Love With A Twist

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Dinner with her manager

Roy Wilbur POV

Today, I took Xena out for a date. It was exceptional being with her as usual, she is a loving and interesting being. Each time we are together; it feels like the first time we met.

Recently, we have spent a lot of time together and I officially told my mom about her.

Though she heard the fake one before, it still felt like the first time hearing it due to how excited she became.

As time passed, the feelings I had for Xena grew wild while Bella’s memory was slowly and surely replaced by her.

Something I never dreamed of. Sometimes we become so close to someone that we feel we would never meet anyone who will take a greater part of our heart like that special being.

But the truth is, we can never truly predict destiny but flow with it while trying to make the best out of its veils and appreciate the good.

My mom and I were on a family dinner tonight with Xena’s parents and it was surprisingly much more interesting than what I felt it could be.

Her dad asked me a few questions about my formal hometown and so did her mum.

While my mum talked with Xena’s mum soon after, Xena cleared the dishes and I gave her a helping hand.

In the kitchen, I started teasing her…

“Stop…” she ordered

However, I kept living hickeys on her neck while my hands massaged her waist and breast.

“Roy…” she moaned

“Shush!” I whispered

She tried taking my hands off, which got me mad. So, I leaned her facing the kitchen counter with her back against my chest.

Without notification, I one-sided her right blouse and swiftly drifted my hand into her bra touching her aroused bud.

She gasped at the feeling and bit her lip.

“You don't want to do this do you?” I let out and she let go humming.

“This is nothing compared to what I intend doing to you if you ever do this again” I threatened, and just she closed her eyes taking in the pleasure.

“Please… Our parents are… just next door” she struggled to let out with her eyes still closed

“I will be delighted if they met you this way” I responded, and she forced open her eyes.

I started nipping her neck once again and collar bone still pinning her against me.

When I felt her pleasure aroused, I drifted my hands inside her panties and deftly inserted a finger in her.

“Ahh” a light moan left her lips.

I started stroking gently at first

"You're so wet"

She fastened her hands on the counter for support then my stroke boosted, with two fingers in.

“Roy- “she gasped getting to her pic.

I slowed my pace, and she frowned

“What-are doing?”

“Stop…” she whispered

Suddenly without a note, I started stroke hard.

She moaned loudly which I guess extended to the hearing of our parents.

“Come for me my Lady” I murmured nipping her ear loop.

She held my hands tight falling her head over my shoulder with her eyes closed.

“Roy…” she moaned again then beat her lower lip.

“Let go…now” I commanded and slowly I felt the walls of her vagina contracting.

“Good girl…” I whispered and soon after, she gave out her last moan.

I withdrew my hands and massaged her waist gently so that the feelings should spread uniformly to her body.

Still breathing heavily, I pecked her cheek then lips.

“Roy!” my mom called

“I guess we part ways from here”

She turned around facing me with a gentle and shaky smile.

“Farewell, my hero,”

I chuckled and replied

“We'll talk later… Make sure you don't keep your phone far because I will kill you”

“Pff! You can't kill me” she rolled her eyes

“You know what I mean” I ended, giving her a peck on her lips before living her frozen on her spot.

When I came to the dining room, all eyes were on me. While they waited for Xena, I broke their patients telling them she's going to take a little longer gaining a sharp gaze from her dad.

While they waited and waited for her arrival and she didn't, we had to live.

I knew there was no damn way Xena could have shown up.


Rex and I had a party at a place he rented. He brought so many ladies and few dandies. So far, this is the first time I have attended a party created by him.

However, the extravagantly spent money on this, and I started having a feeling he is confused.

The party was going on downstairs while he stayed upstairs drinking and being entertained by a group bitches.

I walked in just in time and a few of these ladies walked towards me. I short them a hard look and they went back.

Rex was with a bottle of whiskey in his hand and a girl against his groin.

When he saw me, he ordered them out and they left with the speed of light.

"I said get the FUCK out!!" He yelled at the lady who sat on the groin and she horrifically departed.

The room was clear so, I walked and rested next to him. He brought his gaze to his drink and took a long sip before looking at me.

"So this is where you were throughout the party?" I let out then rolled my head towards him.

He looked at me frustratedly and shook his head "I was in my grave before you walked in"

I chuckled "I see you're high"

"If I were you won't be here" he responded and we looked at one another.

"Well, you don't need to hide. I'm your bro after all" he looked at me in awe.

"You won my heart man"

"That's so gay" I answered back

"Yeah, I know. I feel stupid" he let out his last words between an interval of silence.

"And why is that?" I snatched his drink and took a sip.

"Damn! This is so strong" I complimented as soon as my tongue got the taste and he cackled

"She doesn't know who I am" he responded and I almost forgot I asked a question.

I knew exactly who he meant but I wanted to be certain "She?"

