Love With A Twist

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I'm in love with you

Roy Wilbur POV

I took her home and was about living when her mom mentioned something bothering her.

“I hope she stops endangering her life more than it already is”

I wanted to ask what that meant but I thought it not necessary.


The following day, she messaged me she won't be at school. It bothered me a lot so, I went to see her after class.

Her mom was home while her dad wasn't as usual. She directed me to her room which I strolled to. Before I knocked, she ordered me to come in. I did and my eyes fell at her posture in bed.

She was reading a book with her legs against the wall and her body lying in bed. It reminded me of Bella but I quickly shoved it aside said "May I?"

"Sure" she responded shortly, keeping her book aside.

"How did you know I was at the door?" Was my first question

"I felt it"

I chuckled at her response then plopped next to her in opposite direction. She ruled her head to me and I did the same.

"How do you feel?"

She was about to respond when her phone buzzed. She took a quick look and scowl replacing it.

I squinted my eyes looking above. Her room had a sky-like structure with stars all over it as though she was in middle school.

I should've asked why she looked disappointed after reading the text but that wasn't a good way to start.

"Why is your room so beautiful?"

She giggled following my gaze "What do you think?"

"I don't tell me" I responded looking at her and she did the same. Her smile was just what I needed for my day. Her eyes were magic as her lashes bathe them leaving me in a trance each time.

"This wasn't my room until she...died" her smile faded and so was mine.

"Who was she?"

"My kid sister"

This left me breathless for some time as I imagined the pain she felt and still feels.

I didn't see this coming. How many more secrets is she keeping? I know I'm not in be in the best position to ask this because she knows barely anything about me. However, this makes me so curious.

"I'm so sorry" is all I said and she flashed me a smile.

"So now you know why it's so beautiful" she lets out

I just nod and she receives another buzz from her phone. This time, she doesn't look at it. Here I returned from square one. Still avoiding to ask her about this 'strange' message.

"What were you reading?"

She was silent for a while and I started thinking she didn't want to talk.

She looked at me saying "I wasn't reading. I was imaging my story in the words"

I knitted my brows "You mean like, hallucinating just the way you did last time" she expressed shock and sat upright instantly.

"How did you know that?!"

"I felt it" She laughed at my response and I followed her.

We talk a little longer before I brought up the text ID

"Why were you sad after reading the last message?"

She bit her lower lip then sigh exaggeratedly "It's the guy at the party. He likes me but I don't" she referred to the foolish guy Dilan

"You didn't tell me how both of you met"

"Well, we were school mates and...I knew him from my ex. He also left next to us before his parents changed settlement"

I nodded and there was an awkward stillness. She started playing with the hem of her cloth. Another behavior I have never seen her do. Was this the Xena people talk of, the crazy girl? I don't think so. She's so different in person.

"If you don't like him, why don't you just tell him?" I broke the silence

"He knows. However, I will tell him"

"That's better," I said and she gave me a weird look then changed it immediately I looked at her. I didn't give out any emotion during that period. I was expressionless because I knew who Dilan was. Not personally but due to my closeness with Rex, and after what he told me after the party, I don't want him any close to Xena. I can't tell her because she may not believe me. And that's why I responded the way I did.


Today, I decided to take her out for coffee.

Not that we don't spend time together but going on outthe ing was always a problem for her.

However, it will just be in our vicinity.

At least she needs to take a rest and free her mind from her trauma.

I stood on the pavement of her house, I rang the bell, and she came out almost immediately.

“You're ready?” I questioned

“Yeah… can we go already? I am freezing out here”

“Sure” I replied and we drove to Starbucks and ordered coffee while we stared at one another waiting for a delivery. This is our routine. Staring into each other's eyes silently.

She didn't look ok. She appeared nervous and…scared.

“I passed by earlier, and your mum told me you went to see your doctor” I reported

“Hush…yeah about that…” she hesitated when suddenly we heard a guy calling.

