in her sleep. Like a cloth without blemish. Who knows…maybe his thoughts of her were exactly what it is.

Thinking of last night and everything they went through he smiled and gently robed his hand in her hair. She hummed in her sleep grinning sweetly then repositioned her face to its normal state just like a newborn.

That made his smile widen, his eyes not leaving hers not even for a second. Shortly after when he was still staring, she opened her eyes gently then fully like a round bulb gazing at the morning sun.

She didn’t realize Rex was awake and staring at her. When she lifted her eyes unconsciously at him and he smirked silently.

Then her brain downloaded her position and how tight she was holding him. She blinked her eyes several times before looking at the position of her hand against his torso and how their legs wrapped one another.

“Good morning cutie”

She looked at him again then removed her hand from his chest, feeling embarrassed. She turned around and faced the other side. Unfortunately, the worse happened. Rex saw stains of blood on his bed sheath and sweater.

He looked at the back of her “You’re bleeding”

She froze in her spot. Her breath and heartbeat stopped. She gently turned around and looked at the sheath.

Damn it!! God, why? Why here? Shit!! she cursed herself severally then closed her eyes and took a steady breath.

Why didn’t it come to my understanding that this was the reason I was so heated up last night? And now I got myself more embarrassed.

“Just lay down. I’ll get you a sanitary path and some clothes at the supermarket” he said rising from bed.

She didn’t want to look at him but he made her do “I don’t know for how long your eyes are going to be closed but I suggest you keep them open because our nanny will soon be here”

And she opened her eyes instantly. He smirked putting on a jacket then headed out. She didn’t dare to close her eyes after what he said because she didn’t want his nanny seeing her like this.


15minutes later, he came and handed the things to her.

"Thanks" She sauntered to the bathroom trying not to make eye contact with him.

Rex just stood at his bed and analyzed the stain before turning towards his closet and bringing out a new bed sheath.

Suddenly a woman in her 50’s knocked then walked in holding a basket.

“Good morning Son”

Rex turned around with the bed the sheath on his hand and a wide grin plastered on his face “Good morning my Love”

She laughed responding “Your love? Your mom and dad asked of you and I covered up for you. You have no idea how worried I was. However, you arrived without informing me. And now you call me your love. Pff”

“I’m sorry” he apologized

She gave him a knowing look “No, seriously I am. And I owe you a lot for covering for me” Rex continued

Her eyes fell on the bed sheath he was holding “Were you planning on dressing your bed? Because I’ll be honored seeing you doing that”

“I knew you were coming so, I prepared this for you” he responded

“I knew R.E.X was not going to dress his bed” she received it

“For as long as I can remember, he can’t do anything” she added moving towards his bed

“That's hash!” he complimented in a disappointed manner.

“That’s true though-” she froze at the stain on his bed.

“What’s going on here Son?” she questioned with her eyes registering the spot

When he saw her facial expression, he exited to answer any of her questions. He strolled on the other side of his room and poured fruit juice from his jar and sipped as though she wasn’t addressing to him

“This is amazing news. Where is she?” he gestured his hand to his bathroom.

“I see!” she exclaimed “This is the first lady you brought home. She must have a special place in your heart” she added

Rex couldn’t take the misinterpretations anymore so he spoke “She’s not who you think she is. Just a college friend.”

“So…does this mean you slept with your college friend?”

“No, I didn’t sleep with her. She just got her period” he explained

“Alright…however, I’m so happy. You’ve never brought a girl to this house not talking of your room. Secondly, you haven't slept with her means you like her.” she concluded and he gave her a side look

“Don’t give me that look dear. I know you too well. You would never bring a lady to such intimacy without…you know what I mean”

"What if I didn't sleep with her because of her period?"

"You know I know that's not true"

Rex sigh then sipped all his fruit juice before taking off his shirt “I told you to stop undressing in my presence. You’re grown-up-” she froze seeing the bandage on his back

“What happened to you?” she walked towards him

She is the only one who knows he has a gang he leads but so far, she has never seen him like this.

“Common boy what did you get yourself into?” she questioned worriedly.

“Nothing to worry about…just some crazy dudes”

“Don’t tell me it’s nothing to worry about! If this goes on you’ll give me no other choice than telling your parents”

“Nanny… please don’t say that” he pleaded

“Let me have a look,” she said trying to visualize the spot then frowned.

“This doesn’t look ordinary. Please tell me what happened” she insisted

“Alright,” he started explaining everything to her and how Amanda found herself here.

She was speechless for some time before letting out “Does she know about your gang?”

He shook his head disapproving the idea “I can’t and won’t risk it”

“Won’t risk what? She was almost a victim”

“That’s the main reason I can’t tell her. And by the way, right now, she has been marked. Before she was just ordinary but after last night everything has changed. I need to keep her away. I know she was targeted last night because of me and I know who snitched. I’ll deal with her myself”

“If you insist, I can’t do otherwise but I don’t think it’s a good idea”

“It mustn’t be good but worth it” he concluded and she smiled faintly then went back to making his bed.

When she was done, she said “When she’s done, tell her I send greeting and that I want to meet her”

“Sure” he responded and she left

Promptly after, he saw footage on his PC showcasing his dad moving towards his room.

He wore his shirt and walked out before his dad matched in

“Dad…” he said blocking his passage.

His dad narrowed his eyes at him then asked “Where were you last night?”

“At a school party”


Rex didn’t understand what his dad meant so he stared at him blankly

“After the party, where did you go to?” he questioned


His dad robed his face frustratedly "Do not claw with me son. What happened when you left the party??"

Rex became speechless

“I’m heading to work but before I return, ready appropriate answers to all my questions” after which he strolled away living Rex frozen in his spot.


After Amanda got herself clean, she rushed out but couldn’t find Rex in his room. All she saw was his changed bed sheath which was well made. As she moved forward, Rex walked in.

To be continued…

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