Love With A Twist

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An everlasting disgrace

"Finally you're done! I thought you wanted to sleep in there. I was about getting in to pull you out"

"You won't have dared!" she responded and he laughed

"I love how quick your bed was made and its aroma feels so soft"

"My nanny was here. She wanted to meet you but you took long to come out"

"I didn't take long. Stop exaggerating"

"Are you feeling better now?" he questioned bringing his gaze to her.

"Yeah...thanks" he nodded heading to the bathroom.

She restrained her eyes towards his back as he strolled off. Why is he so moody?


15minutes later, he came out with his hair wet and a towel tied over his waist. He forgot about Amanda's presence.

Walking towards his closet, he stared at the mirror, wiping off the drip of water from his hair to his trunk, and arbs.

All the while, Amanda's mouth was large, as she stared at him as though it was her first time seeing that muscular being. She couldn't get enough of it. She went on admiring his view, as he was about undressing himself completely. When she recovered her four senses, she speedingly shut her eyes with her hands. He saw her reaction through the mirror just when she yelled

"What the hell Rex! Didn't you see me sited here?"

"Damn it!" he cursed "You're so little that my eyes didn't catch your presence"

"You're sick!" She roared

"Take your hands off. I won't dress in front of you", he ordered and she took it off. Nevertheless, he was facing her with his boxer.

"What's wrong with you!?" she questioned re-shutting her eyes

He didn't respond but rather dressed up completely then requested for her to open her eyes. She was hesitant this time around as she slowly took off her hands.

Shortly after, his nanny walked in with breakfast. So they had the opportunity to see each other.

"Have this..." His nanny said handing her a glass of fruit juice.

Amanda flashed a faint smile then responded "Thanks"

"You're welcome"

Minutes after they had their breakfast, Rex took her home. On their way, Amanda switched on her phone. She turned it off last night because she didn't want the cops interrogating her.

Now she has several voice messages from her dad and she feels miserable for not being able to leave him a message.

"He's going to be fine. Don't worry" Rex comforted

"You can't leave me at home. My dad will get mad at you"

"I don't care. It better he gets mad at me than me being a coward" Rex answered back

She looked at him amazed. However, she didn't stop being worried. They arrived home and they both hopped out. Completing at her door, she rang the bell and her dad opened.

He breathes out a sigh of relief on seeing his daughter. But later frowns when his eyes meet Rex's. He widely opened the door and they all got in.

"Where have you been? Do you have any idea how sick worried I was?" her dad queried

"I-I was at-"

"At my place" Rex took over her words gaining a dangerous look from her dad.

"What were you doing there?" he implored looking back at his daughter


"What do you mean nothing? You went to a gangster's house to do nothing?!" her dad exclaimed

Rex narrowed his eyes towards him.

"He's not a gangster dad... he's a good friend" she protested

Her dad knew who Rex was, therefore, will do every possible to stop his daughter from seeing him again.

"If I find out you touched my daughter, I will spice you and cook" he threatened but Rex wasn't moved by that

"I mean no harm to her and you know that" Rex uttered which got her dad angrier.

"Henceforth, I want you to stay away from my daughter. I've been giving you a long rope to drag but I think your time is up" her dad commanded and Amanda grew red.

"Dad...stop" "No! You go upstairs" he ordered. However, she didn't protrude.

"Now!" he scolded and she did furiously with tears stinging her eyes.

When she was out of their side, Mr. Rodge proceeded "I saw the footage of you and my daughter driving away from a group of guys. The police came this morning looking for her."

"I don't know what relationship you have with my daughter but that should end right away. Do not drag my daughter into your mess. I know a lot about your gang and I know you lead there. Don't ask me how because I have my ways. If anything happens to my daughter, I'll hold you responsible. Never forget that"

"I'll advise you to treat her like a lady and not like the kid she was," Rex confessed then drove off the pavement.


Xena Green POV

All these days, I haven't been able to get closer to Roy because he wouldn't let me. So, I decided to play a game he won't resist.

I don't know what exactly is wrong with me. Normally if a person doesn't like me, it's always their loss.

But now, the reverse is credible. I feel like I'm the one losing if I fail to fight to get what I want. He is what I want. I can't back down.

The whole night, I was unable to sleep as I kept visualizing my plans.

*At Pitchoun*

Xena went to see Roy's mom during her working time. She waited for some time until they had a break.

After which Roy's mom joined her and they had an introduction.