"Amanda. I'm not fit for her" he said grabbing the alcohol from my hand to his lips again.

I suddenly recalled what I found out about her mom. And looked at him guiltily "You know what? She deserves better."

I knew the secret behind her mother's death and knew who did it. I also found out about my dad. However, my mom knows I know nothing about it. The last thing I'm still to find out is the relation between Amanda's dad and mine.

"Rex" he called and I snapped out of thoughts


"Xena is in trouble"

I squinted my eyes at him while blood rushed through my veins abnormally.

I had a feeling about this but, Rex's words sounded much more certain.

I had nothing to say so I just watched him drinking.


Roy’s mom has been so dedicated in her work therefore, she is admired by her manager.

This evening she finishes her work and is about living when her boss stops her.

“Excuse me…beautiful”

She froze at the sound of his voice. Not believing he just called her that. Roy’s mom is an exceptionally beautiful and lovely woman. She is a mom as we all know but still looks like a young adult.

Turning around, she looked at her boss, then raised her brows and clamped her lips unable to speak.

“Do you mind me stealing your time for a minute?” he requested

“Uhh…not at all” she responded nervously.


Her boss led her to one of the sits and orders a drink for them.

“You don't have to do that…I'm ok”

“If you say so. Just part of my manners”

Pitchoun has a side for wine and champagne so, those who come to get some cake could take it alongside.

“Each time I visit the bakery, I always get the chance to taste your cakes. It felt to me as though your hand works were scheduled for me to come across. Do you spy on me?” her manager kidded

She laughed at his questions and said

“I don't work for any force…yet”

“Oh! So, you plan on working for one”

“I'm starting to reconsider since you keep saying that”

“Of course not. I am not ready to lose my life.”

“However, what are your plans from here?” he inquired

She wasn't surprised by his question, but she wondered why he asked that.

“I plan on opening a bakery and running it more professional with better standard, and implementing specifically the specialties from France so, people could explore its nature by tasting their traditional recipes.” She explained and he was amazed at how she put those words down.

"That is a unique idea and very brilliant of you. I will be delighted to develop that as fast as possible.”

“Thanks” she replied with some confusion.

“I wish to say this…” she gave her attention to what he had to say

“I called you here to tell you, about your exceptionalism at your work and, how great your French mixtures are. I was willing to consider your position and uplift you but, after hearing what you just said, I have decided to support you in opening your bakery and implement what you have not been permitted to implement here. We'll love to taste part of France in California. So, congratulations”

She looked at him in disbelieve with an unconscious grin parting her lips and exposing her pure white rows of teeth.

Her manager extended his hand which she gratefully accepted with pleasure and an overwhelming heart.

“I got everything formulated. And I will be signing and agreeing to partner in the development of your dream bakery” he finalized

“Thank you so much…Sir”

“You can call me Xenda”

“Uhh…sure…Mr- Xenda”

“We should schedule a time to talk more on this and get it started” he continued

She nodded “Sure. Why not” letting out these words with joy.

“What about tomorrow nightfall? Do not worry about your job. I got everything handled”

“That'll be perfect.”

“Are you by any means heading in my direction?”

“Uhh… that depends on you. I leave at Ave’s junction.” His brows lit up.

“That is minor! I have something to deal with around there”

She chuckles “Okayy”

“So, what are we waiting for?” he questioned and she stood up with a broad smile.

“Thanks once again” she appreciated

“It was a pleasure Mrs.…”

“You can call me Diana,” she said

“Sorry about that.”

“Yeah. That is ok…” she responded, and they looked at one another for a little while before gesturing her out while he followed behind.

They went out and he opened his car for her to get in. She's had a breakdown so, she told Roy to take it out for repairs.

He dropped her in front of her house.

“Till we meet again,” he said, and she grinned

“Can I message you tonight?” Xenda asked

“Sure” she replied sweetly and he drove off.

*At School*

I haven't seen Rex for a week now. I tried messaging and calling yet, he doesn’t reply and doesn't pick up. Could he by any means be mad at me?

I’ll just ask Craig. At least by now, we’re no more enemies.

I left my department to Craig’s and saw him talking with a guy. I moved towards him but stopped when I noticed Rex conversing with Roy.

I thought I lost vision so, I blinked my eyes severally yet, his view came clearer. Added to it he wasn’t looking in my direction.

I switched sides and gently matched sidewards because I had so many interrogations for him.

“I’ll think about it,” Roy said

“Sure” Rex responded

I stood in front of him and cleared my trachea to get his attention and it worked. As soon as our eyes met, my heart danced out of my chest. Nevertheless, I didn’t lose control. I stood firm trying not to blink the stinky heartbroken feeling.

“I should leave now” Roy rose

“Ok. See you around” Rex replied and Roy walked towards me with a gentle smile which I returned faintly before he left.