“Bella! Listen please…”

It felt like what I heard from him was a replay of what happened between me and Bella.

I became lost.

“Roy! Roy…” Xena snapped me out of my thoughts.

“Are you alright?” she questioned worriedly

“Yeah… just something of the past” I responded

“I see… does it recall you of someone?” she inquired

I nodded and explained to her what happened months ago. She was speechless.

But after a moment of silence, I recalled we were talking of something before those seemingly couples interrupted.

“We were talking about something before the interruption…what was that again?”

“Uh…nothing. We were done with the talk”

Why do I feel she's guilty about something? Does she think I'm mad at her for asking that? I should cheer her up.

“What about we take a walk back home?”

She flinched as though she was lost in thoughts.

“And your car?”

I stood up sending my hand for her to receive and she did.

When we moved out, I responded

“Forget about my car. It's just us now. If you’re unable to walk or feel tired, I will carry you.”

“You do not have to. I’m strong"

“I wish I could believe that after you passed out in my arms”

She tried to speak but was unable to voice out what she wanted to say.

We walked silently added upon the silence of the night. It was refreshing and calm.

She started robbing her arms due to the weather. I removed my jacket and gave her to put on. She hesitated but did eventually.

I couldn't keep my eyes off her throughout our stroll. Moreover, she looked cute in my robe.

When we arrived at her settlement, she wanted to hand back my robe but I rejected gesturing for her to stay with it. I looked into her eyes and read the emotions she was feeling.

“Is there…something you want to tell me?”

Her eyes watered instantly, and my heart sank. I moved closer and cupped her face looking into her eyes.

“I’m so sorry about what you went through with Bella. And I know wherever she is, she is so proud of you. You are brave, good, loving, and I… am so in love with that. I'm in love with you no matter how hard you push me away. And I apologize…to Bella for falling for you. Hope she forgives me and you as well.” Xena confessed

Roy was speechless as he wiped off her tears. He leaned his forehead against hers.

“Yes, she was and is important to me. But not more than you are to now”

She seldomly smiled staring at me, and I returned it. Suddenly, I felt tension around me and I sought for something to say but nothing was left to say. So I chose to express it because I knew she felt the same. I rubbed her cheek with my thumb and brought my face forward.

Just when her eyes fell on my lips, I captured hers in a very deep and passionate kiss.

I slowly slipped my hand at the back of her neck with my second hand fastening her waist towards me.

She tugged my shirt with small hands and pushed herself against me.

It was nothing like my first kiss. I just couldn't get enough of it.

Soon after, I withdrew breathing heavily. However, her eyes were still closed.

I wanted to keep on with the kiss, but I had to let her go before she catches a cold.

I pecked her lips then said

“You should get inside before you get fever”

She nodded gently opening her eyes and I walked her towards her door. She smiled then got in after a while.

Arriving home, I took a bath and dressed up for bed only to see a text from her.

“Thanks for that moment. I won't stop thinking of it. Good night my hero:)”

I smiled at the emoji she added to it and went off into a deep sleep.


Amanda Kimbeth POV

“Oh my God! Girl check this out” Bridget called my attention

“…” I became speechless seeing a video of Caterina on the school forum. It was the nastiest shit ever!

I won’t bear it if something like this happens to me.

“Damn!! I'm not sure who did it but this is the greatest news of the year. I don’t think my eyes could ever have enough”

“That’s awful. I feel sorry for her” I commented

“Sorry?! This girl has committed a lot of atrocities. You don’t know how save we’ll be when she’s dismissed”

“Dismissed?” I said questioningly

“Yeah… this won’t slip the school administrator’s sight. She will be justified and sent home. The rules are strictly followed”

“By the way where’s Xena? I haven’t seen her for some days now.” I inquired

“The last time we talked, she was not well. I was told by her mom she was taking a rest from school. So, I went to check on her. However, she wasn't at home but Roy's. They have been spending more time together lately” she explained

“Hope she takes care of herself and resumes school soon” I replied.