"Nice meeting you, ma'am" Xena saluted

"Same here my dear. What brought you here?" his mom asked

"Uhh... nothing much than meeting the mother of my first love" she let out and his mom showcased astonishment trying to download what she just heard because she knows her son can never be in a relationship without letting her know. Again he is not ready for that so, what the hell is Xena talking about!?

His mom chuckled "Okayy... since when was that?"

"Uhm... four days ago" she responded

"Roy will tell me if he has decided to move on. Strangely, he kept it from me." His mom wondered

"Maybe he is waiting for a special occasion to let you know. Well, when he told me you work here, I thought of passing by to know how it looks like then get a piece of cake for myself. And damn...they tasted so good. I ended up buying not just for myself but for my mum. She loved it and I love them too trust me!" Xena praised

"I am so happy you did. I will be looking forward to meeting your mom sometime. However, you shouldn't have gotten your self-something when I am around. How am I supposed to serve you now?" his mom complained dramatically

"That's ok... next time I will"

They talked for a prolonged time before Xena returned home.

Roy Wilbur POV

I was home about to go out to James' when my mom returned from work with a sweet smile on her face.

"Hi mom" I hugged her

"Hey Son, going out?" she asked

"Yeah. I will be back soon" I responded

"You seem so joyous today. Do you mind sharing?" I noticed

"Of course not! What could probably course my Son to hind his girl from me?" she mentioned

I shrugged then squinted my eyes.

"What are you talking about?" I questioned

"What am I talking about! Son? Why didn't you tell me about it? Where you scared or what?" she kept beating around the bush.

"Tell you what mom?"

"Xena! The girl you met at the station the first day we arrived here" she mumbled

"What the heck! Where did you get that from?" I inquired

"Well, she came to pitchoun and told me. We talked about other things too. She is endearing. I do not know why you treat her like that, but it hurts knowing your boyfriend doesn't want his mom knowing about your relationship. You do not need to admit it because I saw the look both of you gave each other the last time she dropped you off. So, stop trying to hide it from me. And it is ok if you have decided to move on." She walked past me to her room not giving me a chance to voice out what I had to say.

I cannot believe Xena went to that extend! She is fucking insane...

I went out started my engine and drove to her house. I needed complete explanations of her act.

When I rolled over their street, I was not sure which house so, I went online and searched for her name on Instagram, followed her and at once she did too.

I messaged her to come out and she responded she is busy

*If you do not come out, I am going to bang into your house! * I replied and within seconds she came out.

I did not get of the car at once as I waited for her to respond to one last text.

She seemed reluctant about it so, I called her online.

She did not pick either.

*I am going to give you five seconds to match forward or else I will meet you there even if your parents are around! *

*Common! I am not a kindergarten. Do whatever you want." She responded and I instantly lined out the car and walked towards her.

When I came closer, I pulled her in and locked the door not caring if her parents are home or not, and guess what! It seems she did this on purpose because it was then I noticed the cloth she put on and as I glanced around, no one was home.

She helped me completed the locking and placed her tiny hands on my chest. If I mention what she just did, did not turn me on then I am a big-time Lucifer.

"I love it when you act bad-ass! You should do that often" she suggested

"I didn't come here for this shit!" I took off her hands and continued

"Why the fuck did you go to my mom's bakery and implement fake joy in her?"

"Ohhh! "Fake joy"! That's a whole lot." She rolled her eyes.

"I knew you were crazy; However, I didn't know the level you rhyme in till now."

Walking towards her slowly making her go backward till she hit the wall, I positioned my hand against the wall stared into her eyes formally. Trust me, it was an arduous task to do.

"Listen, if that craziness starts seeking for your early grave, do not conceal to it or else, you would be covered"

"By whom?"

"Who else do you think if not me?"

She smiled and scanned my entire structure lustfully.

"Damn! Why did you have to look so good on this frigid day? You do not know what thoughts run in my head right now. If not, you will not be so close." She mentioned

I chuckled and scanned her attire properly then brought my eyes back to her.

"You have no idea of what you say. I will recommend you don't act so lust in front of every guy. Because I am nothing like the guys you have met before."

"You must be though then. Just the way I want you to... You know... when I first saw you, I knew you were not that calm guy you claimed to portray. This is the real Roy that no one knows of."

"I see why you had no problem with me getting in here. Firstly, your parents are not at home and secondly, you dress like a chip hoe" I said

"I wish that last statement hurt me more."

"You are sick!"

"I know right? Say something I do not know about. Something like, you are attracted to me or, you want me..." she replaced those pegs on my arbs

"Oh My God! I could barely see this the last time but now, I feel it. It is just as I imagined." She exclaimed with sparkling eyes.