“So…I finally get to see you after a long time” I let out, however, he didn’t respond. Instead, he looked away as though he was being bored.

I condoned myself. I was here before. I can't let his sudden attitude change my mood so, I went on…

“How are you feeling? I mean…the scar. Does it still hurt?”

He looked at me for a while in silence before responding “No”

I may not know Rex perfectly well but with the times we’ve been together he never for once behaved this way towards me. I couldn’t hold the feeling to ask what’s wrong so, I just let it out.

“Why do I feel like you’re keeping something from me?”

“Did I wrong you or you just don’t want to see me?” I spoke again

His eyes showed so much concern from my words but he fought back those feelings.

“I suggest you stay away” he finally responded

“Why?” I questioned immediately

“It doesn’t matter. What’s important is you’re safe and healthy. And by the way, I’m not the type of guy to get close to. No girl has ever gotten this close and no one will from now on. That’s just how it is. You should take your dad’s advice” he concluded and stood up to leave.

I blocked his path and looked at him unbelievably

“I don’t know why you’re saying this…but I’m not listening to the shit that just left your mouth”

He gave me a startled look.

“And I don’t care what my dad or anyone says. I don’t want to know the relationships you've had with girls because I’m not here for that. So, stop all these. They don’t hurt me an inch”

“Really?!” he asked and I nodded

“What about you move the FUCK out of my way!!” he yelled causing me to flinch

I've never seen him react this way to anyone apart from the day he stole me from Sammy. His eyes were just as dark as it is now.

Seriously, this scared the yell out of me and I was very wounded hearing him scold me.

I had to move away because it called for attention from people. He walked past me and left. While I statue-stared at his formal position.

Regaining my consciousness, I noticed all eyes were on me so, I moved out with my head down.

I didn’t understand why he was being so rude and mean. And that got me thinking all day till my classes were over. Bridget and I had to go to Xena’s place later that day but I wasn’t in the mood so, it was postponed. Nevertheless. we talk online and I told them about Rex’s behavior.

From then on, I’ve been getting questions from my girls about what I feel towards Rex and the truth is, I don’t know what I feel. I'm confused.

All I know is, we were not getting along and all of a sudden things changed. I was fine and he was but then what? From nowhere, he stopped talking to me or teasing me and I will admit, I miss those times so badly.

If he asked my opinion, I will suggest we return to our previous relationship with misunderstandings and quarrels than this nonsense.

Finally, two weeks have passed and I feel like I can’t continue leaving this way. I must seek a solution. I’ll try asking Roy why he is behaving so strangely.

Roy had proposed to treat Xena out and we’re the invitees. So, I’ll use this moment to approach him concerning that if Xena permits me to.

I took my bath and rushed to Bridget’s place so we could head there together. Arriving there after a 30minutes journey, we carried out so many activities and chilled.

Suddenly, they all took note I wasn’t so active but Xena understood most why.

After I got her permission to converse with Roy, I didn’t hesitate to explore

“I know how close you are to Rex hence, the reason I’m about to ask…” I began

“For two weeks now, Rex has been avoiding me. I don’t know if he acts this way with everyone presently so I won’t give out a general report. All I know is that there must be a reason he behaves this way. That's what I’m here to know”

“I like him and I miss him. I’m not sure exactly what these feelings are. Moreover, if he didn’t want me close to him…why didn’t he inform me and why all of a sudden?” I concluded.

Roy didn’t look surprised by any of my statements and neither was he confused. I felt like, he knew a lot more than I thought.

“I have two things to say and hope you pick your answers from them.”

“Lately, Rex has been having misunderstandings with his dad concerning footage. I believe you know what I mean. And his dad declared he brought out proofs showing he doesn’t belong to a bad union but that’s only going to leach out his secret which I’m not in the best position to tell you. So, in a turn, he is disturbed.

Lastly, there is no way Rex will avoid you if he doesn’t care about you. The main reason a guy will avoid a lady for no reasonable reason, it’s due to how attracted he is towards her. And if he takes extra miles to prove to you how badly he doesn’t need you, which is something he has never done, know the most be something fishy. That’s all I have to say”

I was speechless for a second. I have never been able to formulate proper words towards Roy.

Leach, what secret? I just stared into his gentle eyes.

When he looked at me, I looked away. His hands were positioned on the balcony next to mine as we looked down the beach of people parading with their swimming rope. The gentle breeze hitting our faces with his fragrance formulated a masterpiece scent altogether. Out hands brushed against one another just when Xena came to join us alongside Bridget

“Can I have him back?” Xena questioned tugging his arm

“He’s all yours” I responded

“Thanks…Roy,” I said

“All pleasure is mine” he returned the smile with his eyes which didn't miss Bridget's sight. She looked at me carefully then whispered "What was that?"

"Nothing" I responded honestly looking away.

To be continued…

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