“Yeah…we hope. Did you get a new phone?"

"Not yet. Maybe before the week expires, I'll get one."

"We should spend time with her this weekend” she suggested

“Yeah. I’d love that” I agreed

Just as we planned, at exactly 10 pm on Friday, we went to her house. It was going to be an all night. So we made sure we took our night wares and blankets.

When we landed, she joyfully opens the door for us and we walked in. I gave her a tight hug and pegged her cheeks. But as soon as my view landed on Roy moving towards us, my face lightened.

"Look at who we have here" I released myself from her embrace and walked towards the couch.

"You haven't told us what's going on with you and his majesty" Bridget announced

He chuckled moving towards Xena who faces him. He whispered something to her then kissed her sweetly while Bridget and I almost died of jealousy.

"Still waiting to hear the news" I mumbled under my breath as I walked to the kitchen.

They stopped and she said, "Roy and I are officially together."

"Give me a one more hug sweetheart," Bridget said dramatically and they got into a serious hug while I fetched for something to chew and drink in the fridge.

While I searched the fridge, I didn't notice a presence behind me until I turned around.

"Fuck Roy! What are you doing here?"

"The same reason you're here"

I sighed heavily still not taking eyes off him. He gestured with his gaze behind me and I blinked my eyes off and shifted for him to have access to the fridge.

For some strange reason, I didn't leave immediately. And when he got what he wanted to get, he placed it on the counter.

"Rodger Kimbeth" he called

I instantly crumpled my forehead. And he met my gaze "You look just like him"

Why is he saying this and why did he call my dad's name?

He seemed to have been hallucinating as he blinked his eyes pouring the drink he got into a glass.

I just stood there with so many questions flooding my mind. Though this was our first time conversing with him, it felt like we knew each other for ages.

"Have we met before?" That was all I could say

He didn't look at me instantly but did eventually sipping his drink "Maybe we have" he responded leaving me more curious and confused.

He walked towards me and fell his gaze on my hand then back to my eyes. This is so weird. We're not supposed to look at each other like this and right in Xena's kitchen.

He breathes out after a while then handed me a necklace.

"Don't ask me why-I'm giving you this. Just keep it safe" is all he let out before walking past me to meet the girls.

Who is this guy and what is this? I studied the crystal necklace then saw my late mom's name on it. My heart skipped and tears threatened to stain my cheeks but Xena's presence made me hold it back.

"You've been standing here for long. Your ok?" I blinked my eyes then faced her with a faint smile.

"I'm fine."


I got everything prepared and we played a movie. Justice League. I didn't get to watch the release. But now that I had the chance to, my mind wandered elsewhere. The lights were offed and Xena was laying in Roy's arms while Bridget took position on one of the free couches. I just sat on a single chair peeking at Roy.

I struggled to look at the chain through the dim light illuminating from the TV. When I regained my sights on him, he was looking at me. I wasn't sure if it was my imagination so I didn't look away. However, when the movie scene was changed and the light became brighter, he focused his gaze on the TV then back at me.

My lips parted unconsciously and tears were evident in my eyes. They filled and blurred my view. I didn't want anyone noticing and also had no explanation as to why I had this emotion so I rose and left their mist.

I was a kid when my mom died however, memories of her didn't leave me. I don't know where he got this necklace from but I strongly feel a connection with it.

I went to the bathroom and relieved myself then got out after washing my hands and face.

He was standing at the door with a soft gaze. I don't know what happened to me after that but when I saw him, I buried my face in his torso whimpering awfully.

He froze for a sec maybe not knowing how to react but suddenly I felt his warm hand wrapping and brushing my hair.

"That's ok...they're going to pay" I didn't get his last statement except for the word 'That's ok and pay' because my sobbing suppressed every other sound.

We stood there for long before rejoining the girls.

To be continued…

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