"That is enough!" I yelled and she flinched.

Her actions were turning me on, and I do not think I could bear her presence anymore. Not only that but, it made me think of Bella so bad.

I was furious about it and commanded her to open the door since she locked it with a key.

She hesitated and I scolded her badly till she grew annoyed. Opening the door, I drove out not looking back and the next thing I heard was a slap on the door.

I must have hurt her so much. But that was for the best. I still have a lot to short out with myself and my past to be specific.

I started my car and drove off with speed. I ended up not going to James' place. I was not in the mood.


Rex met his gang the previous day, and informed them concerning yesterday's attack, and gave instructions on how to deal with it.

"We are not necessarily going to fight back but set an example to a member and the snitch that will shut them up in every aspect," Rex said

"And that member is their leader. Following by Caterina. She did this to get back at Amanda so, she will receive her rewards." He ended


*At California State University*

Roy and Xena had seen each other this morning but no one made a sound.

Xena kept conversing with her friends just so he knows she does not give a damn about him.

But that only made things worse as Roy never for once picked her height.

At the end of the day, she was the hurt one and could not continue with her childish game.

She took in the courage and decided to apologize for what she did.

Immediately after lectures, she rushed to his department and couldn't find him.

She gave up knowing he must have gone home. As soon as she got out, she fell head unto his torso.

“I am so sorry… I didn't—mean that” she froze in her words and posture the minute their eyes met.

She felt her heart beating so fast then held her chest gulping.

<< what is happening to me? At a time I was so eager to apologize but now I can't seem to organize words>>

Roy just stands there looking at her seriously expecting to hear what she has to say.

“Uhm… Roy, I… want to apologize for what I did last night” she uttered nervously but he kept staring at her.

“I am…sorry for stalking you or flirting with you and I promise I will not repeat if you do not want me to. Yes of course you don't want me to. However, I just want to start anew. That is if you don't mind…” she ended

“I do mind” he responded formally, and she felt something burst her heart so bad. A pain she can never recover from.

“Okay… it was nice spending time with you… Roy” was all she said

Instantly, Roy developed sympathy for her.

She rendered a faint smile and made a pivot turn.

“We don't need to start over dump head”

Her heart raised and fell like doff while the pain shortly evaporated. She exhaled in relief, slowly turning around with a broad smile.

“I want us to pick up from where we left” he added

Her smile turned to a giggle showing off her perfect lines of glittering teeth as they stared into each other’s eyes.

“Where will you take us today?” he asked

“Left for you to tell” she responded, and he raised his fonts


She giggled “Yeah”

He angled his head and squinted his eyes as though he was having second thoughts.

“we'll see about that”

They gave one another a final look before he prompted his hand

“Shall we?”

Her gaze ran down to his male hand with amazement.

She matched closer and he gripped his hand tight like a precious stone then took off.

Roy toured the city with her and they had a good time.

He always thought he could have so much fun with no one other than Bella but Xena disappointed him greatly and made him feel alive again.

Due to the pleasure she found whenever she was around him, she stopped spending time with her friends the way she always does.

The difference between her present life and then was a border separating a sea from an ocean.

The boys she often hangs out with discovered her choice, Roy, which made them jealous. We all know, she was a social and crazy person. So many dudes died to have her as their partner. Though, she has never accepted any of them. And now, she is roaming with a guy!! Due to all these, those boys decided that if she has to be with Roy, they must get a taste of what they all dreamed of having. What she never gave anyone but her stupid ex Derick who left her.

They sat and schemed on raping her. Regardless, they need help. They organized with her close friend to help ease their endeavor.

Which was Lizbeth. Lizbeth had a tight relationship with Xena. However, when Xena caught her with Derick, they terminated their friendship. They didn't communicate for a long time. Nevertheless, Xena had a close relationship with her Family, they starting meeting up once in a while and Lizbeth claimed to put the past aside to have her back as the sister they were. Still, Xena wasn’t pleased with the idea. Soon after, she forgave and made things whole. Nevertheless, they didn't get so close like before. Xena acknowledges their preferences and had limits towards her. However, whenever Lizbeth needed help, she always shows up.

These guys got their history through Derick.

He knew her weaknesses and knew exactly what to do to make her suffer. He helped them purposely because he detested Roy after discovering how Roy's impact with the hidden gang tormented his authorities.

James is a member of the hidden gang and has always gotten valuable info due to his connection with some newbie guys who are members of another gang. Their plans never skip his ears. So he sends the information to Roy.

Earlier that day, Xena phoned Roy telling him she was going to her friend’s place. But after he got Jame's news, he tried ringing her. It was already late. Her cell was not reachable.

He rushed to his car and drove off with speed towards the direction James messaged him.

When he arrived, the place seemed ghosted until he heard a noise. He followed the sound but could not get where it came from. In other not to get caught, he tracked her device.

He walked some miles ahead and noticed that her cell phone kept directing him somewhere opposite the location James gave him.

So, he stopped. On turning around, he strongly felt a presence facing his back.

He raised his hands as a sign of surrender. Just as the person was about holding him, he spanned, hooked the muscular guy who was almost his height with his arm clamping his neck and the young guy started choking severely.

“Where is Xena?” Roy asked tightening his grip

“I—I don’t—know” he responded in a struggle.

“I am going to ask you one last time. Where the FUCK is Xena?”

The guy resisted trying to get loss of his grip but to no avail. Roy becomes impatient and exerts more pressure on him.

When he realized he was going out of breath, he tapped Roy’s elbow hard so he could let him speak. Roy slightly decreased the pressure and the guy spoke

“She is—inside this cabin”

When Roy got the information he wanted, he took out a small sharp inject which he always has on him, and showed it to the guy.

“You see this? I will give you a mark that whenever you look at it, you would think of this day and never try to do such again.” He whispered

Closing the guy's mouth, he inserted the inject into his facile neck which was swollen within seconds due to the impact within.

After which he put the guy to sleep, then cautiously matched inside.

The streets were dark and silent. The building which was almost abandoned due to the rough surfaces and vanished paint had an expanded interior with red bulbs almost everywhere as he prudently walked in making sure he isn’t caught unprepared. He took a glance at a corridor he just stepped in, digging his ears to get any slight sound from ahead or the side rooms.

And suddenly someone showed up from a corner. But he was faster enough to hide until the young fellow passed away. Just as he jumped out, he bumped into a guy whose attire looked unique like he belonged to a certain group which he recalled fervently. The guy didn’t hesitate to fight but Roy used one blow to crush him down.

Roy quickly pulled him into an empty room towards the end of the hall taking off his clothes and disguising himself as one of them. With that as an ID, he was able to access every space without being recognized until he discovered where Xena was laid tight up like an about to be roasted bush rat.


Xena Green POV

All those boys I refused being with, ganged up against me. I was not sure what they were planning to do with me, but I was not going to let them decide how I live my life nor treat me like shit.

When they tied me up, one of them mentioned who should go first and all the like…

I struggled to get myself off the robes they tied me with but that was a waste of energy. I was tied like Jesus was nailed on the cross. The only difference was that my legs were wide open.

When I understood what they planned on doing to me and the fact that I had no one to come to my rescue, I started saying my last prayer.

I closed my eyes in concentration to my request.

One of them kneeled before me. I tightened my lids and the next thing I heard was sounds of groans and objects falling.

I thought I was already in my afterlife but when I noticed the guy had not yet undressed nor touched me, I slightly opened my eyes to peep.

And joy was an understatement about what I felt when my eyes caught Roy beating up all those dark angels.

He was fast, swift, and smart. This was an unbelievable skill. Where did he learn all these techniques and got all the energy to handle these folks?

With all those questions running in my head, I started imagining myself in an action film.

I was the colonel’s daughter who was kidnapped but suddenly, my hero appeared and fought all my enemies. Saving me, he won my heart, and I became his.

This is always a moment to tell your hero how you feel about them. If not, one of you may be separated from the other. Either by death or an opponent who is so vital to them—

Oh My God! I cannot tell him how I feel when his heart belongs to someone else. He has never mentioned her either. Isn’t it strange he doesn’t want me to know?

If he can do this for me, means he will do much more for her. She must be lucky to have him.

“Xena! Xena!” Roy called

“Hmm” I hummed

“Let us get you out of here” he spoke lifting me to his chest in a marital style.

I was so into my imaginary world that I felt like I was drunk. I gazed around and saw all those guys asleep with spots on their necks.

This was so confusing but I didn’t want to get more by questioning him.

Still, in his arms, I fell my gaze at him like it was my first time meeting him. When he saw the look I gave, he crumpled his brows and I leaned into his embrace and placed my palm on his crust followed by his name



“I love you” I let out and dramatically passed out.

I was not able to see his expression, but I was certain it was one to laugh at for a lifetime.

The only thing I felt was a hand clipping my seat belt and positioning my head against my chair before driving away.

To be continued…

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